Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, An Optimistic Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also named Duda Melzer, a Brazillian businessman and president of Grupo RBS, one of the largest media companies in South America. He also is the CEO of another company named EB Ventures. Melzer transformed his longtime company Grupo RBS, into a technology-based business. Melzer sought that entrepreneurship would help influence the growth in Brazil. His firm has managed and worked with many companies within decades. Melzer is a pretty busy businessman that balances out his flexibility of work, spending time with his family and even sports. He has a way of encouraging his team to invent and develop new ideas. Companies that push profit and purpose is something that eagerly excites Melzer. The advice that Duda Melzer would say to his younger self would be to continue to believe in his goals and surround himself with peers that would support his dreams.

According to, developing relationships and having good people to work with is something Melzer would do again and again and recommend other businessmen to do. Trusting other colleagues to be assigned work was a way for Melzer to help develop his business. While Melzer started at Grupo RPS, competing with bigger companies such as Google and Facebook was a setback for him and his company, only to give up the competition and learn from that mistake. He would take this tactic into his company Grupo RBS. Melzer believes, to be surrounded by colleagues and peers supportive of your ideas as well as continue believing in your dreams will be the way to elevate you and your business. Melzer uses the notepad and calendar app on his phone to help with his productivity and organization with everyday tasks. To know more about Duda visit

Without technology helping him keep track of his work, he would be note-taking in a notepad. Melzer Recommends a book titled “Originals”, about people who wishes to pursue his dreams but is a non-conformant, he openly supports and is open to developing ideas of other businessmen. The words of advice he gives to fellow businessmen is to never give up and stay persistent enough to push towards tough situations to gain a sucessful business.

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