Community Impact Started by Aaron Lupuloff

Over the years the United States education has had some of the worst test scores when compared to other countries. This decline in education may have to do with the emotional state of the students. Recent study showed that 94% of students performed better when they were happy.

Aaron Lupuloff took passionate action to make sure the Gwinnett County Public Schools had resources for everyone to get a well deserved education. Aaron Lupuloff is the senior executive director of the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. Lupuloff is over all the schools in Gwinnett County Public schools. One school in particular is the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology;this school is ranked the best school in the state of Georgia. Also ranked the number thirteen of the best schools in the United States.

Aaron Lupuloff is the driving factor as to how this school district is so successful. Lupuloff, having five children of his own go through the school system, is another personal motivator for himself. Aaron Lupuloff states that he not only is pursuing high success for his children but sees it necessary to make sure 1 in 10 students get the guidance they need. Community also plays a big part in the schools’ success. The community shows support by having school supplies and backpack drives to make sure all students are equipped for school.

Having Aaron Lupuloff advocate for the community has brought much change, not only in Georgia, but across the United States. This means that the Gwinnett Public Schools are seen as an example on how to change education for all schools.

However, Aaon Lupuloff is no one-man show. He tries to stay humble and include all ideas from the community to help make Gwinnett County a continued success. Aaron Lupuloff believes that collaboration and communication are crucial for community success.  To see more about Aaron visit


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