Clément Perette’s Modern Approach to Oceanic Conservation

An August 6th, 2019 story from Chronicle Week highlighted changes to communications, media and technology and how those changes have helped Clement Perrette with ocean conservation efforts.

The story sheds light on how the technological advancements that have emerged with modern media can be put to use with philanthropic efforts. Social media, global internet access and international TV and film access have not just paved the way for more effective philanthropic communications, but it has connected audiences over what used to be just local issues.

The article adds compelling data to the mix. It reports that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. Perrete and others committed to justice causes have learned to channel their efforts to educate and motivate people via social media platforms. It is not just social media though, where philanthropic efforts need to have an online presence. The story points out that approximately 70 percent of American adults have gone online to shop in the last year. Online shopping partnerships has become an increasingly profitable niche for fundraising and action.

Teaming up with Phillip Hamilton and Chris Morgan, Perette was able to join the Uproar Media production team in creating “Ocean Souls.” “Ocean Souls” is a film documenting the lives of dolphins and wales. By capturing their lives, the film team was able to educate viewers about the human aspects of these sea creatures and call to attention horrible oceanic environmental conditions. The film, as well as other efforts, have illustrated Perette’s ongoing commitment to ocean conservation.

When not taking on efforts described above, Clément Perrette can be found promoting his book “Call of the Blue” that promotes sea conservation. He can also be found putting his nearly 30 years of financial sector experience to work as a fixed income fund management specialist.

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