Chris Burch: Creating a World Class Resort

Chris Burch is a fashion mogul that has been in the business for more than four decades. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of the Burch Creative Capital, a company that he founded. Through the years, he has been focusing on the fashion industry, teaming up with some of the most well-known names in Hollywood to promote his products. His interest in the fashion industry began in 1976, when he and his brother launched the Eagle’s Eye apparel, spending $2,000 for the capital. The business grew, and it became a million dollar business before they decided to sell it to the Swire Group. Chris Burch decided to launch other brands, and dozens of them became successful. After his stint with the fashion world, he decided to try out the real estate and property development industry and instantly fell in love with it.

One of his projects was the development of an Indonesian island to become one of the best luxury hotels in the world. In 2013, Chris Burch along with hotelier James McBride decided to visit Indonesia and made their way to Sumba Island, check ( The remote island is home to a group of hospitable people whose ancestors are known as the Marapu. The island is underdeveloped, but it never stopped Chris Burch and James McBride in exploring its shores. The locals led them to the Nihiwatu Beach, a secluded area in the island where the best beaches and coves can be found. The two were amazed to see such beauty, and they decided to acquire a small piece of the island to be developed later on.

Chris Burch and James McBride invested millions in transforming the beach front into a lovely paradise. They also hired the locals to work inside the resort, giving them a chance to earn more money. Nihiwatu became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia a few years after it was established, and a few travel bloggers documented their stay on the resort, giving the adventure seekers an instruction how to get to the island. The resort experienced a boost in tourist arrivals after it was featured in the Travel + Leisure magazine, as the public voted it as the world’s number one hotel and resort. Chris Burch and James McBride were so overwhelmed, and they revealed that they never expected the public to give them such recognition. They thanked everyone who helped the resort become known around the world, additional source on


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