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About the French Wine

The idea of tackling French wine-the different vintages, accents, and growing regions- can feel like a vast and unimaginable task for anyone who wants to know more about French wine. But the issue even overwhelms the most experienced cognoscenti’s, from the pronunciation, labeling to the complex nature of the production. This guide, however, will help…

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Exclusive Event by the Worshipful Company of Vintners

Recently, the Worshipful Company of Vintners in their Vintners’ Hall hosted the members of the City of London’s Livery Companies. The event by the UK Vintners turned out to be a success. Those in attendance had a good time and enjoyed the company of their colleagues from the different companies. The event was one of…

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Antique Wine Company: Wine Verification Process

A sommelier values nothing more than a properly cared for and authentic wine selection. Antique Wine Company is one of the top organizations that treat their wines like children. This wine company understands the delicacy of wines and how even a little mishap can ruin the balance of flavors. In fact, expensive wines are frequently…

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