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Arthur Becker and his Work at Madison Partners

Arthur Becker is a famous entrepreneur as well as investor and he has been able to succeed in both areas. He is currently the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. The organization specializes in Bio-Tech innovations and real estate development. Becker was previously the CEO and chairman of Zinio LLC. Moreover, he was also the CEO of NavSite which is known for offering internet technology equipment. Later on Arthur Becker decided to become a private investor in real estate industry as well as technology.

He had a great experience in NaviSite and Zinio and as a result, he has so far been doing great at Madison Partners thanks to his great skills from the previous organizations. Since Arthur is also into Technology, he has become more interested in learning about it more thus being more knowledgeable. He has committed himself to creating new information in the Bio-Tech Industry. Becker and the company ensure that they keep offering better services to their clients as well as other firms. This outcome indicates how the company keeps being successful. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

According to Huffington Post, Arthur has been working on his real estate property in New York, Suvillian which is almost complete. Other than that he is also building properties in Tribeca. Teamwork is his greatest suit when it comes to business thus he always encourages his members to focus on it. This objective has always created good success in a business.


Arthur Becker is focused on working himself in Biotech specifically on cancer therapy because he desires to assist patients who are ailing from cancer and its different types, he believes that the best therapy will be found for their treatment. Furthermore, he has always been close to his employees so that the company can reach greater heights. Other than the above, Arthur Becker helps upcoming entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.


He is a successful man in the fields that he majors in because of his skills. Arthur is a keen man when it comes to new trends in the market thus able to create aims to achieve them. The organization has reached where it has due to teamwork and hard work.


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The Strong Survive: Handy Thrives

When it comes to owning a business, many people have tried and failed to make their dreams come true. One company, Handy, a cleaning company that is taking the industry by storm, has proven that those who are strong and think smart in the world of business can not only thrive, they can totally knock profits out of the park. facing financial struggles and an uncertain future in 2015, knew that it was in trouble. This was when the founders, Hanrahan and Dua, knew they needed to take action and think outside the box. With at-home cleaning services growing more and more popular in New York homes, they knew there was a market for their service, they just had to get it out there so they could attract more clients. Like many companies, their growth was fast and demanding, which led to a series of customer complaints and negative feedback. To respond to the backlash, the company hired on additional hourly staff as well as implemented new categories into their niche, such as furniture delivery and assembly.

Handy co-founders have found the fine balance required to make their hugely successful home cleaning company work. As friends that go back to their Harvard days, Hanrahan and Dua work together to ensure the future success of their company by being willing to change with the times.