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Bob Reina

The Company of the Future, Talk Fusion by Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion Company that deals in Video products such as live meetings, video emailing and video chat, video newsletter and sign up forms. He first worked as a police officer where he had earned his position by completing his studies in police academy and turning out as first position. He then got the inspiration to start this video business. He lives in Florida, United States of America. He completed his course work at the University of South Florida. Learn more:

He has involved himself in giving back to the community in several ways. First, he has donated generously to Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Indonesia child orphanage. Secondly, he has been involved in life saving activities for animals and people such as tsunami victims in Japan. Moreover, he is involved in non-profits upon which, he set up a program that enables Talk Fusion members donate to charities. He has helped his family and friends financially too. Learn more:

According to the article, Talk fusion was established in 2007 with its product as Video Email. He was introduced to network marketing while on duty but then his inspiration was steered, when he was unable to send a video clip of his new home to his family. Bob Robin together with his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen an Information Tech started up the Talk Fusion Company. Upon starting his business, he never had any doubts because he believed in the products and his inspiration came from the success of his associates and market needs helped in decision-making.

His first customers being his fellow police officers provided him with the confidence skill and established the video itself as another marketing platform. Furthermore, he says that his satisfying moments are the success of his associates and helping people through charities in order to change life. He has a professional team that is innovative in their products therefore; he does not require purchases because they believe to be the trendsetters in the market.

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Jason Hope Sees Future Technological Success For The Airline Industry

The airline industry may often be seen as offering poor customer service, but for Arizona based futurist Jason Hope the rising level of technology that will soon be seen in the industry will change the face of the industry for generations to come. Customer service levels that are often criticized should rise to unprecedented levels with a focus on making sure every passenger is as comfortable as possible through the use of the in seat sensors that monitor hydration and temperature levels for passengers.

Other areas of customer service have already been seen to be improved by Jason Hope, who points to Online and easy check in desks as making an impact on waiting times and ease of use for passengers entering airports; Hope believes the latest technologies will make it easier to enjoy any air travel experience as Bluetooth beacons will aid in enjoying every aspect of the airport experience for all consumers by linking mobile devices to the main airport and airline networks.


In a bid to make sure the advancement of technologies can continue at a fast rate, Jason Hope has become a major supporter of the right to a high quality education for all. Hope explains his own belief that education is a key factor in providing a high quality of life for all people.

Quality of life has become one of the major areas of improvement for Jason Hope as he has set out to work with the SENS Foundation to make sure life is lived to its fullest throughout the lifetime of all people.

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Jason Hope Believes The Internet Of Things Can Improve Our Lives

Jason Hope is a business consultant who founded Jason Hope Business Consulting. He is a graduate of Arizona State University. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in business there. Hope has both a bachelor in finance and a master in business from ASU.

A self described futurist, Jason Hope believes the technology such as the internet of things can change our lives for the better.

The internet of things according to Jason Hope can make improvements in both the public and private sphere. In the public sphere, Jason Hope describes the improvements that can be made to public transportation, EMT response time and public street lamps. Using real time information through the internet of things, buses, trains, metro cars and light rail can find out how to avoid traffic and closed roads. The result can be a faster and more efficient public transit system.

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Paramedics can also use the internet of things to quickly determine what the best way is to reach a patient and where he is located. The same can be used for police officers and work crews that are responding to downed power lines or broken sewer lines. Smart technology can connect us and make it that much easier to diagnose and locate problems. This is one of the biggest touted benefits of the IoT says Jason Hope.

Privately, the IoT can give us greater convenience. Already we are streaming movies and shows on smart TVs by using the internet of things. In the future, Jason Hope predicts a smart refrigerator, oven and even a smart home that can be controlled through a device such as a smartphone or computer.

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How Has Technologist Eric Pulier Changed The Game

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world with well over a billion dollars in profits. Did you know that many of today’s technological features are used for convenience rather than used to solve problems. That’s right! Smart Phones, Computers, HDTV’s and many more devices are made from the best technological components. Many of the technological devices or products that helps society in-general never seems to get reported on. These products can solve problems in just about any field of work, but still they seem to be overshadowed by the norm. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Did you know that e has made a huge contribution to society (via) innovative technology?

Eric Pulier is in a class by himself when it comes to getting thing achieved. His brain is his weapon of choice and he uses it to the best of his abilities. Pulier has always had a love for technology since a young age. In high school he started his own computer database company, but in the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer. The foundation was laid early on in life, but who knew this Teaneck, New Jersey native would take things to this level. People Doing Things was one of Pulier’s companies that used advanced technology to directly solve issues in education and healthcare. He also used innovation by creating a live feed of the space shuttle. This live feed allowed astronauts to have interactions with earth in real-time. This was far ahead of it’s time and it gave Pulier critically acclaimed notoriety. Just a few of his accomplishments is much more than 95% of what the people in the world has accomplished. Philanthropy was always a part of his character as he’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations. 2010’s “U.S. Doctors For Africa” named Pulier as the top billed honoree for bringing much needed technological to underprivileged communities in Africa.

Eric Pulier is an American Icon either way you look at it. He might not be as popular has your favorite artist, but he’s done much more for society than any entertainer today.

Fix bad reviews with The Search Fixers


Reputation is everything these days. It dictates how well you do and how successful your company will be. Studies have shown that businesses who get negative reviews or bad hype suffer from decreased sales and generate lower revenue streams than those who beat the rep.

Reaching that 5-star review status is a great feeling and takes a lot of good quality hard work to get it. Which is why when a negative review or unsavory article come into the picture; it can leave you with mixed feelings. Most have heard about the United Airlines incident where a musician could see his belongings being roughly transported to the plane. The ending results led the musician to write a song on YouTube that went viral. Obviously, this wound up costing United Airlines millions in the long run. Had United Airlines promptly and accurately addressed the issue, they could have avoided such a large negative impact on their reputation.

This was one of those negative reviews, that you had no choice except to see it, but what about those negative reviews buried in between the good ones on popular review sites such as Yelp! Or Google Review. You might have overlooked them, but your audience will not. Now you have negative reviews that are hurting sales and other business aspects, ultimately guiding your direction and future.

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The internet first began its inception almost 20 years ago. Over the past 20 years there have been lots of changes. Due to the way technology has been changing, we seem to be throwing out the old ways about every six months or so.

It’s true. Look at the way we search for things. Google text searches used to be the only way to do things. You typed in a keyword and your results bounced back, for better or worse. Now things are beginning to change even more.

You can thank the image recognition for this one. The visual search is where you snap in an image of what you are looking for. The results come back. What makes this slightly better than the old way is the results are more specific. If you have the exaxt picture, the results will be exact as well.


Social media is one thing that is taking advantage of this in a big way, Places like Pinterest are really benefiting from this technology. Yes, you can use it there too. Just snap in the image and Pinterest will bounce it back.

All you have to do is add in the little box. What is the little box. Remember how the little box was used with the Google search? You placed a box around the target words and you got what you were looking for.

Social media pages are using the same technology. Places like Pinterest use the little box. Just outline the image and you get what you need.


This technology is making more improvements. Online companies who specialize in shoes and clothes are looking to add this in to their services, if they haven’t already. Online retailers are looking to improve their traffic. They are also looking to improve the shopping experience for their customers. If more customers can find those hard-to-find items, their traffic will grow.


Slyce is another site that is looking to capitalize on the visual search. Lots of people use this site for shopping and social media options. Slyce has become one of the leading innovators for this brand. The visual search is a brand, whether it wants to be recognized as one or not. Very few online brands are using it to skyrocket their products and services. Slyce is one of the rare exceptions.


You can read the full article right here It’s best to get on board with the visual search brand. More people and companies are using it. Soon the whole keyword search will be a thing of the past for many people.


The visual search is more thorough. It’s also quicker and more reliable. What are you waiting for?

Facts About Slyce’s New Acquisition

Slyce is a unique platform that offers customers with the rare opportunity to capture images for visual search and make an instant purchase from the search results. The platform provides a point of interest platform that uniquely allows users to identify an object when they see it by the use of audio, video, and visual recognition. Once the item is scanned, customers can purchase it online using their mobile phones. Another unique thing about the platform is the fact that users can share their discoveries on social media and receive incentives when a friend buys through the link.

Slyce has also acquired Pounce, a Tel-Aviv based company that allows users to get the best deals from retailers and also print catalogs and ads from the smartphone. The acquisition was worth $5 million and was paid in cash, shares as well as earn-out incentives. Slyce’s users were also set to benefit from Pounce’s technology. Founded in the same year as Slyce, Pounce was BuyCode’s main product. Initially, it was used to tackle all hard aspects related to mobile shopping as well as the checkout process.

Instead of going after e-commerce website integrations, Pounce went after retailers and other third parties to link their inventory with photos as well as pricing information. At the end of the day, an app that allowed customers scan and make purchases was born. Since the retailer’s platforms involved in making the sales happen, the experience was not entirely an e-commerce one. According to Slyce, Pounce is a good asset based on the fact that it has an advanced technology that allows customers to checkout from different platforms without having to enter their payment information many times.

In the meantime, the app is considering developing a phenomenal mobile image shopping platform that will allow users from different places in the world to do shopping from any retailer from any part of the world provided their inventory is on the platform. Retailers who have integrated their inventory with the app’s technology have been able to experience better sales because customers make purchases from anywhere provided the item searched is found.

At the end of the day, the company experiences better sales without having to use a lot of resources in labor and marketing. On the other hand, customers experience effortless shopping because they do not have to do shopping the traditional way. There is no more long lines in the shopping malls. At the end of the day, what is imperative is service delivery that goes in tandem with the customer’s budget while at the same time offering convenience. Slyce has and will continue providing shoppers with more phenomenal image recognition technologies that will make it even much easier to shop online conveniently any time. So far so good, the company has not disappointed at the same.