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Fast Paced, Faster Business: LocationSmart

Businesses must be able to keep pace with demand around the world. If a business cannot keep pace, it will falter and be forgotten as quickly as it started. LocationSmart is a company that helps businesses and workers keep track of commerce around the world. With the help of geolocation, it can track any item that the business requests. The company has experience when it comes to keeping items on time for specific deliveries. It is not just a United States company, LocationSmart works all over the world and that is a great asset to future businesses of tomorrow. Here are some ways that LocationSmart helps businesses be more productive.


One of the first things that LocationSmart does is to be in total compliance with legal regulations around the world. Laws in one country may differ from those in a another country. LocationSmart uses internet protocol data from the user in the specific country to make sure that all rules and regulations are being followed properly. This is why LocationSmart has an edge when it comes to worldwide commerce.


A second big reason that LocationSmart helps businesses is that it can cut down on the effect of online fraud. This is why geolocation is so important in business today. It can verify the user of the LocationSmart software and make sure the user is legitimate. If not, it can stop transactions immediately and notify the appropriate business and authorities. LocationSmart has the tool in place to make sure users are who they say they are and can help businesses move forward.


A third way that LocationSmart can help business commerce is by making sure that communications can take place at any given time. Teams of businesses are all over the world and employers want to make sure things are running smoothly. LocationSmart can make sure that teams and bosses can stay in contact whenever they are needed. This makes sure business gets done in a quick and timely manner.


A final way that LocationSmart help keep businesses moving is by making sure that copyright and digital data are protected. LocationSmart can make sure that businesses with streaming content capabilities can make sure authorized users are the only ones with access to the content. Geolocation can lessen the impact of thieves trying to steal unauthorized content and keep important things safe. It is a company that tries to help businesses in many different ways.


LocationSmart is a company for the businesses of today and tomorrow. It helps to make sure commerce and digital content is used in the proper way. Being able to keep things moving and lessen the impact of fraud can make the difference for a business no matter how small.


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LocationSmart and the Benefits of Geolocation to Business

In order to run a business today, one must be connected to those working for them, those partnered with them, and, of course, their clients. But in an interconnected age, that means knowing where these parties are regardless of location.

That requires the expertise of LocationSmart, whose experience with IP geolocation, identifying mobile devices on the internet, even within a network, and they’re assistance is a boon to business.

Any business knows they have to remain compliant with regulations in order to keep operating. Depending on where they’re operating, and the service they provide, might include knowing where users are when accessing servers. Experienced in IP geolocation, LocationSmart can unmask these users so that regulatory standards are met and servers aren’t bombarded by users masking their location.

For a business to deal with technology, it must also be concerned with security. Adding to those worries are those who can bypass an existing infrastructure with ease, and take control of someone else’s credentials.

Knowing that an IP location doesn’t link up with where users ought to be can send up a red flag, calling for reauthorization, and hopefully get it back in the hands of a legitimate user. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen the existing network to deter future attacks.

Security isn’t just remote. Plenty of businesses use mobile devices in day-to-day functions, and knowing where they are is important information. A business has a network so employees can communicate with one another and get their jobs done. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra  and LocationSmart | Owler

That can take place from a laptop in a vehicle or a smartphone. If those devices are being used at another IP location, knowing where that is can alert a business to a third-party infiltrator or a potential theft that can put them at risk. In addition to being an effective loss prevention tool, this can be used to collect productivity data.

If a business is a provider of online content, streaming has its own security issues that can be addressed by IP location. When a user signs up to a streaming site, they do so with the understanding that they’ll pay a fee to access content.

The problem is these accounts get passed around between multiple people, and some may be pirating for the benefit of another site. LocationSmart can identify those locations and a streamer can then determine how to best deal with users violating their account policy.

Having IP data isn’t just useful to keep a business secure. It’s a handy tool when advertising. By knowing which demographics of their potential customer base lives where, a business can decide how to best promote themselves.

Will it be a push notification? Or will banner ads be fine? Do shoppers in this area want a discount on services? Or early access to products? IP data can help a business determine.

LocationSmart can do more than provide data to bolster security and steer business models. They assist their partners mature as businesses, becoming closer to the changes in technology, becoming more competitive with their international counterparts.

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Nitin Khanna Discusses The Power Of Teams

Entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood Nitin Khanna who spent his life surrounded by entrepreneurs when he wasn’t away from his family at boarding school. On top of that, his military father taught him the importance of hard work and discipline. With all of this, Nitin Khanna was interested in success from a young age. The native of India was born in 1971 and attended college in the United States at Purdue University where he had earned a Bachelor’s and Masters before dropping out while studying for his Ph.D. to start his career earlier. He moved to the United States when he was just 17 years old in order to get the education that he needed to be a success.

The CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna, became inspired to start this company that helps sell businesses such as tech startups after selling his old company known as Saber Corp or a considerably higher amount than it had been valued. At that point, he realized just how much money he could make while still enjoying what he is doing for his career. Saber Corp. provided software for government organizations such as child support and the DMV. There are still several states that use the software created by the company for voting. He and his brother first started Saber after his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States back in 1999.

When approaching business, he does it knowing that he has the heart and ability to finish what he needs to get done. He approaches hiring people for his business in the same way as his team has a huge impact on his job and company. If you hire the right people, Nitin Khanna states that it should leave you with a great deal of free time. This free time is important so that executives can approach different issues when they are needed. Your team is an extension of you and they will be executing what you need to be done. Nitin Khanna states that it’s also important to recognize your team for what they do and to get them excited.

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Betterworks Software Enables People To Work More Effectively

Some people love their jobs and other people hate their jobs. Much of life is consumed working. Thus, it is better to love your job than hate it. Many times people dislike their jobs due to not working effectively and confidently. There is a platform available that can improve the way people work. People should enjoy working. People should take pride in working. People should look forward to working. But Betterworks knows this is not always the case. Thus, the creation of this company that allows people to explore better ways to work.

Betterworks software exposes the top strategies needed for an organization to see an increase in working effectively. This company is centered around performance. They support all organizations performing at the best of their ability. The software firstly taps into how people using their service should be moving forward. The goal is to push ahead and not backward. This software also helps managers to strategize. Managers are important to the operations of a company. They too need to work on themselves and improve. Betterworks’ technology allows the leaders and executives of a company to make need corrections to themselves. Mostly, Betterworks wants people to see how working effectively can alter the outlook on one’s work or job.

Betterworks is a leading company. They are implementing technology and an engineering feat to create a highly technical platform that explores the massive ways work can be improved. This platform is truly special. This platform is truly essential to how people around the world will be able to work better.

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Opportunities for Mobile Users through the LocationSmart Services

 LocationSmart is one of the most trusted and leading cloud location service providers worldwide whose major purpose is to provide cloud-based location services. LocationSmart provides a platform for users to run various activities such as compliance, verification, cybersecurity, asset tracking, as well as operational efficiencies.

The platform provides a comprehensive system that has the ability to gathering information on its environment. The information can be collected at any given time through the use of suitable hardware and software.

The LocationSmart platform has a number of components that makes it successful in the provision of cloud-based location services. These components include location, messaging, device profile, privacy, geofencing, and reporting.

LocationSmart also boasts of an experienced professional team made up of technical team and engineers who are highly experienced. They also boast of a LocationSmart Analytics which can be used perform the trend analysis on a real-time basis. This, therefore, enables effective monitoring of the performance of different sectors.

With its great performance in other areas, the LocationSmart Company decided to expand its service delivery into Canada. The platform services being introduced in Canada includes secure carrier network location, consent management, short message service (SMS), as well as other geo-contextual services.

With this expansion of the LocationSmart patented platform, it will add into its authorized access of the content of more than 90% mobile subscribers in Canada.

With the expansion, the network location services and SMS services have been made available for the main wireless carriers, including their sub-brands.

The subscribers, therefore, need to give the necessary consent to enable businesses to locate mobile devices in Canada in real time. This does not require any app downloads or installation of any software. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

The platform has a privacy and security component that provides comprehensive management of the user consent, ensuring the location information is secure and trusted.

The services helped boost the efficiencies in operation and enhance the customer experience. All type of devices with cellular connections such as feature phone, smartphone, tablets, among others, can be located.

Accessing the information of the real-time connection in these devices is very essential in a number of cases such as routing of toll-free calls, load and asset tracking, management of the workforce and enhancing compliance in the gaming industry.

Other reasons as to why it would be important are to verify transactions and providing assistance on the roadside.

With the expansion of the LocationSmart Services in Canada, there is going to be a mushrooming of opportunities where mobile users are able to receive a wide range of services useful to them.

These services, coupled with other expansions being led by LocationSmart, will enable their customers to explore new upcoming opportunities for business relationships and markets.

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Jason Hope Has Long Been Dedicated To The Advancement Of Anti-Aging Technology

Anti-aging is an exciting prospect that has been thought about throughout all of human history. Immortality, however, has only ever existed in fictional writing and tales. The good news is, thanks to all the advancements in technology and medicine over the past few decades, anti-aging has finally entered into the realm of possibility for humans.

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist, has been donating his time and money to help organizations in the anti-aging industry, especially the SENS Foundation, which received a 500 thousand dollar donation from Jason several years back. SENS is a non-profit organization that is interested in anti-aging research, though it is specifically researched to help combat diseases like osteoporosis and dementia.

Today, Jason lives in Arizona and works as an entrepreneur, consultant, and facilitator throughout the state and for companies around the nation. After completing his education at the University of Arizona, Jason focused on his pursuits as an entrepreneur, and he found success rather quickly in telecommunications.

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As a futurist, Jason Hope has his sights sets on many different industries that will directly affect the way people live their lives in the future. The internet of things is another major subject for Jason, as the implications of technology and the internet are massive today and will only continue to grow at an accelerated rate each year.

Jason is highly interested in AI, or Artificial Intelligence since it has taken on a bigger role in society every day. While it probably won’t be anytime soon that people need to worry about sentient AI trying to take over the world, it is certainly a thought on the mind of many experts around the world as technology grows.

Jason Hope is more interested in the implications of technology on how humans interact with each other. With the rise of the digital age, the money that people all know and use is currently on a course of a big change from physical to digital. Blockchain technology is making this revolutionary change possible, and Jason Hope is backing it every step of the way.

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Why Serge Belamant is Known as the Father of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a list of various ledger records linked with cryptography. Single ledgers have a cryptographic timestamp coupled with transaction data. Initial blockchain technology was created to assist the financial services industry in enhancing transparency and accuracy in financial institutions. Mr. Belamant used smart cards to developed blockchain applications. These smart cards contained microprocessors that functioned offline. Others were active online. Over the years, Alec Hogg, a revered financial expert, declared Serge Belamant the Bill Gates of South Africa.

Through his innovations and application software, he developed inventions used in the sector of finance. He is known for creating various blockchain technologies that were used in streamlining operations in banking institutions. He created several cryptocurrencies. As such, he also used a smart card innovative technology using a micro-controller that can create a distributed transaction ledger. The invented technology enabled banks to efficiently process various transactions from deposits to payments in a secure channel.

Born in 1953, Serge Belamant grew up in Tulle, France. His dad was a skilled tiler. When he turned 14, his family relocated to South Africa. Belamant had to adapt to a new transition. He learned how to speak English. Serge was then enrolled at Highlands North Boys School in which he registered excellent performance. Being an outgoing student, he joined the sports fraternity and excelled in rugby. He also became a house captain. Serge Belamant joined the science club. He also participated in the bridge club. In 1971, he received the Victor Ludorum award based on his excellent performance in class. He also excelled in chess. As such, he represented the Southern Transvaal and landed the sixth position during the SA Chess School Championship.

Serge Belamant first worked at BKHS in Matrix. He developed instrumental applications used in the evaluation of water levels in various dams. He used the cryptosystem to assess the water levels of the reservoirs. The same system was used to foretell the possibilities of experiencing drought in the future. Serge joined CSIR where he worked with various sophisticated models. He was in charge of the road planning project that extended to Pretoria and Vereeniging.

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The Services of the HGGC Private Equity Firm

Finding a reliable investment firm can be difficult without the knowledge of which options are readily available to you. For this exact reason, business owners all over the country have chosen the HGGC agency. The HGGC agency has been in business since 2007 and has grown to be one of the largest middle-market private equity firms available today. The company has allowed smaller businesses to grow to what they need and want in order to ensure that they do well every single day. You can find out more about the HGGC firm by visiting their many social media accounts as well as looking through their main website.

What makes the HGGC firm a lot different from so many other private equity firms is their large database of customers. Thus far, the firm has helped to provide investing to over 45,000 different companies. This has given these companies an edge in terms of development and growth as well as how well the investment choices have been working for them. The company has over $4 billion dollars in available assets, making them one of the absolute largest investment firms in the country. They are based out of California, but you can find HGGC offices all over the country as well as overseas. The company continues to grow because of the work and goals that it is offering to middle-market America.

Founded by Steve Young and Richard Lawson, the firm has already been a hit for a lot of different business owners looking for a solid option that comes from investment opportunities. To begin working with the equity firm, you will first consult with them about what you need. This is done quickly and can even be completed over the phone for your own convenience. You will then be able to learn more about their investment options and what to expect when working with their firm. They will outline all that you need to know when choosing to use the services that they’ve provided to you. The HGGC agency has become a great choice for investment opportunities worldwide and is helping to grow the American industry.

Unroll.Me Organizes Your Subscription Emails Like A Pro

Subscription emails give a lot of people a mixed emotion. While some find good reasons to cling to them in order to spot good deals, some people find it better to just get rid of those emails completely. However, there are people in the middle of the spectrum who wants to see those emails at a certain time of the day without their important emails being buried from the sea of spam. is the solution to this problem. is an email management service that organizes the user’s inbox and separates subscription messages from its important messages. This works by scanning the inbox, sorting the emails scanned, and hiding those what the app deems to be from subscription sites from the primary inbox. Those that are separated will be shown in what the app calls as a “Rollup”, where subscription emails are stored. These subscription emails will then show up in a scheduled email where the user can view all of them in an organized way.


The algorithm has a decent performance, scanning 10,000 messages in just a few minutes. Its algorithm is also fairly accurate when it comes to detecting subscription emails. The app can sort the emails via the time of the day it was received, the subscription site that sent it, or at any mean. What users love about this app is that they can customize the time when the Rollup will be sent in the primary inbox for viewing. also enables the user to unsubscribe to a subscription he or she no longer want to see. It also gives users the option to let certain emails go to the primary email directly. When the user wants immediate access to the emails even before the Rollup schedule arrives, the user can just check the contents in the folder folder which is automatically added to the email account. The UI is intuitive, aesthetic, and is blazingly fast.


The app supports a lot of mainstream email service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. However, the app doesn’t support the combined monitoring of two accounts yet. The app can only support one roll-up per one email account and not one roll-up for multiple email accounts.

Alex Hern Tweets About A Lot Of Different Topics

Alex Hern is always eager to share his insightful thoughts and opinions of various companies and social media sites, and he recently shared on his recent article that talked about Instagram’s new policies. The changes that are being made to Instagram include taking down self-harm images. The father of a teenage girl who committed suicide petitioned for this to happen, and Alex Hern shared a link on Twitter to an article that talked in depth about this.

Alex Hern shares a lot of thoughts on Twitter, and he recently tweeted about Mumsnet and how the users on that site were given temporary access to each other’s accounts. He talks about Jeff Bezos and how the man still uses Medium for his social blog, even though he is rich and highly successful. And, he shares retweets about AI and more. Alex Hern says about Brexit and climate change, and he keeps his followers up to date with everything that is going on in the online world.

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