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How Has Technologist Eric Pulier Changed The Game

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world with well over a billion dollars in profits. Did you know that many of today’s technological features are used for convenience rather than used to solve problems. That’s right! Smart Phones, Computers, HDTV’s and many more devices are made from the best…

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Fix bad reviews with The Search Fixers

  Reputation is everything these days. It dictates how well you do and how successful your company will be. Studies have shown that businesses who get negative reviews or bad hype suffer from decreased sales and generate lower revenue streams than those who beat the rep. Reaching that 5-star review status is a great feeling…

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Facts About Slyce’s New Acquisition

Slyce is a unique platform that offers customers with the rare opportunity to capture images for visual search and make an instant purchase from the search results. The platform provides a point of interest platform that uniquely allows users to identify an object when they see it by the use of audio, video, and visual…

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