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Unroll.Me Organizes Your Subscription Emails Like A Pro

Subscription emails give a lot of people a mixed emotion. While some find good reasons to cling to them in order to spot good deals, some people find it better to just get rid of those emails completely. However, there are people in the middle of the spectrum who wants to see those emails at a certain time of the day without their important emails being buried from the sea of spam. is the solution to this problem. is an email management service that organizes the user’s inbox and separates subscription messages from its important messages. This works by scanning the inbox, sorting the emails scanned, and hiding those what the app deems to be from subscription sites from the primary inbox. Those that are separated will be shown in what the app calls as a “Rollup”, where subscription emails are stored. These subscription emails will then show up in a scheduled email where the user can view all of them in an organized way.


The algorithm has a decent performance, scanning 10,000 messages in just a few minutes. Its algorithm is also fairly accurate when it comes to detecting subscription emails. The app can sort the emails via the time of the day it was received, the subscription site that sent it, or at any mean. What users love about this app is that they can customize the time when the Rollup will be sent in the primary inbox for viewing. also enables the user to unsubscribe to a subscription he or she no longer want to see. It also gives users the option to let certain emails go to the primary email directly. When the user wants immediate access to the emails even before the Rollup schedule arrives, the user can just check the contents in the folder folder which is automatically added to the email account. The UI is intuitive, aesthetic, and is blazingly fast.


The app supports a lot of mainstream email service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. However, the app doesn’t support the combined monitoring of two accounts yet. The app can only support one roll-up per one email account and not one roll-up for multiple email accounts.

NGP Van Technology Helps Democrats and Progressives Organize Their Campaigns

Democrats are organizing in record numbers to campaign. Campaigning used to revolve around manpower alone for success. Today manpower powered by technology advancements is the way campaigns are successful. NGP Van campaigning software has allowed democrats to modernize their campaign planning. NGP Van software allows candidates and their campaign crew to identify who their voter base is and what their number of voters will likely be. It’s also a good way to push voters to get out to vote.


Handling a campaign is no easy walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work and struggle on the part of a campaign crew to make their candidate a success. Using campaign software allows for a campaign to be far easier to organize. NGP Van allows for a campaign to organize targeted emails, fundraising efforts for the campaign, online contributions, social network connection, website design, and event management. This type of strategizing allows for candidates, campaign crews, and for voters to stay connected to one another.


Throughout the years using the latest technology to power a campaign has long been something the Democrat party has taken pains to do. FDR used the latest technology to get his campaign messages out there to voters through the use of the radio. At the time radio was a huge advancement in technology to communicate to a wide range of people. When television came along, this became the primary way for candidates to be heard by everyone across the nation through debates or interviews done by news programs. Social media transformed campaign strategy yet again by making people capable of discussing candidates with one another in a far more interactive and sometimes brutal way. Having campaign software -like NGP Van- to connect to voters is invaluable for Democrats and progressives of today.


With the 2018 midterms looming on the horizon, Democrats and other progressives ought to add more campaign software into their strategy. There’s a demo available from the NGP Van company’s website for campaign crews to try out. After testing it out the software is downloadable from the website. Getting elected will be far easier with the help of a strong campaign crew being powered by the NGP Van software to connect to voters.