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Genucel’s Advice for Harsh Winter Weather and Your Skin

Winter weather is sometimes extremely hazardous, but not only for long distance travels and power outages. It has been proven that people usually drink less water in the winter, which will eventually lead to extreme dehydration if you are not drinking enough water. However, if you are keeping yourself warm and hydrated, why are your lips still chapped? Why are your hands still rough? Chances are you have also been turning up your heater and taking hot showers. Both of these things lead to faster dehydration of the skin, as the air around you sucks the moisture from your skin.

Fortunately for those who are struggling with the minor symptoms of winter there are ways to combat them. For example, the most basic step of them all: drink water! This sounds very easy, but for some, the taste of water is bland and revolting. For those of whom struggle with this, you may need to begin to find more ways like Genucel treatment. Keep one on you at all times, and perhaps keep an alarm so you know when you are to take a drink. This way, you wont be able to forget to drink it. You could also try drinking a glass before meals and after each bite during them.

Once you have started taking in the right amount of water and working towards the hydration your whole body, keeping a humidifier on and around you may help you as well. You could choose a plain humidifier with no other features, or treatment by Genucel or you could buy one that is compatible with essential oils. This will give you a bit more moisture in the air for your skin, and a relaxed mood, reports alivenewspaper.

If you are still experiencing dryness after you have taken these steps, layer up and use Genucel! Not only does these extra layers protect your skin from the dryness of the cold, but they also keep moisture in. This means that while you’re warm, you are also probably more hydrated.

The winter weather may be a drain on all of us, but when you treat yourself right and protect yourself, you might able to enjoy the coolness of the winter breeze.