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EOS Lip Balm-10 year anniversary

EOS, or the evolution of smooth is celebrating its 10th anniversary! This company will have 35 new products. These products will be launching now through October. EOS is debuting it’s super soft shea lip balm and 100% natural shea lip balm. These items can be found on right now, and will be in Target stores and Kohls Stores.

EOS will have some really unique flavors. The soft shea lip balm is made with extra moisturizing shea butter, coconut, and jojoba oils. Some of the flavors are:

Coconut Milk

Vanilla Mint

Honey Apple

Triple Mint



Toasted Marshmallow


Strawberry Sorbet


Dulche de Leche


The 100% natural shea lip balm is USDA certified organic, and made with natural ingredients. Flavors will include:




Tropical Mango

Sweet Mint

Vanilla Bean

EOS lip balms are known as one of the best lip balms on the market. They are rich, smooth, and they are free from harmful ingredients such as paraben and petrolatum. They are safe for the environment, and these lip balms are known for keeping your lips super soft and super smooth due to the wonderful natural ingredients. These lip balms also make the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Best All Natural EOS Lip Balm Review

One of the best natural lip balms on the market today is EOS Lip Balm. This product contains about 95% organic products and is 100% paraben free. How amazing it is to find a natural product that soothes and moisturizes lips as well as other high priced products, without the harmful chemicals.

Along with these natural ingredients included are Shea Butter and Vitamin E. These are two very potent ingredients used in most natural skin care products all over the world. EOS Lip Balm does a great job and has conducted great research and put all their efforts into producing the perfect product. The company has decided to opt out of using petroleum in their lip balm, by using the two ingredients listed above instead. Shea butter and Vitamin E are the two major components that allow the product to “seep into the skin” while providing a natural barrier, rather than only providing a coating as the petroleum.

Taking into consideration the amount of time and effort put into this product by this thoughtful company makes the product that much more amazing. The material on the packaging with its sleek, smooth and simplistic design adds great detail to the product. This company deserves an all-around five-star rating.