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Jeremy Goldstein Takes An Innovative Approach To His Law Practice

Corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has spent over two decades helping corporations and CEO’s on business matters and acquisitions. He’s taken a unique approach to helping clients that has produced lots of success for both parties. Years ago, Jeremy noticed a common thread in the law industry that was lacking a certain sense of innovation. That is when Mr. Goldstein stepped in and shook things up. That is when he founded Jeremy L. Golstein & Associates where he decided to do things in an innovative way.


The attorney earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history from Cornell University in 1995. One year later, the future executive compensation lawyer would receive a Master of Arts degree in art history from the University of Chicago. Earning two degree in art history was quite an accomplishment, but Jeremy Goldstein was not ready to stop his education. That same year, the young professional attended New York University School of Law. That is where he earned his Juris Doctor degree, which is another way of saying law degree.


One of Jeremy’s biggest struggles about becoming a lawyer is his internal doubt. He has learned that it is not based on reality, it’s just his own feelings. Instead of giving into the feelings of doubt, Mr. Goldstein works with the tools he has to resolve any situation he is up against. This is one of the factors that has made him successful in his career, courage, perseverance, and hard work. Jeremy’s first client came from a referral. This opportunity would be the first of many where the accomplished lawyer showed his skill, knowledge, and competence of the law industry.


The successful attorney has invested a lot of time in philanthropic causes he is passionate about. Since January of 2008, Jeremy Goldstein has been the director of Fountain House. This non-profit organization helps men and women in the recovery of mental illness. On a global level, Fountain House is able to help over 100,000 members each year, and Jeremy is proud to be a part of something that has made such a positive impact in the world. He is also on the board for the New York City based location of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


The best way Mr. Goldstein knows that having positive public relations is the best way to market his law firm. He is often seen attending public events to interact with clients in a more casual way. This environment gives off an more relaxing vibe, so Jeremy can really connect with clients and create a bond based on trust. This is what sets Mr. Goldstein apart from his competition. The successful lawyer is able to earn and income from working on a variety of issues within the corporate law sector.


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Bruno Fagali’s version of entrepreneurship and patriotism

Bruno Jorge Fagali is an entrepreneur in his own special way. After studying law in Sao Paulo, he practiced in a few firms in Brazil. This, however, was not enough for him. He chose to start up his own law firm, known as FAGALI advocacy. This is after he was in the market long enough and he realized that there was a gap in law practice in Brazil. Those providing legal services were charging a lot of money and they ended up leaving a very large unexploited market.

He chose to get into the same field, however with a totally different approach. He chose to have a customer-oriented business. To achieve this, Bruno Fagali ensured employment policies only ensured that he took up the best employees for practice. His employees are very ethical. More to that, he values teamwork, which is one of the reasons why his advocacy performs best.

His team also offers the legal services at a very discounted price. According to him, this is one of the crucial steps in ensuring that Brazil has an environment which is conducive for business. The Brazilian system and policies are usually very brutal, not only to international traders but also to the local traders. Empowering these traders, according to Bruno, was one very important step towards ensuring that entrepreneurship picked up in the country.

Bruno Fagali is a motivation for very many people. His clients are the first ones who are inspired by his actions. Those practicing law within Brazil also has him as a role model. His experience and his vast knowledge in the field is a force to reckon with. Over time, people practicing law in Brazil will follow in his steps and make great attempts at being of aid to people in their own country, a good version of patriotism.

The leadership skills and style of Bruno Fagali are unique and effective. He is very strict with his employees, to ensure they remain ethical. However, he still manages to balance this with the ability to build and maintain team spirit, which is very crucial in running any business.

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Why Choose Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for Legal Advice

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most successful and reliable Brazilian lawyers. Ricardo Tosto has a popular law firm in Brazil, where he strives to render the highest quality service to learn more: click here.

Business legal matters require the expertise of a lawyer. Some people think they save money by not hiring a lawyer for legal issue they encounter in business or professional life. Lawyers have a good understanding of the law and can guide you properly when you encounter legal situations.

Not having an attorney may actually result in undesirable situation and may even cost you more. It is imperative to consider what’s at stake. A breach of contract case may result in several fines and negative consequences in your enterprise. Having an experienced attorney in Brazil can save you money as well as prevent inconveniences or hassles.

Begin your search for a law firm or attorney by consulting lawyers‘ directories and reputable legal associations. Check with your local Bar Association to find out if they can help you find a reliable lawyer in your area.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent Brazilian lawyer. Ricardo Tosto renders excellent services in the ares of corporate law and business law. Ricardo Tosto assists clients with contracts, business structure, shareholder issues and other business related projects and cases.

Ricardo Tosto not only has the proper training and expertise needed to provide top notch legal solutions to clients, he also has the training and education to understand what is needed to operate businesses and the challenges that companies and organizations face nowadays.

Choosing a Reliable Lawyer for Business Dispute

There are several situations that require the expertise of a business litigation lawyer to resolve. For example, if one member of an organization or corporation violates his obligation to operate in loyalty and good faith then other members or partners can resort to business litigation.

If you find yourself facing a legal dispute or disagreement, it is imperative to find the right lawyer for the situation. The right lawyer is one that has successfully handled similar cases.

Research the lawyer’s credentials before retaining him or her. An important factor to research about a lawyer is his or her educational background. It is important to find out where the lawyer went to law school as well as the school’s reputation. Also, make sure the lawyer is in good standing with the bar association. Most state bar websites feature a directory where people can search the list of lawyers’ names to find out their membership status.

When it comes to cases involving business or corporate dispute in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great choice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a renowned litigation lawyer, is one of the most powerful lawyers in Brazil, and he has a great reputation world wide. From start-up businesses to multinational companies, Ricardo Tosto serves a vast array of business clients. He deploys his negotiation skills as an advisor, problem solver and litigator for a wide variety of companies, corporations and closely held businesses. Ricardo Tosto serves as a business counsel and business law litigator for clients. He uses his powerful negotiation skills to handle critical contract matters involving business acquisitions, mergers, financing, private offerings, media rights agreements and real estate as well as other business deals and documents.

Throughout his career Mr Ricardo Tosto ha helped numerous clients achieve their objectives by providing guidance and negotiating effectively on their behalf. Ricardo Tosto is a caring person, and he does whatever is legally necessary to get the best possible outcome for his clients. Business law many business owners and entrepreneurs have attained great success in their endeavors through the guidance of Mr Ricardo Tosto.