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Sujit Choudry Collaborates on Constitutional Transitional Manual

Sujit Choudry has recently added a new item to his long resume of accomplishments. He has collaborated with fellow legal scholar George Anderson on a new volume entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

The volume has already been hailed as a major work on the subject. Although the work is bound to prove controversial in some quarters, the scholarship and exegetical prowess that Sujit Choudry and his collaborator have shown is beyond reproach.

The book is especially relevant in the modern political climate of constitutional crisis and regime change. Nations such as Chad, Libya, Myanmar, Yemen, and others have proven themselves to be highly vulnerable on both counts.

Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have attempted to explain within the space of a single volume the various constitutional crises that can lead to a major conflict. In such nations, territory is often secondary to political or tribal affiliation.

The book will prove to be excellent reading for people who are interested in the breakdown of these nations along such line. It provides a careful and highly detailed exploration of how constitutional law can heal such factional divisions.

Sujit Choudry has received high praise from experts in the field. His latest volume is another milestone in a career that is already one of the most illustrious in Canadian legal history.

Sujit Choudry has long been a renowned expert on Canadian law and Constitutional issues. During his days as a student of law, he earned degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He then served in the capacity of Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Sujit Choudry was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001. He spent nearly two decades in the position of constitutional law scholar. In this capacity, he served fruitful terms at the Universities of Toronto, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

As a recognized expert on Canadian law and its Constitution, Sujit Choudry is in a unique position to educate both legal scholars and interested layman. His latest editing project will go a long way toward achieving this noble end.

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Jeff Herman; Protect Your Children against Sexual Abuse Predators

The unpalatable truth is that there is a rise in the number of sexual abuse cases vastly promoted by the increased use of technology advancement. For that reason, parents are urged to worry about the safety of their young ones. However, while they are at it, one prominent lawyer by the name Jeff Herman has decided to take up the role of educating the community about the value of practicing safety in their homes and outside environments. He has also decided to disseminate a few critical tips on how parents can prevent their kids from sexual predators.

For starters, Jeff Herman insists on the value of talking to children about sex and the possibilities of coming across sexual predators as they grow. Given their vulnerability, it is critical for parents to start a straight talk session at home. Since they are not always at home or school with their children, they must consider educating their children about different sex crimes and the possibilities of them rubbing shoulders with perpetrators.

Start the Conversation Early

Children are quick learners. Therefore, no matter their age, as long as they can understand basic communication, they will always grasp a few basic details regarding sex and sexual predators. For that reason, parents should start the sex talk early enough. While at it, parents must use the appropriate language.

Teach Children to Say No

As early as they can, children must be taught to say no. This will prevent them from boarding stranger’s cars or visiting people who can turn out to be a danger to them.

Use Real Life Scenarios

If only parents could use more life scenarios, then perhaps children would not be in danger especially when it comes to being molested by family, friends or close relatives who pose as good people. It is also critical for parents to tell their children that even a teacher can abuse them sexually. With that in mind, children will always be cautious about people who exude the traits of a sexual predator.

Describing Jeff Herman

As a skilled attorney, Jeff Herman understands the importance of protecting children from sexual predators ready to ruin their lives. For more than ten years, he has been a practicing attorney who represents different clients who have survived sexual abuse. He is also a trained forensic interviewer who uses modern techniques to reduce the cases of sexual abuse.