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Larkin Jim & Lacey Michael Support Civil and Human Rights through Frontera Fund

Civic and human rights play an important role in the process of promotion as well as fostering human acceptance and protection. The rights also play a great role in fostering peace across the globe and for this reason, they have to be protected.

Civic and human rights have co-existed for many years and without protecting them, it means the society will not be at its best. Protecting and accepting people make the globe a better place to be and live. Human rights violation and discrimination against others only leads to chaos and hatred across the globe which in turn leads to negative impacts on all aspects of life.

Jim and Michael are among the people in history who know the importance of human rights and have over the years tried their best to fight for human rights protection. Civil and human rights have been designed to make people live their lives as they choose to. It is not right to dictate how people should live since it is already violating human rights.

Michael and Jim established their fund to ensure that migrants are treated as other individuals in each region and to ensure that equality prevails regardless of gender, originality, race, color and social class. According to them, these aspects of life should not define how people interact with each other. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The establishment of their organization is aimed at fostering rights of human beings. They have committed their funds to support organizations that advocate for protection of human rights the agreement to fund these organization came after their arrest by Sheriff Arpaio Joe.

The experience made them know that is there are many more people going through the same experience then it is not right. If people can be arrested for no valid reason it is clear that the authorities who should protect the citizens are the same people who go against the law and mistreat citizens.

Jim and Michael have a positive expectation from their movement because they have support from other organizations. All the organizations advocating for protecting human rights have the same goal of creating a society where all human beings are treated equally and that they are provided with societal opportunities without basing on certain aspects of life.

Jim and Michael believe that it is the right of each human being to be treated right and not to be discriminated against. Discrimination is one issue still affecting the society today but Michael and Jim are still working hard to see that it is eliminated.