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InnovaCare Health: Providing Quality Health Services

InnovaCare Health is a leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage organization that is headquartered in Puerto Rico. The company provides healthcare-related services to the locals, and they are one of the most trusted firms in the whole island. Rick Shinto, the founder of the company, recently announced that he would be hiring three additional executives who will be helping him manage the company’s operations. The new executives will become a part of the leadership team, and they are expected to raise the company’s competitiveness. Rick Shinto chose the people who have an impressive background and has a lot of experiences in working with the medical industry.



Jonathan Meyers will be working as the company’s chief actuary officer. His previous experiences made him knowledgeable in Medicare and Medicaid, as he headed the Actuarial Services department for Horizon BCBS. His main market back then was the state of New Jersey, and he did a great job providing insurance policies to the locals. He also worked as a chief actuary for a New York-based medical firm, and Rick Shinto highlighted that the addition of someone like Jonathan Meyers would be a game changer for the company. He is looking forward to experience how his new chief actuary officer will help the company succeed further. You can visit




Penelope Kokkinides is another individual hired by Rick Shinto, and she will be working as the company’s chief administrative officer. She is tasked to improve the company’s operations, and she will also need to look into the present condition of healthcare services on the island. Recently, she went to Washington D.C. to speak with the president, relaying the problems that the Puerto Ricans are facing when it comes to their healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides is an effective speaker, and she managed to persuade the federal government to send an immediate help for the locals. She is also determined to elevate the reputation of the company so that more people will be working with them. For more details visit Hired.



Finally, there is Mike Sortino, who works as the chief accounting officer of the company. He is proud of his two decades of experience in the insurance industry and stated that his assistance would be vital for the InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto is excited to work with all of the individuals that he hired, and he is expecting them to work with him and lead the company to success. Rick Shinto’s InnovaCare keeps on becoming the most extensive healthcare providers in Puerto Rico, and more than 200,000 people are benefiting from the company’s policies and programs.


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Dr. Mark McKenna a Visionary Leader who is Steering the Medical Aesthetic Industry to Greater Heights

Dr. Mark McKenna is a serial entrepreneur and an elective healthcare expert. McKenna is known in the business world as the founder and CEO of OVME. The company that McKenna founded is an aesthetic based medical practice that has incorporated the use of technology and are reinventing elective healthcare.

McKenna having worked in the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years grew his practice, and that’s when the idea of establishing his own company was born. Making realized if he disrupted the industry then that will create an opportunity for a new business.

McKenna typical day starts at 6 am in the morning where he wakes up, wakes his daughter and together they take breakfast while his wife is still in bed. McKenna then takes a shower and by 8 am he is seated in his office where he works until around 6 pm. McKenna after work goes back home and together with his wife and daughter have dinner. After dinner, McKenna spend a few hours training then goes back home do a bit of work and then retires to bed.

McKenna being an entrepreneur brings ideas to life through a combination of three things and that is goal setting, meditation and  practicing visualization. McKenna is a voracious reader something that has made him more productive in life. According to McKenna one thing that he would have done differently having been given a chance is taking more time in realizing his passion at a young age as this would give him direction on the path he should take in life   leading to better choices. One strategy that has helped him grow his business is surrounding himself with people that are smarter    than him. Dr. McKenna passion for medicine developed at a very   tender age as his father was also a doctor. McKenna went to Tulane University Medical School to study medicine. McKenna holds a medical degree and an MBA. To Know More Click Here

McKenna started his entrepreneurship journey in the state of New Orleans however in 2005 things took a dramatic turn. New Orleans state experienced Hurricane Katrina which damaged everything including McKenna Business Empire. After the catastrophic event, McKenna actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans but later relocated to begin a new practice in Atlanta Georgia.

With USHEALTH Group, Clients do not have to Strain Hard to Take Caution for Medical Care

The USHEALTH Group, formerly known by the name Ascent Assurance, is a U.S.-based insurance heavyweight. This insurance giant became operational over 30 years ago. The corporation provides insurance plans like Illness and Accident, Dental coverage, Short-term Accident Disability, Disability Income, Vision, and other Specified Diseases within the U.S. Through its internationally known subsidiaries; US Health Group has rendered top-notch insurance services to more than 15 million clients. The insurance powerhouse operates from Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm Central time.


US Health Group has strategically positioned its main offices at Fort Worth, Texas. This strategic location places the company around the mid-southern section of United States, making it more centralized. Therefore, US Health reduces the travel burden for individuals seeking to travel from the far end states, such as Oregon, Maine, Florida, and California.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

US Health provides Individual and Family Insurance covers. Health insurance is indisputably the most important insurance plan, even though millions of people live without it. With Family Insurance, the policyholder can avoid debt. This coverage takes care of all the hospital bills in case the insured or his or her family member is hospitalized.

Why is USHEALTH Group Incomparable?

Like other major companies, US Health has taken an effort of connecting to over 10,000 of its employees and agents on LinkedIn. This means that it networks effectively with prospective clients, organizations, and business partners. The company allows its customers to leave reviews or comments on their experiences after interacting with US Health’s representatives or receiving services. This tactic has enabled US Health Group to build its reputation. Potential clients can make informed decisions since they get to see what others think of the services rendered. Affordability of their services is yet another factor that makes it easy to sign up for the Group Family Insurance plan. They consider income generated by different individuals and create a plan that best fits them. Click here to know more.


US Health has enjoyed outstanding reviews and compliments from its longstanding clients for its commitment to its goals and customer services. Many Clients within the U.S. claim that the company gave them hope in their time of need.

The Different Ways Nobilis Health Is Transforming Healthcare

Many people do not spend a great deal of time thinking about healthcare companies until they need to find a physician for one reason or another. Even if they have a regular physician that is not associated with any type of group or major company, they may find themselves in a position where they eventually need to find another physician or a specialist because of some type of medical problem. These types of physicians are typically associated with larger groups or partnered with a specific company that acts as an umbrella company for all of their operations. Such is the case with Nobilis Health.

This is a company that performs a lot of different functions. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and as such, it has started operations in virtually every facet of healthcare imaginable. One of the ways that the company is most involved is by working in mergers and acquisitions concerning various healthcare facilities and the doctors who are associated with them. Some of the most impressive mergers and acquisitions of various hospitals have occurred as a direct result of the efforts of Nobilis Health Corp.

How does this benefit most of the people involved? Many times, a small local hospital or other type of healthcare facility that is operating on its own has fewer resources available to it. This in turn typically means that its financial resources are also limited. When this happens, it can force physicians at the facility to leave in order to create a practice somewhere else that is more productive. Eventually, many of the smaller facilities close their doors because they are simply unable to compete with the larger healthcare facilities that have more resources. The role that Nobilis Health plays is to bring these facilities together and allow them to merge with others who are facing similar situations. This in turn can create a newer, bigger and more productive facility that still allows the same physicians to practice there. The best part about it is that they have additional resources. This in turn benefits the patients as well.

Of course, Nobilis Health does not stop there. They are also experts at engineering partnerships between physicians and creating partnership groups where a number of different physicians working at different facilities can operate under the same umbrella company. They also offer staff members for medical facilities that are hired through the parent company and then filtered out to the various facilities. More recently, they have started a program where they develop and manage surgical centers. Many times, these are standalone surgical facilities that are not associated with a major hospital.

Obviously, it is easy to see that when it comes to healthcare companies that are capable of making waves in this particular industry, Nobilis Health is among the best. In all likelihood, doing business in this fashion represents the way that it will likely be conducted in the future. More and more facilities are turning to this method of operation in order to join forces and pool their financial resources. Therefore, there is every likelihood that Nobilis Health will continue to prosper in the years to come, all while helping other healthcare facilities do the same thing.