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Oren Frank Offers Hope and Help

Israeli-born Oren Frank is noted for his work with Talkspace. He is a co-founder of the innovative company that provides mental health services to people where they are whenever they need them.

Frank co-founded Talkspace in 2012 with Roni Frank. The New York-based service provides clients with access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. This allows for users to get the help they need even if they are not conveniently located near a therapist’s office.

The advantages of the service are numerous. Clients do not have to travel to a therapist’s office. They have privacy. The cost can be significantly less than seeing a therapist in person. Plus, there is a pool of more than 5,000 therapists, so there is quite a selection available- and without the wait of a traditional therapist’s office. Learn more about Oren Frank at

The format of accessible and affordable therapy has proven to be a successful one. The service says that it has helped more than a million people feel happier since its founding seven years ago. Its potential for reaching people is even greater than that, though.

Oren Frank’s vision has attracted the support of some well-known names. Among them is champion swimmer Michael Phelps who has credited therapy with saving his own life. The Olympian has teamed up with the company to represent it with the goal of getting more people the help that they need.

Frank maintains a social media presence. He can be found on Twitter under the user name @orenfrank where he shares a variety of tweets- many promoting his vision of therapy for all. With Talkspace, he is working on achieving that. In the process, he is bringing hope and help to people no matter where they are- and without the financial burden that can sometimes limit access to traditional therapy. Source:

Jeunesse Global: Honored in Marketing

Jeunesse Global’s marketing department has been making some noise in the communication industry. Recently, the company was awarded and recognized for its achievement in packaging, brochures, and video productions. Some of the production materials are used by the direct selling team members to explain how the beauty, hair, and skin treatments work, while others are used to promote Jeunesse Global.

The business that awarded Jeunesse Global is called Communicator, and they monitor many company’s marketing methods. The award company must have collected a lot of data throughout the years. With this information, they seem to be able to select outstanding production pieces and videos skillfully. The awards are broken down into various categories. Anyone who is awarded the Excellence recognition is the cream of the crop. Many of Jeunesse Global’s marketers received this level of attention as well as the Distinction award. The Distinction category is for items that are good and are worthy of being celebrated.

One line that received several awards was the RVL hair care products. RVL consists of three parts. The first is a cleanser, then a scalp application, and the last layer is a lightweight leave-in conditioner. RVL was honored for a video, which demonstrates how to use all of the products. The RVL pamphlet was recognized for the written words and images, and Communicator also awarded RVL for the packaging. The packaging is attractive and created to be used in the shower. The scalp application packaging is perfect for applying the solution directly to the head, and the conditioner is easy to mist. The packaging and marketing department created beautiful and useful containers and marketing pieces for RVL and Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse Global does not create beauty care products only, but they also have an extensive line of nutritional supplements and a weight loss program. The supplement Reserve won a Distinction award for packaging. Reserve is an oral preparation that is uniquely packaged in a squeeze container, which makes it portable and easy to ingest.

Jeunesse Global operates in over 140 countries. The business model is based on entrepreneurs, who directly sell the products. Jeunesse Global provides its entrepreneurs with marketing material, websites, and an active community.,19.htm

Bernardo Chua’s Impressive Career

Bernardo Chua is a Philippine national, but his grandparents had ethnic root in China. As a young man, he considerably learned a lot of historical heritage and culture from this diversity. His grandfather explained to him how the ganoderma mushroom would be used to manage health problems. It’s a highly valued plant in Asia and China thanks to its medicinal properties.

Growing up, he passionately dreamt of becoming a medical doctor so he could help people lead healthier and happier lives. He enrolled for a Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Santo Thomas where he graduated with honors. Bernardo Chua started as a purchasing manager for a family held textile plant that was run by his family. He later branched out to work at a travel agency in Southeast Asia. He would later be appointed by Gano Excel to manage this multi-level marketing company.

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His passion and informal knowledge about Ganoderma mushroom and now a self-made herbal expert was a task in the promotion of Ganoderma infused beverages and health supplements for Gano Excel. He zealously dedicated his efforts, enabling the company to expand to the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Canada in under three years. In 2008, he founded Organo Gold, an MLM company selling a range of herbal and healthy products. The company has an extensive network and diverse line product.

About Bernado Chua

Bernardo Chua is the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a supplements company that is leading in the research of active and healthy components in plants and herbs specifically Ganoderma mushroom. An ingredient that has helped the company produce Ganoderma infused beverages and health supplements. Chua dedicates his efforts in doing more research to ensure that he gives his customers the best products. Intensive market research helps him to be aware of market trends, thus being ahead of his competitors. Learn More:

Nitin Khanna Discusses The Power Of Teams

Entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood Nitin Khanna who spent his life surrounded by entrepreneurs when he wasn’t away from his family at boarding school. On top of that, his military father taught him the importance of hard work and discipline. With all of this, Nitin Khanna was interested in success from a young age. The native of India was born in 1971 and attended college in the United States at Purdue University where he had earned a Bachelor’s and Masters before dropping out while studying for his Ph.D. to start his career earlier. He moved to the United States when he was just 17 years old in order to get the education that he needed to be a success.

The CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna, became inspired to start this company that helps sell businesses such as tech startups after selling his old company known as Saber Corp or a considerably higher amount than it had been valued. At that point, he realized just how much money he could make while still enjoying what he is doing for his career. Saber Corp. provided software for government organizations such as child support and the DMV. There are still several states that use the software created by the company for voting. He and his brother first started Saber after his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States back in 1999.

When approaching business, he does it knowing that he has the heart and ability to finish what he needs to get done. He approaches hiring people for his business in the same way as his team has a huge impact on his job and company. If you hire the right people, Nitin Khanna states that it should leave you with a great deal of free time. This free time is important so that executives can approach different issues when they are needed. Your team is an extension of you and they will be executing what you need to be done. Nitin Khanna states that it’s also important to recognize your team for what they do and to get them excited.

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Paul Mampilly Talks about How to Minimize Risks When Investing

Retirement planning is necessary for today’s date because it is what would help you safeguard your finances in the future and keep you from getting into financial trouble. People who are not very knowledgeable when it comes to investing wisely or financial planning should never hesitate to take the advice of a financial analyst with an excellent track record. One such financial advisor and analyst with years of experience and successful track record are Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly came to the United States in the year 1991, and after completing his Masters in Business Administration from a reputed United States University, Fordham University, he went on to work for a number of financial and banking corporations. Connect with Paul Mampilly by visiting his linkedin acount.

Some of these top banks and financial organizations that Paul Mampilly worked for are Kinetics Asset Management, ING, Deutsche Bank, and Banker’s Trust. He got to know while working for the elites that while the high net worth individuals and organizations have the benefit of experienced financial advisors and insider information, it is the common people are left out. It is then that he decided to switch his career profile and became a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which has been in the business of spreading financial knowledge among the masses for a long time. He is the editor of several financial newsletters that he believes can enlighten and educate the people about the tips and tricks of how to invest and what can be done to avoid the common investment mistakes that most people end up committing.

Paul Mampilly shares different trends in the business world that are affecting the financial industry as well. One trend he feels that people should know about is the need to invest for the long term. People need to think about investing in long term schemes rather than short-term to minimize the risk and increase their profitability. Find out more:


Going the Distance with Gymnast Mark Holyoake

In the world of sports, it is often seen that many never seem to seek a career within their respective sport. Some it may simply be a lack of courage to “Go For It” as the saying goes, for others the pain of defeat and hard work is simply too much.

However, there are those select few that face these challenges head-on and are able to defeat every obstacle placed in front of them no matter the pain both mentally and physically. Ultimately, these are the athletes that take their hopes and dreams and make it happen on some of the world’s largest stages.

Then we see a smaller set of those people who are able to utilize their knowledge of sport and passion for competitiveness to pursue a career after their time within their sport. Often they take advantage of their position to obtain higher education. These select few create a world of long-term success rather than the typical short-lived ones we often see.

One of these individuals is professional gymnast Mark Holyoake. Mr.Holyoake never fail for the pitfalls listed above. Instead, he used his intellect to obtain higher education and forge himself a lifetime of success.

Mark Holyoake was born on March 1st, 1983 in Wellington, New Zealand. At the age of 9, Mark was already heavily involved in the sports of gymnastics and competing by the age of 10. Mark was a professional in multiple areas such as the floor routines, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar, a very rare thing as the average gymnast only concentrated on 2 or 3 areas.

At that very early age, Mark understood the importance of balancing his love for the sport and the importance of education. After his primary education, Mark would attend Auckland University, where he would ultimately earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Today Mark Holyoake continues to reach for excellence, whether it be in the world of gymnastics or through his studies, Mark Holyoake no doubt goes the distance.

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Richard Liu, Innovator and Recognized Businessman

Richard Qiangdong Liu is the Founder of, previously known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd. Since his company’s beginning in 1998, Liu has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. As a storefront that distributed magneto-optical products, Jingdong brought Qiangdong success, and his company grew by 2003 to 12 chain stores across Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai. By 2003, these stores earned annual revenues of nearly USD 9,000,000 per year. After Liu became aware of the success that e-commerce was attaining in the late nineties, he began an online version of his business at the beginning of 2004.

With the tremendous rise in the popularity of his products and an outbreak of SARS in China (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) that forced Liu and his staff to be housebound and threatened his business, Liu conceived the idea of a logistics firm that would be able to deliver to all parts of the country. This logistics firm could also significantly reduce loss and damage during delivery. By shipping his products throughout the country, Liu enabled people in rural areas the ease of going to the closest town to buy appliances and other goods, thereby reducing costs for consumers. JD then launched 3,210 delivery and pick-up stations in nearly two-thirds of the counties in China. Interestingly, Amazon followed Liu’s model and abandoned third-party logistics for making “last mile” deliveries itself.

Presently, JD is China’s largest retailer and online company with direct sales. In 2014, was listed on NASDAQ. In 2016, JD became the first Chinese Internet company to be placed on the Fortune 500 Companies list. In this same year, became the first Chinese Internet company to be on the Fortune 500 Companies list. Entrepreneur Richard Liu has received numerous awards, as well. In 2011, he was awarded “2011 China Economic Person of the Year,” “2011 Chinese Business Leader” and Fortune China’s “2012 Chinese Businessman.” Liu has also been on Fortune’s list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders.”

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Why Serge Belamant is Known as the Father of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a list of various ledger records linked with cryptography. Single ledgers have a cryptographic timestamp coupled with transaction data. Initial blockchain technology was created to assist the financial services industry in enhancing transparency and accuracy in financial institutions. Mr. Belamant used smart cards to developed blockchain applications. These smart cards contained microprocessors that functioned offline. Others were active online. Over the years, Alec Hogg, a revered financial expert, declared Serge Belamant the Bill Gates of South Africa.

Through his innovations and application software, he developed inventions used in the sector of finance. He is known for creating various blockchain technologies that were used in streamlining operations in banking institutions. He created several cryptocurrencies. As such, he also used a smart card innovative technology using a micro-controller that can create a distributed transaction ledger. The invented technology enabled banks to efficiently process various transactions from deposits to payments in a secure channel.

Born in 1953, Serge Belamant grew up in Tulle, France. His dad was a skilled tiler. When he turned 14, his family relocated to South Africa. Belamant had to adapt to a new transition. He learned how to speak English. Serge was then enrolled at Highlands North Boys School in which he registered excellent performance. Being an outgoing student, he joined the sports fraternity and excelled in rugby. He also became a house captain. Serge Belamant joined the science club. He also participated in the bridge club. In 1971, he received the Victor Ludorum award based on his excellent performance in class. He also excelled in chess. As such, he represented the Southern Transvaal and landed the sixth position during the SA Chess School Championship.

Serge Belamant first worked at BKHS in Matrix. He developed instrumental applications used in the evaluation of water levels in various dams. He used the cryptosystem to assess the water levels of the reservoirs. The same system was used to foretell the possibilities of experiencing drought in the future. Serge joined CSIR where he worked with various sophisticated models. He was in charge of the road planning project that extended to Pretoria and Vereeniging.

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Sharon Prince’s Perspective on Importance of Hopeful Spaces

Carrie Mae Weems, an influential American artist, knows how she occupies space. Performing Past Tense at Grace Farms recently, she adeptly creates space for us to consider injustices, race, inequality, and violence. Using her incredibly powerful voice, together with other incredible groups of artists, Carrie seeks us to reflect on society’s unrelenting violence and injustices.

Using spoken word, images, and texts, Carrie relays a narrative that walks us through our violent past to the precipice of our possible destruction. It seems almost daunting and impossible for humans to end violence. As past tense ends, Carrie leaves room for hope, that the impossible could become possible. Through her narrative, Carrie employs the visitors at the center to always do the right thing at all times in their lives.

Sharon Prince, the president of Grace Farms, emphasizes the words of Carrie by explaining the importance of hopeful space. “In looking at the previous year’s milestone, I know hopeful spaces are powerful, and I understand how they can create good in the world,” she said. Sharon is, however, quick to point out that hopeful spaces alone will not fuel change, but the people who are vigorous and ready to work on it. Grace Farms is bringing visionaries together to lead the foundation’s five initiatives; arts, nature, community, justice, and faith.

More about Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince, the president and chair of Grace Farms Foundation, is recognized for her continuous efforts to fight against women and child abuse through the foundation. Established in 2009, the foundation enhances lives through engaging with arts, nature, community justice, and faith. Ms. Prince is also a board member of Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that unites children that have suffered from child exploitation with their families. In 2017, she earned both Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment and NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Awards.

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Jeunesse Global’s Views on the Hiring Process

Employees can be tricky to manage, but if you keep your expectations open and your company strictly regulated, you will end up with employees that hardly require being managed in the first place. This was the strategy Jeunesse Global employed when they began the process of creating health and anti-aging products to be featured on their website. Anyone can go into the lab and put ingredients together and call it a product, but it takes a truly passionate individual to do so with the intention of helping others and to actually come out with something that humanity needs. The Jeunesse goal is to find these passionate individuals and leave the rest of the population out of their company.


When it comes to hiring employees, Jeunesse operates on a basic principle. If an employee would not be working in the same field that  outside of applying to work for them, they are not going to get the job. Quite simply Jeunesse Global is affiliated with Jeunesse does not want mere business people to operate things. It is far too vague of a profession; instead, they want people who have studied human health and are aware of the many ways to improve it on their team.

These individuals are the sort that are most suited for the job, after all, and running a proper business is all about finding the best possible employees. Jeunesse Global, therefore, was cautious to make sure that everyone featured in their company would have such a background. They do not want people leeching off of the success that they have earned individually; instead, they want people who add to their collective skills.

Like-minded people, when given the opportunity to work together, will create great things. This is one of many truths of life, and the co-founders of Jeunesse Global realized this at the start of their business’s conception. This is why they took the hiring process so seriously. When you have a health and wellness company, there is bound to be a surplus of employees who do not actually fit the bill that want to get in on the profits. In order to expunge these efforts, Jeunesse has prioritized only those that are truly caring individuals, and as a result of this precaution, they have some of the most revolutionary products available.,19.htm