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Markus Rothkranz Breakfast

After a long night sleep, your body wakes up needing nutrition. The energy needed to keep going is important. Markus and Cara offer up two different breakfasts that provide delicious taste and health benefits. They are both easy to make but offer different benefits. First, is the fruit salad, which uses seasonal fruit; you will…

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Soda May Soon Come With a Warning

Although by now it is common knowledge that drinking soda isn’t great for you, it seems like now the public will be outright warned. Officials in San Francisco favorably voted to add a warning label to soda advertisements. If everything goes smoothly, the new law could take effect as soon as this summer. While the…

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Extreme Businessman, Bernardo Chua, is Super, Networking Entrepreneur with Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold is the company to know if you are a lover of gourmet coffees, tea and other natural products from around the world. This incredible gourmet coffee company caters to the active lifestyles of its customers today. Bernardo Chua is CEO, and by his extreme organizational skills and entrepreneurial guidance in network-marketing,…

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