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Healthy Food Can Taste Good As Well

Just because people are eating healthy does not mean that they have to sacrifice great taste. As a matter of fact, this was what Nathaniel Ru has been trying to prove with Sweetgreen. However, this is one of the myths of healthy eating that is slowly being proved wrong. One of the reasons that people shy away from trying to eat healthy is that they believe that they have to endure foods that either taste bland or strange as opposed to the exciting great tastes that they have come to love from their favorite foods. Often times, people resign to the idea that they will always have weight problems.


Then there are those that find that the healthy foods that are offered to them are not as healthy as they are made to believe. As a result, they are still putting on the pounds while not enjoying the taste. One of the problems that come with the healthy foods is that they have been processed even more than the processed foods that are said to be fattening. As a result, some people give up and go back to the other types of foods that they truly enjoy. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru has put together Sweetgreen in order to provide an alternative.


Sweetgreen offers some of the best tasting salads people will consume. One of the reasons that the salads taste so good is that they are actually made with whole foods. In other words, the foods are organic and have gone through no processing. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the full taste of the salads that they will enjoy. They will also get to enjoy the salad dressings that are available.


Among the salad dressings they could choose from are some of their favorites that they have come to know over the years as well as some of the new dressings that they have never seen before visiting Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru is one of the people that have made sure that they are offering something that is very unique. Nathaniel is also one of the more creative entrepreneurs in the industry.