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The Many Skilled Members Of The Team At Colbeck Capital Management Are Available For Help

One of the many pleasures of working with experts is having access to multiple points of view. Being able to understand what is possible in any given situation is something that is particularly useful when it comes to business ventures. Having the ability to seek out many possible solutions to a given problem can enable a business owner to move into new markets as well as overcome any challenges they might face when running their business on a day-to-day basis. This is something that those at Colbeck Capital Management understand very well. Here, the investor can find many staffers who can offer the kind of advice they need in order to understand the viewpoints of their clients and discover better ways to serve their needs.

Many Different Roles

All firms need dedicated employees who can assume many roles. They also need people who bring a base of knowledge that the company can tap into in order to serve the company’s goals. This is where staffers at Colbeck Capital Management step up. Those here have many years of experience in the important world of financial capital management. Their clients can count on them to provide them with solutions that draw on this kind of experience. At this company, excellence is always front and center. The staffers understand that clients need to be assured of having someone on their side who understands their own background and where they wish to go when it comes to the future of their own company.

A Team of Experts

Colbeck has been in business since it was founded in 2009. Those who work here have been carefully hand picked by the company’s partners for their ability to bring many skills to the table. For example, the team’s co-founder is Jason Colodne. He has spent many years working in the fiscal field. His background includes stints at renowned fiscal firms that have consistently produced results for clients. His work at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs is matched by many members of his staffers who share the same sense of devotion to duty and a love of the fiscal markets.

Meeting Client Needs

Here, clients can find employees who are not only part of the firm. They’re also partners for all their clients in everything they would like to get done with their company. The capital management firm is driven by the vision of many people including the firm’s managing directors. They help set policy and make sure that all of their clients have someone on board who can help them figure out where to go forward. Staffers like the company’s Vice Presidents also understand the need to make every single client feel welcome from the very first time they reach out to here. This is why many companies in need of advice have found it extremely useful to turn to Colbeck Capital Management for assistance. They know they can count on the staffers at this company to rise to their side.

A Look At Greg Secker’s Illustrious Career

When many people land lucrative positions in the corporate world, they stick around and work harder to get to the apex of the company. However, this was not the case for Greg Secker. Having worked for a renowned asset management bank and served as the vice president of a Fortune 500 company, the financial expert opted for a change. He quit the corporate world and started working for his company. According to Secker, this move provided him with the opportunity to focus on teaching people about the strategic forex trading skills. Moreover, he uses his skills to provide the public with the opportunity to make handsome returns from forex trading without relying on experts to trade on their behalf.

Quitting the corporate world provided Secker with adequate time to focus on different community initiatives. According to Greg, he spends over 70 percent of his time directing Greg Secker Foundation’s operations. The technology enthusiast does not stick to the traditional way of working. He prefers living and working from home. The executive uses video conferencing to run most of his board and business meetings.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a master trader, shrewd entrepreneur, international speaker and philanthropist. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group. The group, which he founded in 2003, is made up of a number of companies, including SmartChart Software, Learn to Trade, capital Index and FX capital. The trader has been improving the lives of people from disadvantaged communities across the globe. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation with the objective of coordinating different charity activities. The organization achieves this objective through education, coaching and support. Greg was born on February 18, 1975.

Secker has a sound education and career background. He started his career by working for Thomas Cook Financial as an IT expert. After a few years, he had mastered foreign exchange trading. Soon he launched Virtual Trading Desk, the world’s first online real-time Forex trading platform. Greg has also worked for Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. After quitting the corporate world, Secker incorporated the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. There has been an increased demand for its services. To this end, the company has opened offices in London, South Africa, Philippines and Australia