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Interview with consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a proven consultant who has helped out many startups with his expertise and CEO’s run their businesses smoothly. Some ways with how he is able to help out businesses are by helping them develop plans for the future, examining factors, and setting goals to achieve.

The consultant underwent a Q and A posted on Inspirery about his career, advice to other businessmen, and how he has had so much success.

From the first question, Luke Lazarus talks about himself and how he attended the Melbourne Business School earning an MBA at just 24 years of age. He reflects that he had both the determination and energy to become a proven businessman who already was able to sell 4 enterprises within less than 10 years. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

The consultant realized that he learned a lot at such a young age and gained lots of experience just starting out. The businessman truly believes in making a plan for a business to thrive. It not only helps with sorting out finances but also molding a brands vision. Products also have to line up with the brands’ story to be successful.

One of the elements he sees as important is the story and reflects that he has used just that to gain the attention of various startups and even have the members be integrated into the experience. Research is another valuable tool that he uses when launching products.

Luke Lazarus details that the plans the individual formulates for clients addresses marketing products and in ways to boost sales. He reflects that his detailed plans help clients abide by guidelines and go through steps with a deadline. Now, when it comes to a full day outlook for the businessman, he spends the start of his day meditating for about 10 to 15 minutes to be attentive and relaxed before tackling the days’ duties working with clients, jotting down notes of the day with a to-do list, and organizing. He defines that his days are spent multitasking.

Lazarus shares that he brings ideas to life through formulating solutions to problems, whether for clients or products. He also reflects that he finds a purpose to create a product that fills a need in the market. If he could reverse time, Luke Lazarus shares that he would have told his younger self to not worry so much and to be more confident in his own abilities.

In the very last question, the consultant shares, that like many, he has failed at moments in life. One was with a partner where the planning was not well thought out, and it backfired on him. He gives advice to believe and to be confident.

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