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Bob Reina

The Company of the Future, Talk Fusion by Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion Company that deals in Video products such as live meetings, video emailing and video chat, video newsletter and sign up forms. He first worked as a police officer where he had earned his position by completing his studies in police academy and turning out as first position. He then got the inspiration to start this video business. He lives in Florida, United States of America. He completed his course work at the University of South Florida. Learn more:

He has involved himself in giving back to the community in several ways. First, he has donated generously to Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Indonesia child orphanage. Secondly, he has been involved in life saving activities for animals and people such as tsunami victims in Japan. Moreover, he is involved in non-profits upon which, he set up a program that enables Talk Fusion members donate to charities. He has helped his family and friends financially too. Learn more:

According to the article, Talk fusion was established in 2007 with its product as Video Email. He was introduced to network marketing while on duty but then his inspiration was steered, when he was unable to send a video clip of his new home to his family. Bob Robin together with his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen an Information Tech started up the Talk Fusion Company. Upon starting his business, he never had any doubts because he believed in the products and his inspiration came from the success of his associates and market needs helped in decision-making.

His first customers being his fellow police officers provided him with the confidence skill and established the video itself as another marketing platform. Furthermore, he says that his satisfying moments are the success of his associates and helping people through charities in order to change life. He has a professional team that is innovative in their products therefore; he does not require purchases because they believe to be the trendsetters in the market.

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DEVCO Is Helping To Revitalize The Community

In a recent article published in Press Of Atlantic City ( The Casino Reinvestment Authority gave a $20 million dollar loan to Middlesex County Improvement Authority. They neglected to pay the $1 million installment for interest.This is not the first time the Investment Authority was behind in payments. They have racked up debt totaling $7 million. This issue caused the halt in construction of the New Brunswick hotel that was being built by the New Brunswick Development corp.The company was heavily criticized by Stephen Sweeney the State Senate President. He used them as an example of the problems that can occur when public funds are utilized by a private company. The project was finished in 2007 but has failed to attract much interest from tourist and locals.


The New Brunswick Development Corporation or DEVCO, is a real estate development firm that has been tasked with building public and private redevelopment projects.They were founded in April of 1976 and continue to provide services where they are needed.In fact, Devco has been awarded $1.6 billion in funds to assist in the revitalization of the New Brunswick area.Devco currently has investments totaling over $400 million that are currently being used for revitalization project that total over two million square feet.