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Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group Continue to Prosper

Do you ever wonder how entrepreneurs achieve success and how they turn their goals into a reality? My simple answer to the question is that they never run out of ideas and at the same time they continue to have a cutting edge innovation and construct bigger and better ideas as the years go by. An example of a successful entrepreneur would be Dr. Vijay Eswaran. Aside from being a businessman who built the QI Group of Companies, he is also an author with more than six books that are published and the last book that he was able to publish was titled “Two Minutes From The Abyss” last 2016. He is also an international business speaker with the primary objective of inspiring and motivating others especially the aspiring young entrepreneurs.


Dr. Vijay Eswaran considers the QI Group as one of his greatest and biggest achievements in life. The QI Group of Companies was his idea ever since he was still studying at a university, however, he wanted to start the company when he was experiencing financial difficulties and saw it as an opportunity to earn more money but he did not have the means or capital to start it.

Aside from the QI Group, he is a Chairman at the University Council of Quest International University Perak, earned various awards and honors such as a special award for Leadership and Education Entrepreneurship at the Malaysian Education Summit, a Global Business Strategies international leader, Chief Executive Officer Malaysian Business Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship, part of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, and a lot more.

The RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation was created by Dr. Vijay Eswaran in order to help advocate and spread awareness regarding the importance of helping mankind and how to raise yourself independently and strongly.

Isabel Dos Santos Mark

Isabel Dos Santos has made major headlines in the World by being listed by BBC network as the most influential personalities in Africa. She has made a landmark as the richest female in Africa ultimately making her very powerful. Born to the Former Angolan President in 1973, Isabel Dos Santos has accumulated a vast amount of wealth to being recognized by Forbes Magazine for the tremendous figure increase in her asset base in 2013. She was favored enough to school at Kings College, London where she pursued Electrical Engineering and met her spouse. She’s held top executive and managerial positions with Companies recognized by the European Stock Exchange.

Isabel Dos Santos has had her hands in many business enterprises and holdings both national and international. For a long time she has had a taste in the Telecommunication Arena where in coalition with Portugal Telecom to produce Unitel and mobile Operator T+. Most of her businesses and interest are located both in Rwanda and Portugal ranging from Telecommunication, Energy, Media, Retail and Finance. Isabel Dos Santos is the lead managing partner at ZON, a multimedia Corporation and have investments in the Oil and Diamonds trade.

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The first business she took a gamble on was opening up a Miami Beach Club, the first of its kind in Luanda and since then she has been adventurous in her investment ventures. Some of the notable holdings where Isabelle Dos Santos has over 51% shares include; an Energy Company located in Amsterdam called Esperaza holdings, Trans Africa Investment Services a diamond enterprise, Santoro Finace Company based in Lisbon and Unitel International Holdings and Finally a Retail based Luanda Company called Condis. Issabelle Dos Santos has seen fame, wealth and Power. She was held a position in the government. She is the definition of beauty and power at the same time. The young Angolan business woman has had her worth accumulate 2 billion dollars alone in the year 2013. She has profited a lot making extensive amounts of cash following the sale of her shares at Banco BPI and have instigated aggressive takeovers on companies.


Edwin Miranda’s Secret Recipe to Success

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS, a performance marketing agency. Edwin helps global brands to create excellent customer engagement, gain large market share and broaden the client base through performance marketing. According to Edwin, he gets to work with the talented and passionate thinkers, creators, strategists and designers every day.

KOI IXS was founded in 1994, as an Idea Edwin Miranda was implementing. Today, the agency is full-service and is behind some of the most popular campaigns in Puerto Rico including “We’re Ready” campaign, led by Luis Fonsi. KOI IXS believes in a modern world, where all things are measurable and maximized for performance especially content and creativity.

To offer holistic solutions to clients, Edwin Miranda insists on routine and vigilance. Miranda is an early morning worm; he checks his news feeds and responds to client’s emails before anything else. He takes breakfast and exercises every morning. Not only is Miranda an advertising man, but also a father and a husband. He spends some time with family every day and if time allows he drops the kids to school. He then attends to his 7.30 am daily meeting and follows his schedule for the day. Routine is one of the factors that have contributed to Miranda’s success as well as his clients.

As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda attributes business growth to surrounding yourself with trustworthy people. Teamwork is a strong aspect to grow a business. Delegating to good people is important. Miranda piece of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs and small business owners is to be passionate, bold and make mistakes. According to Miranda, maturity changes our perspective. To achieve maturity, life-changing experiences are inevitable. Edwin Miranda defines failure as a step closer to life purpose and goals. Endurance, resilience, focus, relentless pursuit and commitment are keys to overcoming obstacles in any life situation.


The Infamous Successful Entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf

The president of the renowned Eucatex Group, Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961. He went to the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation in Brazil and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and later went to New York University and then graduated with a degree in Business Management. His adverse knowledge in the business world has enabled him be able to create a name for himself in the business world. He has been able to manage the Eucatex Group operations since he took over the family business in 1997. The company is involved in the supply of building materials and most of their product are made with wood from the eucalyptus plant, hence the name. The plant mainly grows in most parts of Brazil. The products manufactured from this company provides elegance and class to the customers. The company was one of its kind when it was being established, to have a recycling plant within it, and hence takes the residue wood and use it to generate energy. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf began working at the Eucatex Group in 1987 at the trade area of the company, later to the industrial area of the company and worked his way up to the administrative area of the company and finally becoming the CEO of the company in 1997. With his expertise in the business field, Maluf has made Eucatex Group a multimillion dollar enterprise by integrating the latest technology in the company for manufacturing products of the highest quality. He has also been able to put the company on a global map. The products are supplied across the globe since they have market in many countries e.g. in Europe and the in the United States. Other than being a successful business man, Flavio Maluf is also a philanthropist in his country and has donated materials when the Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity was being constructed and has made invaluable contributions to the healthcare sector.


Take A Look At Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar has come out strongly to criticize the US economy. He believes that a steady decline is in the offing and Americans should brace themselves for time tough times ahead. For more on what the early Uber investor had in mind, let’s take a look at his elaborate Twitter rant – it went on for a full 23 hours.

In mid-December 2017, Shervin Pishevar chose to step aside from his position at the helm of Sherpa Capital. Damning allegations had been made against him and the reputation of the firm was at stake. He took to twitter to tender his resignation and stayed mum for the months that followed. He resurfaced in February on the same platform not to defend himself, as many expected, but rather to talk tough about the US economy.

Bitcoin Drop

He anticipates Bitcoin prices to hit a low of $2,000. The effects of the decline will however not last for long as he expects the prices to stabilize in due course. Investors in gold are likely to reap big from this state of affairs.


Shervin Pishevar is known for speaking his mind and he didn’t hesitate in making claims that the stock market will experience a 6,000 point drop. This would mark the beginning of a financial storm as the rest of the market including equities will be casualties. The uncertain responses from Washington to global trade deals inform these statements. The rate of underemployment is receiving no favors from the static economic system.

Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley has lost its tech-appeal and Shervin Pishevar insists that other nations are catching up. The competitive zones are expected to spearhead the tectonic shift in the industry. Given that entrepreneurship knows no borders, China and the rest will soon gain the tech hub status. The ailing state of infrastructure in the country will take its toll on the technology of the US.

Ailing Startups

The monopoly of multi-billion firms did not amuse Shervin Pishevar. Speaking on the state of entrepreneurship, he insisted that startups would have a hard time getting on their feet. Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are among the heavy weights standing in the way of progress as far as he is concerned.

Only time will tell whether any of his assertions hold water.

Oren Frank provides therapy through innovative technology

Oren Frank is a business professional with creative designs and a passion for entrepreneurship. He has worked as leading marketer and advertiser and helped the company advance in its digital marketing campaigns. He is a technology enthusiast and looks for a way to improve the living standards of people through innovative technologies. Oren Frank was born and raised in Israel before migrating to New York in the United States of America See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

Formation of Talkspace company

Oren Frank’s passion for helping people solve their problems through innovative technologies prompted him to create a Talkspace company with his wife, Roni. The company was formed with an objective of connecting clients with licensed therapy professionals. Talkspace is an online platform accessible through computer software and Android versions in smartphones.

Oren Frank has helped many people benefit through one on one video conversations with licensed therapy professionals. The company has generated a substantial amount of revenue from the clients who pay their services online conveniently. Talkspace has announced the recruitment of chief medical officer for the company to spearhead the growth of the enterprise business.

Talkspace hires the chief medical officer.

The chief medical officer will be responsible for the prescription of medicines through the online video platform. Neil Leibowitz is the new chief medical officer and will coordinate with other medical professionals in the provision of high-quality services Talkspace company also solves issues in mental health with their highly qualified psychiatrists on board. The new chief medical officer said that he decided to join Talkspace because of its mission and objective of providing affordable therapy to clients through the online platform.

Oren Frank maintains active social media pages where he engages with clients and shares information widely. He regularly uses Twitter and shares information on mental health wellness and ways to avoid stigmatization. On Twitter, Talkspace also shares details on how to avoid stressful lives and tips to stay healthy.

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Randal Nardone, the Institutional Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a robust investment firm that has increased to even trade at the stock exchange. Its initial offer was in 2007 and has been trading at the New York Stock Exchange since then. It has been dealing with an array of products managed by Randal Nardone who is the Chief Executive Officer.

It offers operation management to other corporate entities, where design the operative, structural and strategic functions of the business for it to run smoothly. Fortress Investment Group also has a specialty in Capital markets. It has helped businesses secure capital and financing from equity and debt markets. Another function, FIG is keen on achieving is the management of acquisitions and mergers. For a while, it has led businesses to close such deals while still maintaining a healthy business relationship for all the parties involved. Randal Nardone notes that the core business is in asset investment. The institution fundamentally is responsible for financing and managing financial and physical assets held by itself and outsourcing companies. Visit to learn more about Randal Nardone.

About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group alongside Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens in 1999 who all has superior experience from esteemed financial institutions in the United States such as Goldman Sacha, Lehman Brothers, and many others. This investment firm was to offer strategic asset management functions and from the onset proved successful. Within the first five years, the firm’s valuation had grown from US$ 400 million to US$ 3.9 billion. Randal is the active founder and Chief Executive Officer managing and coordinating the overall activities of the firm.

This Fortress Investment Group’s Boss, Randal Nardone pursued different paths academically. He was a student of English and Biology at the University of Connecticut, where he obtained that degree in Arts. He is also an alumnus of Boston University, where he pursued a course in Law. Following this, he thought it wise to merge the legal and finance profession setting foot in Finance with his other friends. Other that Fortress Investment Group, he had affiliations with many organizations and amassed quite a fortunes from his trades. Forbes recently listed him among the noteworthy billionaires in the United States of America.

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Jojo Hedaya and the Creation of

Jojo Hedaya is the Co-Owner and Executive CEO of an email service known as Hedaya was still attending Brooklyn College when he founded the company back in 2011. Even while working on, he was able to earn two degrees, one in Business and one in Philosophy, from the City University of New York Brooklyn College. When he is not working on, or spending time with his wife and son, Hadaya enjoys attending entrepreneurial discussions and speaking at local community events.

Hedaya, and his partner Josh Rosenwald, created as a way to organize emails. In an article posted on, Hedaya admitted that the inspiration came when Rosenwald wasn’t answering his emails because he couldn’t find them hidden within subscriptions, newsletters, and spam. Together they found that around 80% of a person’s email is dedicated to such emails, which could easily become overwhelming. takes care of those numerous emails by condensing them all into one. Hedaya calls this single email “The Rollup”. From that one email users can browse, unsubscribe, or delete the whole group entirely. Based on preference, The Rollup can come at any previously specified time of the day, making email organization simple.

In the beginning, Hedaya and Rosenwald were worried that wouldn’t be able to work as they planned, so they didn’t sink too many resources into it, wanting to see how users responded before making big changes. Their first concept was released within two months. Luckily, saw thousands of signups. The duo understand that what makes their idea stand out among the rest is how easy it is to use. Many of’s competitors have failed because they reached to far and made their user’s experiences too complicated. was a huge success when it was pushed out of beta with a sleek new design. It was able to consistently have approximately 1.3 million users and was features on several tech websites. It did not take long before larger companies were interested in acquiring According to, Slice, a shopping app that was bought by Rakuten, made a deal with Hedaya and Rosenwald. However the specifics are unknown.

Louis Chenevert Prioritized Innovation And Growth While He Ran United Technologies:

Revolutionary businessman Louis Chenevert has long held prominent positions in some of the top aircraft and aerospace companies in the world, but today he holds the prestigious position of serving as an Exclusive Advisor to the renowned firm Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert has greatly enjoyed serving in this position since his retirement as the Chief Executive as well as a simultaneous posting as President with United Technologies Corporation. He held these titles since the 2008 calendar year and added the title of Chairman of the Board during the 2010 calendar year. The tenure of Louis Chenevert as the helm of the United Technologies business was a highly productive one that was filled with growth and exciting new contracts and milestones.


United Technologies is one of the top companies in the world in the aeronautics industry and is a major manufacturing of engines for aircrafts as well as critical aerospace development. The elevator company known as Otis is also a part of the United Technologies family. Louis Chenevert was with Pratt and Whitney prior to coming over to United Technologies Corporation and he served in the role of President with that firm. Louis Chenevert has a truly impeccable reputation in the world of technology and he has pretty much seen it all. This is particularly true in terms of the fact that the world of technology is always evolving and changing rapidly.


During the year of 2008 when Louis Chenevert became the top United Technologies executive, he immediately set out on a path towards growth and innovation. The firm grew massively due to his complete dedication to these goals. The areas of research as well as constant technological innovation were major focuses during the time that Louis Chenevert was in charge of the team at United Technologies. He was also willing to take calculated risks due to his in-depth knowledge of the field and these paid off handsomely as well. The United Technologies team was able to make innovations such as the improvement of the F135 in terms of its engine performance. This is the sort of critical work that Louis Chenevert pushed his team to accomplish during his impressive tenure with this major company.

Shervin Pishevar says Dow Jones may correct back to 2016 levels

Shervin Pishevar has not gained much popularity for his doom-filled opinions on the state of the equity markets and his harsh critiques of the Fed’s reckless monetary policies. But truth isn’t decided by committee. And it turns out that most of Shervin Pishevar’s insights and predictions have been well worth paying attention to.

A bubble blown from hot air

Shervin Pishevar has easily been the most vocal critic of the Federal Reserve’s policies and their justifications for those policies of anyone throughout Silicon Valley. Shervin Pishevar has repeatedly characterized the Fed’s open-market interventions as incredibly risky and their reasoning for those policies as specious. Now, he says that the current stock market woes are the direct result of the Fed’s tinkering in the free markets over the last decade.

Visit Bloomberg to know more about Shervin Pishevar.

Pishevar says that the historically low interest rates, in some cases leading to the ridiculous situation of real negative interest, has incentivized corporations to begin massive amounts of corporate buybacks using those cheap funds as financing. This surge in corporate buybacks, as well as private investors using virtually free money to speculate in equities, has led to one of the most clear-cut asset bubbles in the history of the U.S. stock market.

Shervin Pishevar says that many of the largest companies are now trading at Schiller P/E ratios in the 30s, far higher than historic norms. He says that such heightened valuations make it highly unlikely that future returns will be anywhere near historic norms, with all of the implications that such a scenario has for institutional investors.

Pishevar has also stated that the incredibly low interest rate environment of the last decade has inflated other bubbles, including in the realm of real estate. There, he says, the unaffordability of housing is contributing to a homelessness crisis at the same time that it makes it impossible for young families to form and begin accumulating wealth. Ultimately, says Pishevar, all of these bubbles are slated to be deflated, leaving trillions of dollars in wealth destroyed and possibly sending the economy into a depression.