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Felipe Montoro Jens Is A Brazilian Financial Expert Who Is Helping To Improve His Nation’s Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who cares about his country’s future. Brazil has many valuable resources and jungle ecosystems that are very unique, but these are in danger because of industrial progress in the nation. Jens is an infrastructure specialist who understands what it will take to make the necessary changes that Brazil needs. He has been working in the financial sector for most of his career and served as a director at Santo Antônio Energia. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been extremely focused on improving the environment in Brazil for many years. His support of various public works projects has earned him a reputation as being someone who can make a real difference. Large corporations and even governments have worked with Jens because of his talents and his ability to create new financial strategies that move ventures and situations forward. He earned his degree in administration while studying at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He also attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. After this, he got to work and has been making a name for himself ever since.

Felipe Montoro Jens has noticed that over-tourism is becoming a huge problem for Brazil. While the country is able to bring in a lot of money from its tourism industry, it is becoming a real problem for its wildlife and fragile ecosystems. His work to help improve the Santa Catarina area has helped a whole lot as the area was suffering from the strain of over-tourism. He worked with the government in the nation, which spent millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure in the region. Felipe Montoro Jens took part in the project by overseeing it to ensure that the government was doing what was necessary to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


Nitin Khanna Discusses The Power Of Teams

Entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood Nitin Khanna who spent his life surrounded by entrepreneurs when he wasn’t away from his family at boarding school. On top of that, his military father taught him the importance of hard work and discipline. With all of this, Nitin Khanna was interested in success from a young age. The native of India was born in 1971 and attended college in the United States at Purdue University where he had earned a Bachelor’s and Masters before dropping out while studying for his Ph.D. to start his career earlier. He moved to the United States when he was just 17 years old in order to get the education that he needed to be a success.

The CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna, became inspired to start this company that helps sell businesses such as tech startups after selling his old company known as Saber Corp or a considerably higher amount than it had been valued. At that point, he realized just how much money he could make while still enjoying what he is doing for his career. Saber Corp. provided software for government organizations such as child support and the DMV. There are still several states that use the software created by the company for voting. He and his brother first started Saber after his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States back in 1999.

When approaching business, he does it knowing that he has the heart and ability to finish what he needs to get done. He approaches hiring people for his business in the same way as his team has a huge impact on his job and company. If you hire the right people, Nitin Khanna states that it should leave you with a great deal of free time. This free time is important so that executives can approach different issues when they are needed. Your team is an extension of you and they will be executing what you need to be done. Nitin Khanna states that it’s also important to recognize your team for what they do and to get them excited.

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Max Salk: A creative and Contemplative Businessman

Max Salk has the capacity and ability to get the job done efficiently when analyzing various sets of data. From there he has a comprehensive plan to make sure that the best decisions are made within his business. Not only this, but he has a promising and successful career as a creative photographer. This all started as a hobby but slowly turned into a passionate part of his career. Max Salk recognizes that in a modern age, things can be difficult with everyday life. Things are definitely not as simple as they used to be with new gadgets coming out every day. It’s easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over the new advancements and get caught up in the hustle of modern living. This is why Max Salk resigns to hold a good old fashioned i-pod instead of every new gadget available on the market.

He believes in the advancement of society to be used as a tool. Often times, people start getting used though by the technology itself. He strikes an amazing balance between technology and his business life. Preparation is the motto he holds in all his business dealings, and his success is attributed to the abundant amount of preparation he puts into all his projects at the office or in the black room. Being prepared is something people don’t always think about, but Max Salk always attempts to make people aware of the effectiveness of the strategy and to always have a backup plan in life. 

Like a fisherman at sea, he believes that you should always struggle for your passions. Sometimes the fish struggles and even sometimes it may getaway. But casting the reel out to sea over and over again is the definition of persistence. This he believes is the key to making any dream a reality. An excellent example of this is where he continually applies this principle in his photography business. What started with a tourism round of picture taking turned into a passion that he relentlessly pursued with heart. This yielded a successful endeavor that he holds as a passion.

: Brazil’s Leading Face of Progress

When it comes to infusing growth and directing development for long term benefit countrywide, Felipe Montoro Jens is the man.

He’s had years of experience in resource and investment management that he is now an authority in the collaboration between the private sector and the government in Brazil. And with his strength in finance, development and cooperation between different sectors and industries, he has become an essential guide and resource.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the face of a better future for Brazil.

Jens had his education unrelated to business. From Oregon University and UC Santa Barbra, Jens earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and another in History. He then got his Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Jens next education directed the rest of his life to where he is today. He then studied at Brazil’s highly respected business school, Getulio Vargas Foundation and then went to Phoenix, Arizona and completed his second Master’s degree in business management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

In his business education and immediate corporate experience, Jens specialized in infrastructure development known to cut down on financial and systemic wastage in corporate and government projects. He started to find himself sitting on several administrative boards to oversee the efficiency of these businesses.

Jens’ hats have covered titles of leadership in business. Beyond being heads of projects, he’s become a Chief Investment Officer, a Chief Executive Officer and currently the Managing Director of a global investment conglomerate Odebrecht International based in Brazil that brings in resources from Europe and Asia covering projects in infrastructure, construction, engineering, real estate, energy and logistics.

Felipe Montoro Jens lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and continues to use his extensive experience in business and finance and work with the government to help build lives in Brazil.

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Vijay Eswaran and Processes and Procedures

Vijay Eswaran may wake up one morning and have a thought in his head similar to this one.

But what is Abbvie?

This would make him do some compelling research overall.

Vijay Eswaran knows that there is value to be gained by looking at different companies and learning from their processes and procedures.

Abbvie is a research-oriented pharmaceutical company that utilizes further science, expertise, and intensity to increase the quality of life for those who use its drugs. A big issue has been the Humira decline. Humira may treat a variety of issues in arthritis and other illnesses.

Humira will not be competitive in the European continent but will be in the United States until 2023. The drug has increased in use in the United States. The next two big drugs are Imbruvica and Mavyret which have had $3.6 billion and $3.4 billion in sales over the course of 2018.

Abbvie does not depend on just one drug for its revenues, it depends on a variety of them. This means that the company has a large diversification. This means that the company should be able to stay steady over the long term.

We’re looking to capitalize in on long-term sources of growing revenue.

Abbvie has upadacitinib in the pipeline. This drug should certainly bring in strong revenues. The entity is waiting for an FDA approval and is in the Phase 3 study aspects of the company. It also has the tools, the talent, and the processes to get to where it needs to be in regard to generating more revenues. Furthermore, it has strong gross margins in excess of 50%, strong EBITDA over 40%, and pretty strong ROIC over 20%. ABBV even exceeds its peers on cash flow growth where it has more than 30% growth, 20% more than the industry.

Igor Cornelsen Looks Towards The Future Of Finance

While Brazil may be experiencing their fair share of economic problems, Igor Cornelsen believes that things are starting to take a much-needed turn for the better in his home country. In fact, he believes so strongly in what the economy of the country has to offer that he is suggesting that people looking to get into investing look no further than Brazil where he sees there being countless opportunities to make a profit while helping to build the local communities. Brazil has an economy that is constantly fluctuating and the potential that it has for growth is enormous says Igor Cornelsen.

When Igor Cornelsen is making financial decisions concerning his investments, he makes sure that he stays on top of the latest world news. In many cases, paying attention to what is going on in the world can help him predict big events that will impact the economies of different countries around the world. This method has helped save him from losing money in investments as he was able to liquidate them out of troubles countries before the damage was able to hit his portfolio. His methods have been proven successful since the 1970s and he has become a well-respected leader in the financial industry.

The career that Igor Cornelsen has in finance may be a lot different than his original plan to be an engineer, but he is able to apply his strong mathematics skills in both. Both fields require a great deal of pattern matching and recognition in order to determine different potential outcomes. The skills that Igor Cornelsen has been applying to finances have been respected greatly over the years as he was able to perform complex equations without the use of the modern computers that we have today. While he may recognize trends, Igor Cornelsen is seasoned enough to look towards the future.

A Look At Nitin Khanna’s Work At Mergertech

Nitin Khanna is an investment guru and a successful entrepreneur. He was born in India where he spent his childhood. His family mainly consisted of businessmen and women from whom he learned a lot about business. Even though some of the businesses were small scale, Nitin Khanna still acquired some knowledge that has now played a significant role in how he runs his activities today.

Nitin Khanna has a master’s degree in industrial engineering which he acquired from Purdue. Khanna was to further his education to a PhD, but Nitin decided that he had enough of school and wanted to explore the challenging world of business. Saber software was thus born. Nitin and his brother headed the company and the two sold modern election software to different states in the USA. The company excelled in the ten years that, but they sold it afterwards.Nitin Khanna went on to start Mergertech. He now works there as the CEO.

On a typical workday, Nitin Khanna begins by going through business goals and visions. He looks for ways to grow Mergertech as a company by reviewing every detail from work. Nitin Khanna the proceeds to addressing issues and complaints from employees. By making them satisfied and more involved, the employees produce better results at work. Later on, Nitin Khanna is buried in meetings and answering business calls. Being a CEO, Nitin gets a lot of emails and messages from clients and even his employees. Reading the numerous emails might be tiring to some people but not to Khanna. He never leaves any messages unopened or unread to avoid missing important information.

Getting in touch with Nitin Khanna is very easy for his employees as he is eager to respond to their messages. Nitin Khanna is a family man and loves spending time with his children early in the morning before immersing himself in his work. Apart from business, Nitin Khanna is a DJ and a producer. He had never thought of becoming a DJ, but after meeting one in Burning Man, Nitin was inspired to study DJing. He is also a producer and has produce a few documentaries in the past.

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Edwin Miranda’s Secret Recipe to Success

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS, a performance marketing agency. Edwin helps global brands to create excellent customer engagement, gain large market share and broaden the client base through performance marketing. According to Edwin, he gets to work with the talented and passionate thinkers, creators, strategists and designers every day.

KOI IXS was founded in 1994, as an Idea Edwin Miranda was implementing. Today, the agency is full-service and is behind some of the most popular campaigns in Puerto Rico including “We’re Ready” campaign, led by Luis Fonsi. KOI IXS believes in a modern world, where all things are measurable and maximized for performance especially content and creativity.

To offer holistic solutions to clients, Edwin Miranda insists on routine and vigilance. Miranda is an early morning worm; he checks his news feeds and responds to client’s emails before anything else. He takes breakfast and exercises every morning. Not only is Miranda an advertising man, but also a father and a husband. He spends some time with family every day and if time allows he drops the kids to school. He then attends to his 7.30 am daily meeting and follows his schedule for the day. Routine is one of the factors that have contributed to Miranda’s success as well as his clients.

As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda attributes business growth to surrounding yourself with trustworthy people. Teamwork is a strong aspect to grow a business. Delegating to good people is important. Miranda piece of advice to upcoming entrepreneurs and small business owners is to be passionate, bold and make mistakes. According to Miranda, maturity changes our perspective. To achieve maturity, life-changing experiences are inevitable. Edwin Miranda defines failure as a step closer to life purpose and goals. Endurance, resilience, focus, relentless pursuit and commitment are keys to overcoming obstacles in any life situation.


Real Estate Developer Zeco Auriemo Celebrates Bringing Luxury Italian Shoe Brand To Brazil

Zeco Auriemo became a part of his family-owned real estate development firm when he was still in his teens. This company, JHSF, built real estate projects across Brazil. Not long after he joined the company it turned to incorporation which now makes up over 90 percent of the firm’s net profits. They build a project and then manage it.

A graduate of the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo, he started working at JHSF while he was still a student. Before he was 30 years old he was made president as the company was slowly turned over to the next generation. Zeco Auriemo made a name for himself by recognizing that Sao Paulo, and Brazil more broadly, lacked homes, offices, and retail that would appeal to the many newly rich people in that nation.

Zeco Auriemo changed the focus of JHSF to building luxury developments. He has now built several luxury condo towers, office buildings, and even an executive airport. The biggest development that JHSF owns and manages is Parque Cidade Jardim. This is a multifunctional collection of towers built on 80,000 square meters of land in the Marginal Pinheiros area.

Included in the Parque Cidade Jardim is the crown jewel of the JHSF empire, Shopping Cidade Jardim. Luxury brands from around the world are sold at this mall and it attracts wealthy people from across Brazil. One of Zeco Auriemo’s latest successes was attracting the Italian luxury brand Rene Caovilla to this mall. To celebrate the occasion he threw a party attended by movers and shakers from Brazil to Europe like Prince Albert of Monaco.

Zeico Auriemo is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo. They have two children that he spends as much time with as he can, given the demands on his time. He also enjoys playing golf which he warmed up to over time.

Embodying Excellence: Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf

In Brazil, one man is wisely carrying on his family’s business legacy and expanding sustainable products that help the world become more eco-friendly. As the first business partner of The Home Depot to sell eco-friendly harvest wood, Flavio Maluf sells renewable Eucalyptus, wood, and paint products through his company Eucatex. As the CEO, he has learned that it takes great patience, dedication, persistence, and hard work in order to achieve success. His advice for those trying to start their own business is to understand these key facts and not pretend like starting a business is easy.

Eucatex sells everything from doors (aptly named “Ecuadoors”) to MDF wood, particle board, office partitions, flooring, paints, stains, and more. Their consciousness of their ecological impact is only one aspect of the company, as they have a commitment to responsible pay and good work programs on the Human Relations side of the business as well. In 2010, as a matter of fact, they won the Brazil Protection Award for the Occupational Safety and Health of Workers. In terms of their products, in 2007 they won the Home Planet Award… and in 2012 they were voted as one of the top ten companies to work for in Brazilian citizenship.

Sustainability is not a logical component of Flavio and Eucatex’s business plan, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do for the planet. While being committed to high sustainability, Eucatex is also highly committed to the principles of social growth and competitive cost: always. Their commitment to respecting environmental legislation is always at the forefront of their operational policy, and they are generally committed to excellence in all areas of work. Carrying on the great work of his grandfather Salim, Eucatex truly embodies the wisdom, experience, and sustainability of an excellent production company.

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