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Felipe Montero’s Financial Standing Report Takeaway

It is at the end of 30th June that the first projects of Porto Alegre who is the first mayor of Porto Alegre (RS), Nelson Marchezan Junior (PPPs) and concessiosions were discussed by the management council of the municipal program of partnerships (Propar). Felipe Montero who is an expert on infrastructure projects reports that at the occasion subjects like Public Market, sanitation projects, and public lighting as well as the construction of a new headquarter for the Hospital of Materno Infitil Presidente Vargas were brought up.

According to the mayor of Rio Grande do Sul the main goal meeting was to define the priorities and the areas that the government intends to seek partnerships with the private initiative.

As a result of the moment of financial crisis that the country is undergoing, participation in the CGP is not a remunerated activity considered as a relevant public service. Felipe Montoro Jens also explains that the members of the management board of the partnership program are not allowed to take part in a discussion or vote in matters where there is conflicting personal interest.

The mayor, Nelson Marchezan Junior states that public power must have the right size and fulfil its obligations. He further affirms that they are moving towards the same. The Capp is an organ of governance and active transparency for projects which will be structured in the modalities of PPS and Concessions.

Felipe Montoro Jens went to Gertulio Vergas Foundation and Thunderbird school of Global Management. Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao which was incorporated in 1996. Energipar Captacao issues securities in the form of subordinated debentures for both private and public distribution. Felipe Montero is the chairman of Concessionaria do Centro. As of April 30th 2010 to 27th August 2013, he has been the Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Successful Entrepreneurs Globally

Since the joining of forces between Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the entrepreneurial market has experienced drastic improvements. Different brands that incorporate technology, the fashion industry, and fulfilling demand of different consumers are some of the achievements. When Goldenberg was 15, he had already ventured into the business industry. He had developed a site which was used to advertise by gaming companies. He later sold this site to Intermix media in 1999 and still remained very active on the site. Adam had dropped out of high school level to become the Chief Operations Officer and Vice president of the same company.


Don Ressler had also sold his business to Intermix media, and later met Adam. Don’s company’s purpose was to help people raise capital. Some of the companies were clothing firms, and it is what inspired him to indulge in fashion to innovate. With time, Don’s and Adam’s friendship developed and later decided to invest in the online business. The two decided to direct their efforts in the fashion industry dealing with both beauty and fashion. These two services were in very high demand just as they are today.


The two entrepreneurs decided to create a brand driven the two important factors that they had given top priority. The two factors were trends and the pain points. They realized the biggest problem in the consumer product market is not the availability of the product but where exactly to find the product. They also noted that searching for styles and sizes on the internet were wasting lots of hours. After observing this problem for quite some time, they decided to create a site which provides services which are personally customized for consumer satisfaction.


The duo managed to create a TechStyle and JustFab online platforms which proved to be a tremendous success. Members started streaming in through as a result of the attraction the promotions the sites were offering. When customers upload their details on the site depending on their likes and style recommendation, the sites will only provide the given information.


In these sites, Brand Fabletics is one of the biggest achievements. Many people using the social media have at once seen sponsored Fabletics ads. After Adam and Don realized finding athletics attire of fixed sizes is very hard to find. They also found it hard to find affordable quality clothing for athletics. The pair also decided on giving the name “Fabulous” to their foundation.


To make their products be recognized far and wide, the pair decided to work with Kate Hudson who is an actress and has a beauty company. Adam and Don have dedicated all their commitment in bringing back confidence in women.

Jason Hope Sees Future Technological Success For The Airline Industry

The airline industry may often be seen as offering poor customer service, but for Arizona based futurist Jason Hope the rising level of technology that will soon be seen in the industry will change the face of the industry for generations to come. Customer service levels that are often criticized should rise to unprecedented levels with a focus on making sure every passenger is as comfortable as possible through the use of the in seat sensors that monitor hydration and temperature levels for passengers.

Other areas of customer service have already been seen to be improved by Jason Hope, who points to Online and easy check in desks as making an impact on waiting times and ease of use for passengers entering airports; Hope believes the latest technologies will make it easier to enjoy any air travel experience as Bluetooth beacons will aid in enjoying every aspect of the airport experience for all consumers by linking mobile devices to the main airport and airline networks.


In a bid to make sure the advancement of technologies can continue at a fast rate, Jason Hope has become a major supporter of the right to a high quality education for all. Hope explains his own belief that education is a key factor in providing a high quality of life for all people.

Quality of life has become one of the major areas of improvement for Jason Hope as he has set out to work with the SENS Foundation to make sure life is lived to its fullest throughout the lifetime of all people.

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Eric Pulier: Modern Day Renaissance Man

Today, when most people hear that someone’s from New Jersey images of the overly tanned and overly manicured cast from Jersey Shore, comes to mind. No one person would assume that someone like Eric Pulier, with his net worth of multi-millions earned from software development, came out of the same Garden State as Snookie and J-Woww. However, Eric Pulier did have humble beginnings in the Garden State before becoming a modern day Renaissance man. Pulier, despite his fortune mainly being from software related ventures, is a man of many talents.


Author, inventor, philanthropist, parent, and entrepreneur encompasses all of who Eric Pulier is in his entirety. Pulier actually majored in English and American Literature at Harvard University. He wrote for the school’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, injecting each piece he wrote with wit and sapience. He has since published articles in Forbes and Mannings Publications. Pulier has invented many systems from cloud computing. His inventions and contributions to cloud computing development touches everywhere today as many software systems rely on cloud computing to store their data.Eric Pulier in addition to being generally impressive is also impressively generous. His main focus in his philanthropic endeavors is to use technology to help those suffer socioeconomically and handicapable children not only here in the United States but around the world as well. Earlier in his career, Pulier created an educational program to help those with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, that aimed to teach those suffering from MS about their disease. It was one of the first multimedia learning program established. In 2010 he was honored for his contributions in bringing state-of-the-art technological solutions to healthcare efforts in Africa. He is still a board member for the Painted Turtle summer camp created for terminally ill children. More recently Pulier has been involved in the “Campaign for Free College Tuition” which aims to provide every US citizen college tuition free of charge. He certainly strives to change the world for the better and I’m sure the fact that he is a father of four only motivates him more. He candidly has described his days as of a dad as a tornado of mostly unplanned activities although he attempts to keep a schedule. To date, Eric Pulier has founded and cofounded 15 different companies. Most recently Pulier has founded vAtomic Systems which specializes digitalizing goods, services, discounts that can be traded for real, physical items, or simply stored on digital platforms.


Pulier has done and continues to do a lot to change and innovate our ever increasingly technological world.