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Oren Frank Offers Hope and Help

Israeli-born Oren Frank is noted for his work with Talkspace. He is a co-founder of the innovative company that provides mental health services to people where they are whenever they need them.

Frank co-founded Talkspace in 2012 with Roni Frank. The New York-based service provides clients with access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. This allows for users to get the help they need even if they are not conveniently located near a therapist’s office.

The advantages of the service are numerous. Clients do not have to travel to a therapist’s office. They have privacy. The cost can be significantly less than seeing a therapist in person. Plus, there is a pool of more than 5,000 therapists, so there is quite a selection available- and without the wait of a traditional therapist’s office. Learn more about Oren Frank at

The format of accessible and affordable therapy has proven to be a successful one. The service says that it has helped more than a million people feel happier since its founding seven years ago. Its potential for reaching people is even greater than that, though.

Oren Frank’s vision has attracted the support of some well-known names. Among them is champion swimmer Michael Phelps who has credited therapy with saving his own life. The Olympian has teamed up with the company to represent it with the goal of getting more people the help that they need.

Frank maintains a social media presence. He can be found on Twitter under the user name @orenfrank where he shares a variety of tweets- many promoting his vision of therapy for all. With Talkspace, he is working on achieving that. In the process, he is bringing hope and help to people no matter where they are- and without the financial burden that can sometimes limit access to traditional therapy. Source:

The Resurgent Career Of Marc Beer

Not many people have had quite as the winding of a career as Marc Beer but, through it all, he has managed to endure everything life has thrown at him. So what’s his secret to his long-lasting and
pervasive success? Well, it all began back in 1983 when he first decided to matriculate at Miami University. From an early age, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur so, naturally, he decided
to major in business. After four years, he received his degree and accepted a position at a company called Abbott where he worked in their sales department for over half a decade.
Afterward, he was at Biostar where he worked in their marketing department for two years before moving on to Genzyme.
Whilst there, he was promoted to become the vice president of global marketing, a position he would hold for almost half a decade before becoming the founder and CEO of his own company,
Viacell. Founded in May of 2000 and based out of Cambridge, the company serves to analyze the stem cells found within the umbilical cords of new mothers in an attempt to discover new cures and
treatments for various conditions. The company proved to be a big success with over $300 billion in profit but it wasn’t long before he decided to close up shop to move onto bigger and better
things. Before he could, however, he received the distressing news that his wife of over fifteen years had passed away from a pulmonary embolism at just 42 years of age.
As such, he found himself in the position of having to raise his three children all by himself, a position he embraced wholeheartedly. However, one of his kids helped him to realize the business
world needed him so, before long, he had gotten back on that horse and started a new company called Renovia. Established in 2016 and based out of Boston, the company’s main goal is to develop medical products designed to help those who are suffering from various conditions. One of the conditions they’re currently attempting to treat is incontinence which is estimated to affect almost a quarter of the American female population. Despite being around for just a few years, the company has already thrived under his visionary leadership.

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In fact, they recently received a $32 million grant to continue funding their research and development department with an additional $10 million to help with their financial ventures. In a
recent statement, he advised future entrepreneurs to ensure their financial strategies are sound and effective, always focus on giving back to those in need and make compromises for the greater
good of the company. So we wish him the best of luck.

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Jeunesse Global: Honored in Marketing

Jeunesse Global’s marketing department has been making some noise in the communication industry. Recently, the company was awarded and recognized for its achievement in packaging, brochures, and video productions. Some of the production materials are used by the direct selling team members to explain how the beauty, hair, and skin treatments work, while others are used to promote Jeunesse Global.

The business that awarded Jeunesse Global is called Communicator, and they monitor many company’s marketing methods. The award company must have collected a lot of data throughout the years. With this information, they seem to be able to select outstanding production pieces and videos skillfully. The awards are broken down into various categories. Anyone who is awarded the Excellence recognition is the cream of the crop. Many of Jeunesse Global’s marketers received this level of attention as well as the Distinction award. The Distinction category is for items that are good and are worthy of being celebrated.

One line that received several awards was the RVL hair care products. RVL consists of three parts. The first is a cleanser, then a scalp application, and the last layer is a lightweight leave-in conditioner. RVL was honored for a video, which demonstrates how to use all of the products. The RVL pamphlet was recognized for the written words and images, and Communicator also awarded RVL for the packaging. The packaging is attractive and created to be used in the shower. The scalp application packaging is perfect for applying the solution directly to the head, and the conditioner is easy to mist. The packaging and marketing department created beautiful and useful containers and marketing pieces for RVL and Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse Global does not create beauty care products only, but they also have an extensive line of nutritional supplements and a weight loss program. The supplement Reserve won a Distinction award for packaging. Reserve is an oral preparation that is uniquely packaged in a squeeze container, which makes it portable and easy to ingest.

Jeunesse Global operates in over 140 countries. The business model is based on entrepreneurs, who directly sell the products. Jeunesse Global provides its entrepreneurs with marketing material, websites, and an active community.,19.htm

Nitin Khanna Discusses The Power Of Teams

Entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood Nitin Khanna who spent his life surrounded by entrepreneurs when he wasn’t away from his family at boarding school. On top of that, his military father taught him the importance of hard work and discipline. With all of this, Nitin Khanna was interested in success from a young age. The native of India was born in 1971 and attended college in the United States at Purdue University where he had earned a Bachelor’s and Masters before dropping out while studying for his Ph.D. to start his career earlier. He moved to the United States when he was just 17 years old in order to get the education that he needed to be a success.

The CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna, became inspired to start this company that helps sell businesses such as tech startups after selling his old company known as Saber Corp or a considerably higher amount than it had been valued. At that point, he realized just how much money he could make while still enjoying what he is doing for his career. Saber Corp. provided software for government organizations such as child support and the DMV. There are still several states that use the software created by the company for voting. He and his brother first started Saber after his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States back in 1999.

When approaching business, he does it knowing that he has the heart and ability to finish what he needs to get done. He approaches hiring people for his business in the same way as his team has a huge impact on his job and company. If you hire the right people, Nitin Khanna states that it should leave you with a great deal of free time. This free time is important so that executives can approach different issues when they are needed. Your team is an extension of you and they will be executing what you need to be done. Nitin Khanna states that it’s also important to recognize your team for what they do and to get them excited.

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PC World Identifies Unroll Me as A Top Unsubscription Tool

Unroll Me is a service that cleanses your e-mail inbox of clutter. This service was recently featured online in an article from as one of the premiere tools for unsubscribing oneself from email lists. PC World described the service as easy to use and touted the fact that Unroll Me is free. The article was also informative, instructing a person on how to use Unroll Me. 

Unroll Me is a service that you can log into with your email address in order to manage your accounts. Once logged in, the service highlights all of your subscriptions so you can choose how to manage them. Choosing the “unsubscribe” option removes you from email lists and is an easy first step towards de-cluttering your inbox! 

The PC World article highlighted other similar services like Unlistr and Unsubscriber, but there is reason why Unroll Me is featured at the top of their article – it has the best and simplest features! Unlistr for instance has an annoying behavior that, once you decide to stay enrolled on one list, it removes that email service from future scans. This service also sounds like it works best with mobile email; not good for those that use desktop or laptop computing. Unsubscriber is also free, but rather than being logged into through a browser like Unroll Me, the service adds a “unsubscribe” folder within your email provider. For those that don’t want a third party app taking up real estate within their inbox, this just simply isn’t an option. It’s just not as convenient and practical as logging onto Unroll Me to manage your subscription list in one easy to manage session. 

As we unclutter our lives, it becomes essential to organize and manage our email lists. For those of us that need to stay on top of emails and clear the plate of junk, a tool to help us unsubscribe from mass mailing lists is absolutely essential. After reading PC World’s informative article, it is clear that with Unroll Me in my toolbox, I won’t have to subscribe to any of their competition.

Betterworks Performance difference

Giving ongoing, non-stop feedback has been tested to extend overall performance and motivation, and any obstacle stopping it from happening solely stunts employee engagement and career growth and increases turnover and operational expenses. Inconsistent and infrequent comments causes fear; continuous and ongoing comments is the antidote. There are numerous ways for criticism to turn out badly.

A few administrators just spotlight on the positive and overlook the negative, supporting against conceivable kickback and trusting exorbitant consolation motivates their workers and mysteriously remedies territories where they fail to meet expectations.

Betterworks Reviews –

Different chiefs possibly center around the negative and neglect to recognize when workers work admirably. Also, a third arrangement of directors basically give nonpartisan input that is neither negative nor positive in tone and in this manner not supportive. Constructive feedback at the right time could help everyone to keep improving. Betterworks continuous performance management solutions could help overlook those negative reviews.

Betterworks help manage and maintain the continuous feedback performance moving up from what use to be just annual reviews. Betterworks understand that once a year reviews are not as effective as providing a team with timely feedback and recognition. Betterworks is intended to give you the hierarchical devices and significant information you have to make your organization increasingly beneficial, progressively productive and running easily.

With an establishment in Goal Science, Betterworks encourages you systemize your destinations stream, yet in addition monitors a wide scope of outstanding information focuses that can enable you to improve that stream later on. 

Maarten de Jeu Helps Companies To Not Make Common Mistakes When Expanding Overseas

Maarten de Jeu is a business strategist who works with Fortune 100 executives in the insurance and financial industries. He has worked in the global marketplace for a good portion of his career and now helps other business leaders to better understand how to do the same. One of the things he suggests that business leaders do is to focus on quality. When a company enters into the international scene, it is best that they make a solid first impression on customers. This can make or break their business, and it is vital that companies offer up a quality product on a consistent basis. 


Maarten de Jeu has taken the time to learn many different languages including French, English, German, and Dutch. He believes that it is important for business leaders to respect different cultures and to make an effort to learn about them. This can go a long way towards getting people to appreciate a brand. He also suggests learning the language of locals wherever business is being done. When companies don’t understand the local culture, it can be easy for them to make products that offend people, and this can be very embarrassing. 


Maarten de Jeu has warned companies looking to expand overseas about the dangers of entering into a market where a product is not desired. It is best to do plenty of research to ensure that a product will do well in a location before spending the time and money to go there. It is also a good idea to check into a local competition to see if there is already another company offering a specific product or service. If so, customers may already be loyal to that company, which means they won’t even consider a similar product from anyone else. 


One of the most important things to take into consideration when doing business on an international level is the local business practices. Without a business plan, most companies will surely fail when trying to go global. Putting one together can help to determine where to find buyers for products and services and can also help to understand what raw materials are available in the country. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu is an entrepreneur who works with corporations to help them develop their business strategies. He studied at Leiden University where he earned his Master of Arts degree in social science. He went on to attend Said Business School at the University of Oxford and earned his executive MBA there. He worked with TVDK Management Consultants in Amsterdam as an analyst but eventually served as a senior associate with the company. Today, he serves with the Economic Club of Chicago as a member and also works with SVM Business Advisory, which is a company he founded in 2012.

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Brian Torchin: Entrepreneur to Combat Healthcare and Law Turnover Rates

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur and the President of HCRC Staffing; It is a staffing firm for healthcare and the legal industry. Brian was motivated by the high turnover rate in these industries to create his staffing agency, who will give you a new employee within 72 hours of a request. Torchin is very active on social media, utilizing it as a tool to aide in the hiring process. His Twitter focuses on hiring professionals from all across the country and posts multiple times per day regarding job openings.

Although his business is centralized in Pennsylvania, he is still working tirelessly to find employees for his business partners in Florida, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and so many more. Although there are numerous advantages to utilizing his business, the main one is the accessibility and limitless opportunities for his business partners; he recruits employees from all over the country, with different backgrounds and qualifications. HCRC Staffing does not only provide doctors and lawyers, but also nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists, office personnel, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and so on. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

He is not focused solely on the doctors and nurses, but sees the system as a collaborative group environment that needs various positions filled to survive. Brian is motivated by the inconsistencies of these two fields, blogging in Vimeo, Twitter, and Linked-In. He still manages to find time to stay connected with his partners and followers through social media, as well as the medical community. With a medical background, Torchin is passionate to deliver safe, effective, and system-changing services to those that are providing medical and legal care; he is the man behind the curtain, helping our healthcare system improve patient-centered care. It is truly important for the person running the show to have a background in the field to be able to understand where the problems lie, which makes Brian Torchin a stand-out entrepreneur.

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Tips From an Expert on How to Fund that Brilliant Idea

What prevents most brilliant ideas from becoming a reality? For the most part, it is a lack of funding. Far too many entrepreneurs see their dreams and ideas die on the line because they don’t have the finances necessary to produce or market them.

Paul Saunders, the founder, and CEO of the James River Capital Corp. is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago. His career has spanned years and has included roles in investment banking and investment trading. James River Capital originally was the alternate investment department of Kidder, Peabody,& CO. It became an independent investment company in 1995 when it was purchased by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. Paul Saunders has always had a passion for finance. This led to a career in investment banking and makes him a voice of reason and experience worth listening too. Learn more:

In an article recently published in the Premier Gazette, Saunders shared some much-needed advice with those who have brilliant ideas but no finances. The funding strategies shared in the article are designed to help entrepreneurs launch businesses and bring ideas to life.

The emphasis of the tips shared by Saunders in the article is for the creation and not competition. His list has seven tips. Here are the top three.

Bootstrapping refers to personal funding; money/funds that a person has on hand. This includes personal savings, credit cards, and borrowing from family and friends. Even though bootstrapping may not be a way to fund your complete business startup goals, it is the best place to start because you won’t have to give up equity or control to a second or third party.

Bootstrapping says to possible contributors that you believe in yourself. Using your own resources proves that because you have invested financially in the business you are more likely to work hard to ensure that it succeeds.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new form of business funding that relies on contributions of various amounts from a large group of people. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows supporters of your idea or project to pledge to the goals and tiers you set. Those who support you through crowdfunding are not looking to be repaid. This platform works best if you have a social media following or if your product or service addresses a high-demand gap.

Business Loans
Bank loans and loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) are two of the more common types of bank loans. Both require that you have a strong credit score. The interest rates on bank loans are lower, but the loan has a lengthy approval process. The interest rate on an SBA loan is usually more expensive but they are easier to qualify for.

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Richard Liu, Innovator and Recognized Businessman

Richard Qiangdong Liu is the Founder of, previously known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd. Since his company’s beginning in 1998, Liu has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. As a storefront that distributed magneto-optical products, Jingdong brought Qiangdong success, and his company grew by 2003 to 12 chain stores across Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai. By 2003, these stores earned annual revenues of nearly USD 9,000,000 per year. After Liu became aware of the success that e-commerce was attaining in the late nineties, he began an online version of his business at the beginning of 2004.

With the tremendous rise in the popularity of his products and an outbreak of SARS in China (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) that forced Liu and his staff to be housebound and threatened his business, Liu conceived the idea of a logistics firm that would be able to deliver to all parts of the country. This logistics firm could also significantly reduce loss and damage during delivery. By shipping his products throughout the country, Liu enabled people in rural areas the ease of going to the closest town to buy appliances and other goods, thereby reducing costs for consumers. JD then launched 3,210 delivery and pick-up stations in nearly two-thirds of the counties in China. Interestingly, Amazon followed Liu’s model and abandoned third-party logistics for making “last mile” deliveries itself.

Presently, JD is China’s largest retailer and online company with direct sales. In 2014, was listed on NASDAQ. In 2016, JD became the first Chinese Internet company to be placed on the Fortune 500 Companies list. In this same year, became the first Chinese Internet company to be on the Fortune 500 Companies list. Entrepreneur Richard Liu has received numerous awards, as well. In 2011, he was awarded “2011 China Economic Person of the Year,” “2011 Chinese Business Leader” and Fortune China’s “2012 Chinese Businessman.” Liu has also been on Fortune’s list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders.”

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