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Jim Tananbaum Takes the Lead in Investing in Start-up – Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health is a start-up that is working towards building a technology platform for the diagnosis and the treatment of mental disorders. The company recently had fantastic news that they happily shared with the media and the world. They declared that the firm had got $14 million in Series-A Funding from some of the top investment companies. The enterprises that have seen potential in this start-up are Foresite Capital, Bergguen Holdings, ARCH Ventures Partners, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and others. The funding will allow the company to take their clinical research to a much broader scale.

Mindstrong Health was set up four years back in Palo Alto, California. Through studying human-computer interactions attentions and applying it to the machine intelligence, the company has managed to answer some of the most fundamental questions of human behavior that has so far been unidentified. While so much research is being performed for the development of treatment for chronic diseases, little is being done for the mental disorders. Mindstrong Health aims to change that and provide people with mental illness improved care.

Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite, had invested in many healthcare companies over the years, both private and public companies. While some made medical devices, others were researching genomics and biotech. It is the first time that he has seen potential in the mental health care field. Having more than 20 years of experience in this industry, he understands the importance of quantifying the results of mental disorders research to help in providing better treatment. Jim Tananbaum has current stakes in 20 other healthcare companies that are generating good income through their research and clinical tests.

Jim Tananbaum obtained his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, see his Linked In page. After passing from Harvard, he set up his own company with the name of GelTex Pharmaceuticals that he sold to Genzyme after a few years. He then founded Theravance Inc and also been the co-founder in some other companies like Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He was named one of the top 100 venture investors in the Forbes Midas list for three consecutive years starting from 2015.For more info, visit

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How Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Became A Leader In The Brazilian Media Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a leader in the Brazilian business community. Better known by his nickname as Duda Melzer, he is the head of the Brazilian media giant RBS Group. RBS Group has radio stations, newspapers, and television stations across Brazil and was founded by Duda’s grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. Duda Melzer proudly followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and family by heading this company and becoming its Chairman of the Board and President in January 2016. He first joined the company in 2004 as the Director General for the National Market.

In an article on Estadao, before joining RBS Group, Duda Melzer was a successful businessman in both Brazil and the United States. His professional career started in his native Brazil, working in the financial industry. Among the companies he worked for in Brazil was Booz Allen & Hamilton. Eventually, he moved to the city of New York and joined Delphi Corporation as a Senior Analyst. He also was named as the Chief Executive Officer of Box Top Media, LLC, an advertising company that specializes in promoting dairy products throughout the United States. While in the United States he also attended Harvard Business School, studying both Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations and another business specialty called Effective Strategies for Media Companies. These courses prepared him well for his future as a leader at RBS Group.

Duda Melzer has won a number of awards during his career. He won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 in the Family Business category that was given to him by Ernst & Young. He was also awarded in 2015 with the Merit in Management Award in the category of the private sector. His leadership of RBS Group has led to a strong increase in revenue and profits at the company as well as improved services.

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