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James Dondero: Visionary Leader and a Great Philanthropist

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management, L.P, which is based in Dallas Texas. James has been with the company since 1993 and his experience in the field spins for over 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S) commerce, Accounting and finance option from University of Virginia.


James Dondero is an insightful and prolific leader backed with a rich and vast experience. This has seen him steer Highland capital management to greater heights. He is a great and renowned philanthropist who has donated millions to charity to his Dallas community. He is greatly committed to improving education in Dallas –Fort Worth area .He continues to improve the lives of people living in Dallas.


Highlands Capital Management is a registered investment adviser and was founded in the year 1993 by John Dondero and Mark Okada and it is now one of the most successful global alternative credit managers. The firm has a variety of clients that include financial institutions, foundations, governments, high net-worth individuals and many others .Last year the firm announced that it was going to assist victims of family violence by awarding a $1 million challenge grant through The Family Place, a leading organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence. The money was contribute towards the legacy campaign. The grant was disbursed via the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management known as Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. The family place has since been able to raise an additional amount summing up to $200,000 towards its mission, the Legacy Campaign. With $2.8 million target, Highland’s challenge grant strives to ensure that Family Pace triumphs.


James Dondero said that grants answers to alarm raised by the mayor of Dallas and police chief of Dallas to help avert issues that a menace to the residents of Dallas. James Dondero has praised the Family Place for being a philanthropic and the most generous group in the community, group that has the people’s best interests at heart. The Family Place CEO has welcomed everyone who has the call to help through life changing services to join in the bandwagon.

Mike Baur, the Startup Accelerator

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). He was a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort. He founded SSUF with an aim of supporting young entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the digital technology industry. He has about 20 years of experience in Swiss banking industry. He is currently accorded with duties of fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Startup factory.

Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich. It was founded in 2014 as a platform that would offer entrepreneurial support to digital entrepreneurs. It runs a three-month startup accelerator program. The program acts as an avenue through which young entrepreneurs can access services such as, coaching, mentoring, office space, and entrepreneurial connections that help them achieve their goals.

Collaboration between Fusion and Swiss Startup Factory

Fusion and Swiss Start-up factory formed a cooperation based on a mutual goal of establishing an outstanding relationship with the French and the Swiss German parts of Switzerland. Both accelerators work together in defining their goals and setting up their strategies. They help startups transform ideas into prototypes so that they can smoothly kick off production and step into the market.

Through the Swiss-Fusion association, the companies’ professionals join forces to help entrepreneurs through various startup processes. The services offered under the association include start-up acceleration, cooperation with higher learning institutions, mentor network exchange, joint events, and shared office space for startups.

CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory

Starting January 2016, CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory began a close cooperation to offer supplementary support to Swiss Startup training. To strengthen the relationship between the two organizations, Jean-Pierre joined the Swiss Start-up Factory as a Managing Partner. Similarly, Mike Baur was appointed deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest.

CTI Invest is a leading financing venture for Swiss Factory startups. Through the cooperation, the leading financing platform for innovative start-ups in Switzerland will collaborate with the Swiss Startup Factory. The two organizations will organize events and offer training for start-ups. The two firms launched a website and posted podcasts and videos of beneficiaries of the Swiss start-up program.

Swiss Start-Up training

Swiss Startup Factory will Support CTI Invest in organizing events and training startups through the Swiss Start-Up training program. The organizations work together in various fields. CTI Invest, on the other hand, will provide support for any selection, coaching of, or Demo Day for investors participating in the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program.

George Soros Gives his Views on the Future of China’s Economy

George Soros, who is a billionaire investor, pointed out that the economy of China, which is fueled by debt on, is similar to that of the US during 2007/08 financial crisis, prior to the halt of the credit markets that spurred global recession.

During an event on Asia Society that was held in New York, George Soros said that Chinese credit-growth figures for March were to be warning signs. The second-largest economy in the world exceeded its median forecast by 1 trillion yuan in March. This signaled that the government is giving growth priority over reining in debt.

Soros said that whatever is happening in China is a resemblance of what had happened during the US financial crisis of 2007/08 that was in a similar manner fueled by growth in credit on Most of the money supplied by banks is necessary to shun bad debts and keep loss-making enterprises alive.

George Soros was able to build a fortune of $24 billion through understanding wagers on markets. In January, during a World Economic Forum, he said that he has been betting against the Asian currencies since a ‘nose dive’ in china is in real sense unavoidable. The Chinese government did not meet his remarks positively, and they rebutted his assertion claiming that he has been making similar predictions in the past.

Soros said that the banking system in China is full of loans than deposits and not only does trouble lie on the assets side on, but there are also increasing troubles on liabilities side. Since other banks will have to lend one another, that is an extra source of instability and uncertainty. This problem has been postponed and it is possible to postpone it for another year, but it is growing and at an exponential rate.

The Chinese economy gained pace in March as surge in new credits helped property sector rebound. The housing values in high-cost cities have ascended, with prices of new homes in Shenzhen rising by 62% within a year. According to Soros, while the real estate industry in China may be in a bubble, it still has the potential to thrive for some time, just like in US in 2005 and 2006.
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George Soros

George Soros, born in 1930 in Budapest, started Soros Fund Management LLC, which he currently chairs. Being one of the most successful financiers in history on, his views on economic issues and investing are widely followed.

Following his success in investing, Soros established the Open Society. The society is made of a network of foundations, projects and partners in over 100 countries. His staunch commitment to the ideas of open society; where government is accountable, rights are respected and everyone has access to the truth, is what makes Open Society Foundations to stand out unique from other private philanthropic efforts.

Dick DeVos: Life & Business

Dick DeVos is currently getting into the liquor business. His Grand Rapids-based holding company, Windquest Group, has begun the process of purchasing Coppercraft Distillery. While Windquest hasn’t confirmed its ownership of the entity, it is the primary party to accept mail and documents on behalf of the entity. On January 20, the LLC approved the license transfer which will kick start the first steps of the process. This will involve a site visit and approval of sale, however, a transfer of a liquor license can take up to six months to be approved. The current owner of Coppercraft Distillery, Walter Catton III, said he was not able to talk about any deal between him and DeVos at this point, but he has been looking to expand his distillery and tasting room with the help of an investor. This distillery provides liquor to more than 100 locations throughout Michigan which vary from individual clients to restaurants. Once approved, Windquest will add the Coppercraft Distillery to their growing list of businesses which include Reserve Wine and Foods, The Stow Company, Boxed Water and Neurocore, and many other investment firms.

According to Wikipedia, Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been involved in the community as well as the family business since he was a child. He is a graduate of the Forest Hills public school system and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. He also attended, but his not graduate from, Harvard Business School. He is married to Betsy DeVos, the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party, which DeVos is quite involved in too according to MLive.
DeVos’ business prospects began in 1974, where he worked with Amway Corporation. He eventually became one of Amway’s vice presidents which gave him responsibility for the company throughout its operations in 18 countries. The DeVos family got ownership of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick became the CEO and President of the team. In 1993, DeVos left the Orlando Magic behind and became Amway’s president. During his time as Amway’s president, he expanded the company to more than 50 countries. Read more about Dick’s involvement in Amway Corporation here:
DeVos is now actively involved with the Windquest Group as a holding company and he and his wife have a family foundation that serves as a promoter for organizations that position local and global communities for viability and growth.

10 new buildings planned for New York

New York City is home to some of the country’s most famous and iconic buildings. The landscape of the Big Apple is constantly changing and the pace doesn’t show any signs of waning. In fact, ten brand new projects were approved this month, all of which exceed 100,000 square feet of new development.

One Vanderbilt Office Tower (Manhattan)

The One Vanderbilt Office Tower will be an enormous 67-story, 1.3 million square foot building. It will be built in Manhattan on One Vanderbilt Avenue (near Grand Central Station in Midtown).

Twin rental buildings (Bronx)

Two new 25-story rental buildings will be coming to the Bronx. Both buildings will predominately be comprised of apartments, but a portion will be dedicated for retail and a community facility on NYC real estate.

Rental properties at Greenpoint waterfront (Brooklyn)

An affordable rental building will be replacing the existing warehouse at 27 West Street. The 19-story structure will provide 234 residential units. A 120-car garage is also being constructed.

Synagogue and residental building (Brooklyn)

An 11-Story residential building will be constructed at 1721 East 8th Street. It will feature a 27,000-square-foot ground-floor synagogue and commercial space on the lower floors.

Affordable rental building (Bronx)

At 4439 Third Avenue, a new 12-story affordable rental building will be erected. In addition to 133 residential units, a community facility and commercial space will be available.

New academic building at Marymount School (Manhattan)

The newest addition to the Marymount School, a Catholic all-girls school, will be a 13-story academic building. It will be constructed at 115 East 97th Street and will include a gym, dance studio, chapel, offices, and classrooms.

Senior living facility (Staten Island)

Brielle, an assisted living residence, will be building 161 new residential units as well as a 10,000-square-foot recreational facility.

Rental building at Park Slope (Brooklyn)

Lastly, a 12-story building will be erected at 541 Fourth Avenue, providing 125 units as well as retail spaces. The structure will also feature a parking garage, storage, and a pet spa.

TOWN Residential

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Makeup Evolution

The cosmetic industry is an ever changing business that is constantly feeding innovative makeup products to the masses a means to enhance natural beauty. The interesting thing about makeup products is that it seems as though consumers aren’t willing to purchase any items that are subpar: everyone wants the best of the best. This could, in part, be because many notorious figures in the limelight are constantly showcasing how effective or ineffective up and coming makeup brands are or what they have to offer.

One of the most notorious makeup companies, MAC, revolutionized the cosmetic industry by providing cohesive, high quality products that were marketed in illustration and print toward all races, colors, and genders. Finally, consumers could acquire makeup products that were guaranteed to visibly appear over their skin complexion. Additionally, MAC made a focus on various makeup textures, creating products that varied from matte to moist, glossy to sheen, and so on. Interestingly, there was once a time where you would frequently hear the question, “Where did you get your lipstick,” and you would inevitably hear, “MAC.” However, that isn’t much of a commonality now that other cosmetic companies have come up with their own genius products and strategies. NARS, Chanel, bareMinerals, and many other cosmetic brands are highly prized, worn, and recommended among consumers now.

In today’s 20th century, many makeup lovers have taken efforts into their own hands to invent or mimic their favorite makeup products. Some of these people are celebrities, aestheticians, cosmetologists, or just your plain average makeup appreciator. One successful cosmetic brand known as “Lime Crime” was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. What makes Lime Crime products on so special are her neon and richly pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. Deer, like many makeup appreciators took initiative to create her own makeup brand as a means to provide something different to the cosmetic industry and all that it took was passion. The comparison of how the cosmetic industry operated from then to now is so drastic that you just never know what whimsical modifications will take place in the future, but you can be guaranteed that they will be unprecedented.

Frans Schoeman On Environmental law to govern the Safeguarding of Natural Resources

Environmental law is a set of statutes, laws and legal treaties with the sole purpose of controlling the impact of human activities. The pursuit of development and the population growth has seen man aggressively harvest the naturally endowed resources to help solve the supply-demand problem. These activities have failed to realize the harm caused on the environment. Nature has been forced to act back which has lead to natural calamities like earthquakes resulting from over extraction of minerals. Other related problems from human impacts on the environment have been global warming from the emission of greenhouse gases and air as well as water quality reduction from dumping of contaminants in water sources. However there have been conscious individuals concerned who have been able to sit down, come up with institutions and law firms to help enact the environmental law that was established some time back globally. Environmental lawyers have practiced in law firms to help make policies that govern the use of resources sustainably.

Frans Schoeman, a South African well-practiced lawyer and attorney on environmental and corporate law, has been at the forefront fighting for the environment. He is affiliated to Phatsima Diamond based in Bellville, South Africa, which is a law firm majoring in presiding over mining activities in the South African countries being a significant economic activity in the region. In addition to mining activities, Schoeman on through Phatsima Diamond has worked with several leading environmentally-based organizations to help solve issues involving environmental pollution. He has also been sure to provide legal environmental advice to firms, individuals, and government agencies to check their impacts on the environment when enacting economic policies. Together with his team members at Phatsima he has been able to influence the South African companies to adopt environmentally safe ways leading to sustainable development. His command of language and law has seen him win several court cases for his clients making him a law figure in the country.

Environmental law has been broken down into several parts to encompass all avenues making the environment susceptible to poisoning by man. Some of these parts include the adoption of the environmental impact assessment test whose work has been to regulate companies both old and starting up ones to use environmentally clean strategies towards development. It is a test carried out to determine the amount of pollutants emitted by the industries and the gravity of their impact on the environment. The air and water quality survey has also been a productive part of the environmental law. Most industrial wastes have been dumped in water bodies creating gross effects in aquatic life. Environmental law in place has been able to make industries and firms clean their refuse before letting them into the water bodies. Exhaust fumes and industrial greenhouse gases have been controlled by the environmental law through providing industries with limited emission rights to reduce the amount of fumes released in the air. Vehicles, both private and public have been forced to adopt environmentally friendly sources of energy to reduce pollution through exhaust fumes.

Environmental law is, therefore, a fundamental part of development which should be embraced wholeheartedly to prolong our stay on earth and preserve resources for coming generations. Perpetrators of the environmental law are therefore needed to remain agile and vibrant to see to it that the rule of the law is followed to the letter to realize the goal of the environmental law.

Susan McGalla- American Businesswoman and Executive Consultant

Susan McGalla has held prestigious titles like the president of American Eagle Outfitters and chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She currently heads the boards of HFF Inc., Magee- Women’s Hospital. The years 1986 to 1994 saw Susan McGalla on crunchbase began her career holding various marketing and managerial positions. Her breakthrough came at American Eagle where she started as a divisional merchandise buyer to chief merchandising officer. Susan McGalla left American Eagle Inc. in January 2009 becoming a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. October 2009 saw her appointment to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. July 2012 saw her exit the company and formed P3 Executive Consulting and became the director for Strategic Planning and Growth; Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her accolades as a businesswoman began from Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Her leadership, skills are harnessed as she serves on the Board of Advisers at the University. Her continued improvement in her skills became the primary reason she managed to hold on to an impressive number of positions for well-known organizations enjoying a great deal of success and opportunity through handwork and experience. The success behind Susan McGalla as a businesswoman, marked by hard work and dedication produces high-end results. The nature of her personality, depicted by tireless work ethic and innate confidence led to her attracting good job offers. Susan McGalla, credited with researching, developing and executing a complete brand strategy saving the dying Wet Seal losses through a 3-5 year annual budget plan. She carefully identified her target market and her leadership saw the improvement in quality of Wet Seal products.

Susan McGalla encourages aspiring businessmen and women through her engaging talks in different universities across America. She frequently shares her childhood story in her speaking engagements. Growing up in a family with two older brothers and a football coach father, Susan McGalla points that as the origin of her confidence. She learned how to relate to people of all gender hence improving her interpersonal skills. Her family played a great deal in helping her present herself and ideas in a confident manner. Talking about sports with her brothers enabled her play the role of conversation starter with people regardless of gender. Raised in a competitive household, she learned how to compete in the male-dominated world. Her parents played a huge role in building her confidence through constant encouragement. She calls parents to regularly encourage their children.

Susan McGalla hopes to inspire other women to become an astute business individuals. She hopes that her success will inspire others to follow in her footsteps. She states that her industriousness is meant to be a symbol of hope for the younger generation.

Bruce Levenson Sells Hawks, Antony Ressler the Buyer

Bruce Levenson came into ownership of the Atlanta Hawks back in 2002. When he purchased the team the Hawks were coming off of a 25 win season with home crowd attendance ranked 27th in the NBA out of 29 teams. TO put it mildly, Bruce had his work cut out for him. That’s why fans have been patient as he has steadily grown the franchise in a positive direction. Through timely draft picks, solid free agent acquisitions, and excellent coaching hires we have seen the Hawks turn into a legitimate contender out in the Eastern Conference. Sadly it appears that his work in Atlanta is done, as Levenson pioneered selling the Hawks to a group led by Antony Ressler for a stunning $850 million. Let’s take a look back at the most important off season of Levenson’s career.

Before we dive into what the Atlanta Hawks will do under Antony Ressler, let’s see exactly what they’ve done recently under Bruce Levenson. In the 2013 – 14 season we saw the Atlanta Hawks set a franchise record for wins (60) while landing the 2nd overall seed in the NBA. The Hawks went on to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in nearly half a century, beating a pair of good teams along the way. While this success surprised many people, it couldn’t have been done without Levenson’s careful work in the free agent market in the off season prior.

To start things off, Levenson put Mike Budenholzer in charge of coaching which was probably the smartest thing he coudl have done. Then, Levenson got the money out there in order for Atlanta to sign Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, Demarre Carroll and Dennis Schroder. These five guys would become the core of what Atlanta was able to do, with Al Horford already installed at the center of the rotation. This willingness to spend money on the right players proved to be the facilitating factor in a deep and successful playoff run.

What Atlanta did last year was special but we saw it trending in that direction for awhile. The Atlanta fanbase has always been slow to rile up when the team is playing well but last year we saw Atlanta rank in the top half of team attendance for the first time in years. This surge in popularity from a nice market coupled with the team’s recent success should prove that Antony Ressler made a nice decision when he decided to spend the $850 million on the team.

With Ressler in charge we are anxious to see how the team operates moving forward. Ressler has never been shy about spending money and we’ll see if that remains true when it comes to winning basketball games. Right now Atlanta is in a place of uncertainty, but a strong start to a new season could remedy those concerns.