Category Archives: Business Leader Annual Anniversary Sale Exceeds Sales Expectations posted an article on its corporate blog page about its recent annual anniversary sale on June 18th. The sale was said to make over $29 billion. Jingdong is China’s largest retailer. The article mentions that has brought a large variety of new products to the marketplace that they are focusing on promoting. The retail giant wants to make sure that these new products are easy for Chinese consumers to find and allow those consumers to see the new brands that are brought to the marketplace on

The article discusses that Jingdong has been focusing on ways to help market manufacturers connect with Chinese consumers. They call this way of marketing Consumer-to-Manufacturer or (C2M). This strategic way of marketing can help brands find insights about what consumers are looking for in the marketplace. Consumer-to-Manufacturer marketing has helped to increase sales transactions by 289%. One of the brands that reaped the benefits of C2M marketing was the popular computer brand HP. The company’s Zhan 66 laptop had a 100% increase in sales. has been partnering with many top brands and many of them launched during this anniversary event. Prada Group, Miu Miu and Car Shoe are just a few of the brands that have recently launched stores on

The article goes on to mention that the company Farfetch also recently partnered with, which allowed all of JD’s consumers access to Farfetch’s huge network of brands. JD Plus, Jingdong’s premium membership program, allows consumers the opportunity to have exclusive privileges at luxury hotels throughout the world. During this year’s annual anniversary sale, there was over 2.8 million JD Plus memberships that were purchased. The anniversary sale had over 32 million inquiries, but that didn’t stop JD’s customer service robot from answering 90% of them. The anniversary sale exceeded marketing and sales expectations, while still improving consumer experience in the marketplace.

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The Power of Global Presence with OSI Industries

Over the last century, the world has seen an unprecedented amount of change. The global powers have shifted around and reached a near deadlock scenario. Similarly, numerous famous individuals and companies have come and gone. However, the raise of a globalized world where information is shared and spread in a matter of hours has completely changed the game. OSI Industries is a classic example of a company operating on a 21st century scale. They have operations in several continents with an ever growing network of distribution lines. A recent Chronicle of the Week article describes a company that evolved over the last century.

OSI Industries presently has facilities in over 17 countries with 65 total locations. They employ well over 20,000 employees, and shine as a beacon of support in the 21st century. However, flipping back the calendar an entire century reveals a simple shop in Chicago. The year was 1909 and Otto Kolschowsky was simply taking advantage of the positive economic conditions. He watched his tiny shop gain local traction and expand. The daily operations were handed down to his children. The business was re-branded to Otto & Sons and the steady stream of success continued for years to come. It was not until the 1950s roared in that the economy began to shift in a major way.

There were countless new players on the scene, in addition to a strong raise in new technology to utilize. Ray Kroc was one of the great inventors of this era, and he saw great potential with Otto & Sons. The two parties forged a partnership that completely reshaped the landscape of fast food in the United States. It was these conditions that allowed OSI Industries to form its own identity. The turn of the century was marked by an increasingly global economy, and the various companies trying to control a piece. The last two decades have continued steady growth economical growth around the world. OSI Industries has increased their international and domestic presence in areas to stay competitive. An individual never knows when a new challenger might arrive on the scene.

James Dondero: The Unsuspecting Philanthropist

When it comes to networking, James Dondero can be considered a professional. The Dallas based entrepreneur has made a lifelong career of cultivating both professional and personal relationships wherever he lands. Dondero is the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a firm specializing in structured investment, mutual and hedge funds. Dondero worked for several financial institutions after graduating with highest honors from the University of Virginia’s McIntyre School of Commerce in 1984. He began his current business in 1993 in Los Angeles, California but moved his company to Dallas, Texas in 1994. With his new location came a promise to give back to his new community as much as possible. Dondero has kept that promise making it his mission to use his powerful influence in business to reach those in need through philanthropic work. Visit to know more about him.

Dondero has made multi-million dollar contributions to local organizations including The Dallas Zoo, The Family Place, the Bush Library and museum and the Perot museum of Natural Science. He also has a major vested interest in children and education. James Dondero has made donations of several million dollars between Southern Methodist University, Education is Freedom and Capital for kids among others. His philanthropic work does not consist solely of forking over hefty checks either. Dondero has organized several events in which the community has raised millions of dollars for various organizations.


Former CEO and president of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation Linda Owen has teamed up with James Dondero to assist him in the great demand for his help. Owen keeps Dondero informed of various nonprofit agencies in Dallas that are in need of assistance. Their current goal is to rehabilitate the Northern section of Texas.

James Dondero has selflessly dedicated his life’s work to helping those of the greater Dallas area, a place which he has laid down both his personal and professional roots. He continues to seek opportunities to network and connect with others in meaningful ways through encouraging common attitudes interests and goals for the betterment of the community. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Vijay Eswaran and Processes and Procedures

Vijay Eswaran may wake up one morning and have a thought in his head similar to this one.

But what is Abbvie?

This would make him do some compelling research overall.

Vijay Eswaran knows that there is value to be gained by looking at different companies and learning from their processes and procedures.

Abbvie is a research-oriented pharmaceutical company that utilizes further science, expertise, and intensity to increase the quality of life for those who use its drugs. A big issue has been the Humira decline. Humira may treat a variety of issues in arthritis and other illnesses.

Humira will not be competitive in the European continent but will be in the United States until 2023. The drug has increased in use in the United States. The next two big drugs are Imbruvica and Mavyret which have had $3.6 billion and $3.4 billion in sales over the course of 2018.

Abbvie does not depend on just one drug for its revenues, it depends on a variety of them. This means that the company has a large diversification. This means that the company should be able to stay steady over the long term.

We’re looking to capitalize in on long-term sources of growing revenue.

Abbvie has upadacitinib in the pipeline. This drug should certainly bring in strong revenues. The entity is waiting for an FDA approval and is in the Phase 3 study aspects of the company. It also has the tools, the talent, and the processes to get to where it needs to be in regard to generating more revenues. Furthermore, it has strong gross margins in excess of 50%, strong EBITDA over 40%, and pretty strong ROIC over 20%. ABBV even exceeds its peers on cash flow growth where it has more than 30% growth, 20% more than the industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie and Executive Leadership

Bhanu Choudhrie is well aware that good leadership is important in life. If one doesn’t have the right leadership in a company things can quite unwell. Bhanu Choudhrie has quite a bit of experience of his leadership skills as he manages different companies. Bhanu Choudhrie can also see that Microsoft has seen ups and downs. Not to point fingers, but seemingly all issues seemed to take place under the leadership of Ballmer, who is thus viewed as a problematic figure for Microsoft who increased the firm’s profits but failed to cash in on the latest trends that could have benefited it in the long run.

As a result, many believe that Ballmer’s leadership hurt Microsoft more than it had benefited it in terms of its bottomline, leaving new leadership to repair the damage that his shortsighted approach caused for the company. Those who have studied Microsoft’s decline from its leadership status trace it back to a few decisions that Gates made, and more than a few that Ballmer took. These decisions are blamed for leaving the company to struggle in gaining traction within sectors that are already being ruled by some of its biggest competitors. And seeing that automatically explains just why Apple seems to be top leading company in the charge of the terms of market cap, as well as revenue.

While the difference in market cap between Apple and Microsoft now seems to be of a few billion dollars, it’s the overall revenue that paints a more realistic picture of how difficult is Apple making it for Microsoft to continue operating in its target markets – most of which it shares with Apple much to its chagrin. At the time of writing, Apple is leagues ahead of Microsoft with revenue of $261.7 billion. Whereas, Microsoft lags behind with just over $118.2 billion. It is a big difference, which is also seen in terms of profits. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, he would see that Apple boasts profits of $59.4 billion; while Microsoft scores a $33.5 billion in that aspect. The different is light and day at this point, which creates a worrisome line of thought for Microsoft. Click here.


Steve Ritchie Appoints a New Brand Ambassador of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is the president and the chief executive officer of Papa John’s. Papa John’s is one of the biggest pizza companies worldwide. It has over 120,000 staff members in fifty states and forty-five countries. Steve has worked with this company for more than twenty years, serving in different roles as his leadership skills and experience grew. He became the franchise owner in 2006, a position that gives him insights on those who operate as well as own Papa John’s restaurants. As the CEO, Mr. Steve leads facilities brand awareness and product development for more than five thousand global stores by driving the organization’s strategic planning.

Steve Ritchie strongly believes that the company’s best ingredients are its people and he is dedicated to ensuring that the people are proud to work for, order from and partner with Papa John’s. Being the president, Steve Ritchie has a new vision; to change the culture of this pizza company and recently he introduced Shaquille O’Neal, who is an NBA superstar as the brand ambassador for the company.

After discovering that they have common interests, Steve Ritchie and O’Neal got into a working partnership. Steve said that Shaquille has a unique ability for making lasting connections between individuals and bringing positive energy to different groups. The superstar said that he has been enjoying Papa John’s products for long and he looked forward to being a part of the ongoing development of the company. He wants to help the brand to get back on track. He has restaurant experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the know-how to bring diversity.

In addition to building papa john’s culture, these two will bring more diversity to the organization. Steve Ritchie currently lives in Kentucky with his family- two daughters and his wife, Hikes Point to be more precise. He hopes to take Papa Johns to greater heights by promoting its strengths.

Sharon Prince Gave SANAA Freedom To Design The River Building

While the vision that Sharon Prince had for Grace Farms was one of purpose, it was also a vision that included enjoying the pleasure that nature had to offer its community in New Canaan. While you may not expect it, the town of New Canaan is actually a small hub of modernism among its traditional aesthetics. The River Building that Sharon Prince had commissioned from a firm based in Japan seems to seamlessly combine nature and modernism with large windows and tall beams made from Douglas fir. The aesthetic created by the combination of glass, metal, and wood almost makes the building feel like a moving river.

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of the non-profit Grace Farms Foundation. The location only recently became open to the public around 3 years ago and it was created to save a bit of the countryside from being developed into a gaudy housing tract. Sharon Prince had a vision for the location that made it a place that people could discuss important topics such as social justice, the arts, faith, and conserving the environment. It is a place that people can go to with their organization and a place that people can enjoy on their own as well.

When Sharon Prince and the rest of the leadership at Grace Farms were choosing a firm to design the buildings and amenities of the location, they had considered more than 20 architects before eventually narrowing it down to just 4 options. Out of these, SANAA, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, was chosen after showing their design for what became the River Building. Sharon Prince stated that the firm from Japan was given a great deal of freedom with the design of the building and the rest of the property from beginning till the end.

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Igor Cornelsen Looks Towards The Future Of Finance

While Brazil may be experiencing their fair share of economic problems, Igor Cornelsen believes that things are starting to take a much-needed turn for the better in his home country. In fact, he believes so strongly in what the economy of the country has to offer that he is suggesting that people looking to get into investing look no further than Brazil where he sees there being countless opportunities to make a profit while helping to build the local communities. Brazil has an economy that is constantly fluctuating and the potential that it has for growth is enormous says Igor Cornelsen.

When Igor Cornelsen is making financial decisions concerning his investments, he makes sure that he stays on top of the latest world news. In many cases, paying attention to what is going on in the world can help him predict big events that will impact the economies of different countries around the world. This method has helped save him from losing money in investments as he was able to liquidate them out of troubles countries before the damage was able to hit his portfolio. His methods have been proven successful since the 1970s and he has become a well-respected leader in the financial industry.

The career that Igor Cornelsen has in finance may be a lot different than his original plan to be an engineer, but he is able to apply his strong mathematics skills in both. Both fields require a great deal of pattern matching and recognition in order to determine different potential outcomes. The skills that Igor Cornelsen has been applying to finances have been respected greatly over the years as he was able to perform complex equations without the use of the modern computers that we have today. While he may recognize trends, Igor Cornelsen is seasoned enough to look towards the future.

Sharon Prince’s Perspective on Importance of Hopeful Spaces

Carrie Mae Weems, an influential American artist, knows how she occupies space. Performing Past Tense at Grace Farms recently, she adeptly creates space for us to consider injustices, race, inequality, and violence. Using her incredibly powerful voice, together with other incredible groups of artists, Carrie seeks us to reflect on society’s unrelenting violence and injustices.

Using spoken word, images, and texts, Carrie relays a narrative that walks us through our violent past to the precipice of our possible destruction. It seems almost daunting and impossible for humans to end violence. As past tense ends, Carrie leaves room for hope, that the impossible could become possible. Through her narrative, Carrie employs the visitors at the center to always do the right thing at all times in their lives.

Sharon Prince, the president of Grace Farms, emphasizes the words of Carrie by explaining the importance of hopeful space. “In looking at the previous year’s milestone, I know hopeful spaces are powerful, and I understand how they can create good in the world,” she said. Sharon is, however, quick to point out that hopeful spaces alone will not fuel change, but the people who are vigorous and ready to work on it. Grace Farms is bringing visionaries together to lead the foundation’s five initiatives; arts, nature, community, justice, and faith.

More about Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince, the president and chair of Grace Farms Foundation, is recognized for her continuous efforts to fight against women and child abuse through the foundation. Established in 2009, the foundation enhances lives through engaging with arts, nature, community justice, and faith. Ms. Prince is also a board member of Next Generation Nepal, a charity organization that unites children that have suffered from child exploitation with their families. In 2017, she earned both Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment and NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Awards.

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David McDonald Taking OSI Group to Newer Heights

David McDonald has been serving the OSI Group in different positions for a long time and currently is the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He is a graduate in animal science from the Iowa State University and worked various jobs in the food processing and agriculture industry before getting involved with the company. He also serves as one of the board of directors at the company. In a recent interview, he was able to elaborate on what has helped the company to expand to China so massively and successfully. He said that even though there are challenges that surface at times, it becomes easier for the company to resolve it by having a local and flexible approach.

David McDonald says that one of the reasons why the OSI Group has been so successful in China is because even though it is primarily a US company, it was able to operate and perform as a local company with the help of the local partners. The understanding of what the Chinese consumers needs and what is needed to boost the company’s performance as per the local work and business culture are very important. The company currently has 65 facilities operating in 17 countries with over 20,000 employees on the payroll. The huge success that the company has achieved is primarily due to its focus on innovation, quality, and diversity.

It collaborates with premium local partners internationally and adapts with the changing markets and times to understand what the clients and the consumers are looking for. David McDonald also said in the interview that the logistics and the supply chain management of the OSI Group are amongst the best in the world, which helps the clients to trust the company to deliver, consistently without fail. He also feels that the government also has a role to play as they are the ones who make policies that help international companies like his to expand in China and cater to their citizens. His company has been able to form a partnership with the government agencies and following their rules to ensure that their growth is not hindered.