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Lime Crime Releases Rebelliously Bold Fall Colors for Your Unicorn Needs

With the summer trend of pastel Unicorn Hair, brunettes seemed to be left out of the loop. This fall Lime Crime has remedied brunette woes by releasing dark and bold colors in their Unicorn Hair Collection. A cult favorite on social media, LimeCrime has taken the internet by storm releasing trend setting products just like these new colors.

If you’re looking for a maroon brown color to match the changing leaves, pick the new color Chestnut. Like the trending shades of grey hair on Pinterest, Charcoal resembles a smoky grey. Similar to a light ink purple, the new color Squid reminds us of a ripe plum. Finally, Sea Witch is a fantastically rich teal like the reflection seen off of seashells.

Match these bold colors with Lime Crime’s Venus eye shadow palettes and their Matte Velvetines lipstick for a sultry look. Paired with the jewel tones of the Lime new hair dyes, you will be looking vibrant and adventurous.

For those not into commitment, these dyes are semi-permanent. After a few weeks, they will eventually fade depending on how well you care for your hair. Because of their dark nature, however, these dyes are low maintenance, and with proper care, these colors can last more than 5 weeks. And don’t worry about coverage! These full coverage dyes are engineered to specifically give vibrant hues that are strong enough to last but won’t damage your hair.

As added bonus these products are cruelty free and vegan friendly! Not only does Lime Crime avoid all animal products it also makes sure our furry friends stay away from any of its research facilities.