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Balms with Frangrance, EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS Lip Balm products help to hydrate your lips and work towards making them smooth. Though many favor them for their results, I also enjoy how they are packaged and are natural products. Their vanilla bean balm and honey apple bomb come with the bonus of having an amazing fragrance.

The vanilla bean lip balm comes in a simple, but cute container, that is a nude based color. To me the packaging is perfect because it fits the vanilla bean theme! Their honey apple balm comes in one of their sphere containers, were it is covered in a swirl of a light, and dark pink. This packaging is colorful, eye grasping, and adorable! Upon opening both, you get to the magic balm that creates those smooth lips and a burst of fragrance when opening them.


Dermatologist tested

• Hypoallergenic


• Contain Sustainable Ingredients

• Paraben and Petrolatum free

• Gluten Free

I personally did not experience any cons with these two products, but others have not enjoyed the balms texture. If you don’t enjoy strong fragrances, these two may not be for you, and you might want to try a different balm. You can find these two lip balms, as well as many others on the EOS website, in select stores, and Amazon.

Chemically Processed Hair, WEN By Chaz

Chemically processed hair is hair that has been bleached or relaxed by the use of chemicals to make it smoother, silkier and less strenuous to maintain. Bleached hair is especially becoming a trend among many women as it is a form of fashion and adds to the beauty of a female. However, when you have bleached hair, you should choose the right hair products that will allow it to grow and moisturize it as well. This is because when one bleaches their hair, it tends to become drier and look unhealthy and frizzy. This is normal considering the chemicals used in the hair are harmful to it especially if they are used multiple times.


If you have bleached hair, you should consider using WEN by Chaz hair products. The WEN by Chaz shampoo especially has natural elements that prevent the hair from thinning out and drying which is a common side effect of bleached hair. Also, this shampoo does not remove the bleach from your hair as other shampoos do with each wash. The WEN by Chaz shampoo allows you to maintain your new hair color making it pop out more and look healthier.
Also with the WEN by Chaz hair products, you can never go wrong on their deep conditioner set. Their deep conditioners are formulated in a manner that will replenish and repair any damaged hair from the bleach. It also moisturizes your hair and opens up the pores of the scalp allowing it to breathe and grow. Other WEN by Chaz hair products that are right for your bleached hair includes hair masks and oils that promote healthy hair. Order the product and use the Wen Hair Care Coupon Codes to get discounts.
As a woman, exploring your hair is not wrong but not taking care of it is wrong and can cost you a lot in the future. If you have bleached hair, consider the above hair products to maintain it. For more information, visit Follow Wen on Instagram.

Company Profile:

Doe Deere: Destination Fame

The going was not always easy for Doe Deere. The Russian born entrepreneur was one young girl that was truly obsessed with achieving fame in her own way. Her obsession with all things American was clearly apparent during a young age. Deere relates that she devoured any type of media concerning the United States. At age 17, Deere and her family decided to move to New York City. This delighted Deere because she realized that anything was possible to achieve in America. Even fame and fortune. However, things took a bad turn in America because her mother’s savings hit rock bottom.

The Lean Years

Xenia Vorotova or Doe Deere never lost faith in her dream of fame and fortune even when her family had to move to a shelter in New York City. Her mother took menial jobs cleaning apartments, while Deere and her sister took other menial jobs to make ends meet. Things started looking up, when Deere’s family met Dorchen Leidholdt, who was a lawyer and a feminist that helped female immigrants in America. This feminist lawyer was instrumental in turning her family’s life around. She helped Deere’s mother find a job as an accountant. She helped Deere enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology while her sister enrolled at Columbia University.

Moving Forward

Deere relates further that the family left the homeless shelter and moved into the projects in East Harlem. It was a dangerous situation for her family, but they did not care because they at least had a home with a kitchen and their own bedrooms. Deere states that those bad times and harsh realities made her the person that she is today and she would not change a thing. By the latter part of the 2000s, Deere discovered her true passion designing clothing. However, this eventually led to her creating her own makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere’s story is a true immigration success story. Today, Doe Deere is living the American Dream. She has a successful business, a great marriage, a beautiful family and a beautiful home. All this was truly possible because she held on to her dreams.