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Felipe Montoro Jens Examines Waste Water Sanitation Developments In Brazil

The sanitation services in Brazil have been a major issue for a number of years as the people of the nation have been struggling with waste water problems across the entire nation. Brazilian sanitation services have largely been operated by public sector companies who also operate the utilities used by the majority of Brazilian citizens who see their public sector groups providing all services at a level of 90 percent served by public utility companies, a further 70 percent are served by state level utility companies.


The decision by the Brazilian government to open up the waste water markets to private sector companies by providing concessions that will aid the decision of many companies in arriving back in the Brazilian utilities market; Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure investment specialist, reveals the need for a growing level of government oversight must be addressed to ensured the success of the move towards a new era in sanitation for Brazil. One of the major issues needing to be addressed by private companies entering the water market in Brazil is the amount of wasted water that needs to be halted from escaping in the aging infrastructure of the nation that private companies will repair as they hope to increase the profitability of the water treatment process in Brazil.


Brazilian infrastructure specialist Felipe Montoro Jens has been a major supporter of the work being completed across the Americas and has been an important part of the Latin America Leadership Forum held annually to drive forward the business opportunities available to all business executives in the region.


Although his work has largely been based in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens has always had a global outlook on the business interests he is involved in across the planet. The former Terna S.p.A. executive has attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management and worked with many of the world’s leading investment companies.

Igor Cornelsen A Wealth Of Knowledge In The Investment World

The best way to get started or continue to thrive in the investment world is to follow the steps of the most knowladgable investors, the brazilian stock market Igor Conerlsen is one of those people. Igor has a strong background in investment banking, a field not easily mastered by many. His vast knowdledge in the tricky Brazilian economy, his dedication and persistance make him a game changer investor to follow.


Wisdom On The Field


Igor Cornelsen has a reputation for being one of Brazil’s top banking exucutives as well as a stock market guru. He still does consulting work for several financial intutions as well as investment institutions. His wealth of knowdlege has been an asset not only to himself but to his investment clients. He has now developed successful winning strategies, he sticks to as well as advices his clients through.


Financial Advice-A Wealth Of Knowledge

Among Igor Cornelsen top financial advice: start as soon as possible. If you have been thinking about investing, the time to start is now. He also advices having a diverse portfolio, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Working with a knowladgeble investor is also a great way to make sure you are playing your best in the investment game. Igor Cornelsen’s passion and focus for banking and investment makes his success flow with ease, a great asset for him as well as anyone who works with him. He is a true example of a business leader and shares alot of his knowldge in intervies as well as financial publications.

Flavio Maluf: The Brilliant Leadership Behind Eucatex Group

Being the owner of a successful business is something a lot of people aim to do, but only a few can achieve it. Being an entrepreneur is tough work, and one has to put countless hours of hard work and dedication into their business. Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur and businessman best known for his leadership at a company known as Eucatex Group. The company was established in 1987 and since then has experienced a tremendous amount of growth to get to the position it is in today. Flavio Maluf is currently the president of Eucatex Group.


Eucatex Group is a corporation that is involved in the production and manufacturing of ceilings and soft wood sheets. When the company first launched, it gained a lot of reputation for being a company to use eucalyptus as their primary raw material for manufacturing all of their products.


Flavio Maluf hails from Brazil and is the central location for the work that he does. He studied at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado where he attained a degree in mechanical engineering. Flavio Maluf also achieved a degree in business from New York University.


Flavio Maluf started working for Eucatex Group in 2987 and since then has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the company. He began his journey with the company in the trading department and gradually made his way up the corporate ladder. At his current position, Flavio Maluf plans to implement strategies of growth and development, while focusing on upgrading their technology he aims to set the company on a path of innovation. It isn’t just the technology and production that Flavio Maluf wanted to update, it was also the way the company functions from a business standpoint. He was behind the reforms that the company saw in its administrative and managerial departments.


Flavio Maluf sees himself as a perfectionist. He believes in working hard towards attaining success for himself and his company. He possesses incredible leadership qualities which are why he is so respected among the employees of his business and also in the industry.


Jason Halpern – Always On The Move

Jason Halpern is a human dynamo in the Real Estate field. As a third generation entrepreneur, he has extraordinary perception when it comes to building and developing properties.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

However, he does not operate in the same vein in which most people in this particular arena do. While some of his New York colleagues were constructing huge urban properties, Jason concentrated on creating small boutiques buildings, avoiding financial distress. Although he is always interested in restoring and erecting structures, Mr. Halpern does not lose sight of respecting the surroundings of the area he is working on.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Whether it is being capable to make a fast decision on obtaining a great spot or flying back and forth to take care of business, he is noted for not letting the grass grow under his feet. As though it is not enough he is established in New York and Florida, he now has his attention set working on a project in Europe.

With all his success, Jason feels that it is his duty to give back.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

He is in cooperation with an organization that provides clean water internationally; he has given monetary support to places such as Ethiopia and Nepal who are desperately in need of basic items. The Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center treat the worse accident cases, such as victims with extensive burns, people who require their appendages to be reattached, individuals demanding emergency heart surgery, etc.

Jason is fully committed to collaborating with this Level 1 Trauma Center/Hospital.

Jason’s Family

When he is not occupied in formulating a plan for a new project or funding a charity, you will find Mr. Jason Halpern enjoying a well deserved downtime.

This could include relaxing at home with his wife and son, taking in a New York Giants game or visiting a car-racing track.


The Success of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the third generation of the Eucatex family business. His grandfather founded the company in the early 50s. Since then, he’s played a huge role in the company’s progression into the modern world. Despite being born into a family legacy, Flavio spent the early years of his career carving out his own path.

Flavio Maluf holds numerous university degrees. He first graduated from FAAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he grew up. He spent some time working at the family business before traveling abroad. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from PUC, and a Business Management degree from New York University. He later used these industrial and trade area skills to lead Eucatex into the future.

After returning to Brazil, he rejoined the family business. He started working under his uncle, who he later succeeded as the company’s President. After becoming President, Flavio Maluf proved himself a tremendous resource.

He’s also renowned for giving advice to young entrepreneurs trying to enter the world of business. His main link to aspiring entrepreneurs is his advice blog. He offers advice on a range of different business topics, including succeeding in interviews, succeeding in the workplace, and climbing the corporate ladder.

Part of his success is changing the way people see his company. Over the years, he’s made Eucatex one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Brazil. Recently, he switched all of Eucatex’s offices over to solar power to conserve energy. He’s also opened more eco-friendly factories in other cities to create more jobs.

Eucatex has always been an eco-friendly company. When Flavio’s grandfather founded the company in 1951, they produced natural eucalyptus products. It quickly became the leading company in the industry that focused on conserving the environment. The company compensated for all the eucalyptus trees they used by planting more every year; thus, preserving the environment for the next generation.

Since then, Eucatex’s become an international company. It’s expanded its product range by adding more eco-conscious products like ceiling and wood fiber plates.