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Rebel Wilson Stars in Romcom Parody Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson, the Australian actress known for her sarcastic yet likable characters, is currently working on a new movie titled Isn’t It Romantic, where she stars as Natalie, a skeptical young adult that gets hit in the head and wakes up inside of a dreaded reality. a romantic comedy. The trailer itself is focused on the character Natlie’s dislike of romantic comedies and their tropes.

The trailer than continues to her having a run-in in with a mugger that causes her to lose consciousness; When she wakes, her stale apartment is turned into an amazing penthouse and every single man has become an absolute hunk. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

She quickly realizes what has happened as jaw-dropping men walk around without shirts and her female friends have become divas; She was now in a romantic comedy. and

She screams out in agony as she enters the dreaded romcom genre while other actors gleefully erupt into a dance number. The movie itself is focused on parodying the romantic comedy genre, will be directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and is scheduled for a Valentine’s Day release.  Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

This isn’t the beginning of Wilson’s acting career though and she has participated in and starred in many other hits. Her career starts in Sydney, Australia in 2002, when she wrote, starred in and produced The Westie Monologues, a stage musical that was shown in Sydney.

Her first TV experiences are noted to be Pizza, a comedy series that was shown on SBS and as Karla Bangs, Lucy and Fat Mandi on The Wedge, a sketch comedy series. She was also seen in some advertisements as a crazed fan for the company Telstra in 2004 and 2005.

Wilson also starred, wrote and produced Bogan Pride, a musical comedy series, in 2008 and won a Best Actress award at Tropfest for her part in Bargain. Lastly, she was also featured in Monster House, an improvisational-focused show and made appearances on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Thank God You’re Here.

In 2011, Wilson decided she wanted to widen her audience and moved to the United States, signing to the talent agency known as William Morris Endeavor. From here, she was primarily known for her amazing performances in Bridesmaids in 2011 and Pitch Perfect in 2012; She received multiple awards for her performance in Pitch Perfect at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards for Breakthrough Performance, Best Musical Moment along with a nomination for Best Female Performance.

She also won a Teen Choice Award in the same year for Choice Movie Actress: Comedy. In total, she has received six awards and 18 nominations for her talent and there is likely more to come. Another thing of note is her and Adam DeVine constantly co-starring in movies together, including the upcoming Isn’t It Romantic. Hopefully, many will pull the trigger and say yes to her new role.