BFW Competition Names Omar Yunes Best Franchisee

Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto won 2015’s competition for Best Franchisee of The World. The competition is held every year on an international level and representatives from all around the world are invited to attend the event. Franchisee leaders are judged on their ability to transform the franchise they own as well as the improvement of employee relations. The main goal is to have a successful and innovative string of franchises. Diego Elizarrarrás, organizer of the event said that Omar Yunes was awarded first place because of the influence he has had on Sushi Itto’s network, not just the brand itself.
He has contributed an immense amount of knowledge, saved the franchise a great deal of money by cutting costs, and has had a positive impact on the employees.

Representatives from counties such as Hungary, Mexico, France, Brazil, and Portugal traveled all the way to Florence, Italy to attend the competition. A total of eight different franchise owners were recognized for their work and two of them were from Mexico. Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto was the first and Iván Tamer was the second. His franchise Prndamex was recognized for the implementation of a new marketing system that is now popular among many Pawnshop type businesses. Together, Omar Yunes and Iván Tamer put Mexico on the map. Instead of their franchise’s only being recognized regionally, their innovative and successful techniques are now known internationally.

Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of the Japanese food chain at the very young age of 21. He knew he wanted to become a successful busniessman from the very beginning and has worked hard to do so. Yunes now owns thirteen different franchises in different locations and has expanded to places like Mexico City, Puebla and VeraCruz. He is very proud to be Franchisee of such a successful brand and network of people that he hopes to continue to expand globally.

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