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The Different Ways Nobilis Health Is Transforming Healthcare

Many people do not spend a great deal of time thinking about healthcare companies until they need to find a physician for one reason or another. Even if they have a regular physician that is not associated with any type of group or major company, they may find themselves in a position where they eventually need to find another physician or a specialist because of some type of medical problem. These types of physicians are typically associated with larger groups or partnered with a specific company that acts as an umbrella company for all of their operations. Such is the case with Nobilis Health.

This is a company that performs a lot of different functions. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and as such, it has started operations in virtually every facet of healthcare imaginable. One of the ways that the company is most involved is by working in mergers and acquisitions concerning various healthcare facilities and the doctors who are associated with them. Some of the most impressive mergers and acquisitions of various hospitals have occurred as a direct result of the efforts of Nobilis Health Corp.

How does this benefit most of the people involved? Many times, a small local hospital or other type of healthcare facility that is operating on its own has fewer resources available to it. This in turn typically means that its financial resources are also limited. When this happens, it can force physicians at the facility to leave in order to create a practice somewhere else that is more productive. Eventually, many of the smaller facilities close their doors because they are simply unable to compete with the larger healthcare facilities that have more resources. The role that Nobilis Health plays is to bring these facilities together and allow them to merge with others who are facing similar situations. This in turn can create a newer, bigger and more productive facility that still allows the same physicians to practice there. The best part about it is that they have additional resources. This in turn benefits the patients as well.

Of course, Nobilis Health does not stop there. They are also experts at engineering partnerships between physicians and creating partnership groups where a number of different physicians working at different facilities can operate under the same umbrella company. They also offer staff members for medical facilities that are hired through the parent company and then filtered out to the various facilities. More recently, they have started a program where they develop and manage surgical centers. Many times, these are standalone surgical facilities that are not associated with a major hospital.

Obviously, it is easy to see that when it comes to healthcare companies that are capable of making waves in this particular industry, Nobilis Health is among the best. In all likelihood, doing business in this fashion represents the way that it will likely be conducted in the future. More and more facilities are turning to this method of operation in order to join forces and pool their financial resources. Therefore, there is every likelihood that Nobilis Health will continue to prosper in the years to come, all while helping other healthcare facilities do the same thing.

Yeonmi Park Is More Than A Conquerer

It happens in your town, city, and state and many of you have no idea what goes on. There are children, mothers and even fathers who have been bought and sold for both their sexual and labor advantages. They may be a well to do person or a vagabond on the street. The world of human trafficking involves kidnapping people from all walks of life. There’s not a person that can’t be a victim given the right circumstances and location. While human trafficking can be for labor, more than 75% of victims are used for sexual pleasures. It is the utmost way that HIV is spread throughout the country.

Although slavery was abolished years ago, there are more slaves in our world today than at any other time throughout history. It’s a huge industry that has over 27 million adults and 13 million children involved. In some countries, people are kidnapped for their organs due to a human trafficking process known as organ harvesting. Young girls are often used to lure others into the fold. They are well trained and work hard to recruit new members continually. North Korea is one area that is especially noted to be hostile for women and human trafficking. Many try to escape this country by way of China, only to find out that there are people waiting for them at the border to kidnap them and break their will. If one of the 80% of women who escape through China complains, they will be sent back to North Korea and either killed or housed in a slavery camp.

This industry claims more than 30,000 lives each year because of its tortuous ways. Girls are often malnourished, abused and have a plethora of medical conditions due to unfit housing conditions. Sexually transmitted diseases are ramped. Some escape and live to tell the tale. One lucky lady and her mother escaped the clutches of the Chinese market by way of a desert. Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist that shares her story on the Independent with anyone who will listen. She was tortured, raped and battered before she escaped at only 13 years of age. She is a native of North Korea who didn’t know of such a life until her father went to prison. With no money to live, her mother, sister and Park decided to escape to China. Once they made it to the border, they were sold to a man who utilized their services.

Park describes conditions that are not fit for a dog. She talks about going without food, water and living in filthy conditions. Though Park has relocated to South Korea, a much more liberal and safe area, she never forgets the horrors that drove her to the edge of her sanity. She now dedicates her life to sharing her story and counseling others about the day they made a choice that changed their entire life. She is a survivor and wants to expose the lascivious acts that go on in the underworld.

Top Myths About Dog Food

As a pet food brand, Beneful and its pet nutrition experts have always stressed on the fact that food requirements of pets are different from humans. This brand is also quite passionate about dog health and tastes. Over the years, they have introduced an amazing variety of wet and dry dog food flavors so that those lovable furry friends can enjoy a meal that is wholesome, healthy and delicious. These experts have also come across various myths and misconceptions that people have about Beneful on samsclub dog food. It’s time to put those myths to rest. In the following points, some top myths are busted by dog experts –

Dog Food Can Be Used As Cat Food – People who have both cats and dogs tend to interchange their food because they think it is okay. There is a reason why the pet store has separate sections for dog food and cat food. Cats require higher fat content, protein content and Taurine in their food. Dog food, on the other hand, tends to be low on Taurine and high in carbohydrates. It is also low on fat and protein as compared to cat food. Unless the food is specifically marked as being safe for both cats and dogs, interchanging food should be avoided.

Changing the Dog Food Formula Causes Digestion Problems – The myth is so wrong that it’s opposite is true, in fact. Some studies show that when dogs eat the same dog food consistently for years, they are prone to allergies to particular ingredients. They can also develop IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a common condition among dogs. This is why Beneful has so many different types of dog foods with varied flavors.

High Protein Dog Food Is Harmful – Pets actually benefit from high protein dog food that uses animal protein instead of plant protein. This is particularly good for ageing dogs who need the extra nutrition and strength. For this, it is best to go for wet dog foods that come in the form of prepared meals and contain actual animal protein like lamb, beef, et al. Beneful has an amazing variety of these kinds of meals for those dogs who like their food to be full of delicious flavors and scents.

Dry Food Is A Replacement For Oral Hygiene In Dogs – The most common dry food is kibble and it does nothing for the teeth of dogs. Dogs have pointed teeth in their mouth so that they can eat meat easily. Kibbles are either smashed by the teeth or swallowed whole. As such, they have no way of reaching the crevices of the teeth and clean them up. Instead, people should use healthy chewy bones and such treats that are definitely bigger than the dog’s mouth – enough not to be swallowed whole.

Vet Dog Food Is The Best – Vets usually keep dog foods that are from top and popular brands. Complete reliance cannot be placed on these foods and people should still take time to check the ingredient list before choosing a brand.

With these myths now busted, people can make an educated choice about dog food.

Anastasia Date Gives You The Best of Online Dating

There are a myriad of sites available for people to meet potential friends, dates, business partners and any other forms of relationship that can have a positive effect on one’s life. Unfortunately, many people do not necessarily know where to begin when it comes to finding such people. Compatibility in relationships certainly matters, despite the kind of bond there is between the individuals. Therefore, it is an essential necessity for said individuals to find a common ground of location to meet one another. Meeting someone with similar interests, backgrounds and other personality traits can be quite an exhilarating experience. Where is a good place to look when striving to form such bonds? Search for your perfect match on Anastasia Date today!

Anastasia Date Offers You a Dating Platform That Is Easy To Use

Anastasia’s dating platform is extremely easy to utilize. The engineers of the website have designed it with elements of user-friendliness in mind. All a member has to do is search for members within their communities to decide whether or not they happen to like their profiles. Personalities, photos and details in information are all certain factors in one’s decision making process. Therefore, finding a potential friend, partner, or whatever kind of relationship one is looking for is quick, easy and quite fun!

Russian women have been reputed as being some of the world’s most beautiful women, not only in their exterior aspects, but also through their personalities, liveliness, intelligence, wits, humor and much more. Unfortunately, many men are unaware of where to find them. By signing up for Anastasia Date, one is sure to find the woman that they have been looking for. Your days of searching for the woman you have been dreaming about is finally over as Anastasia Date provides you with a platform with thousands to choose from. Make the right choice of signing up for a reliable dating website today!

Makeup Evolution

The cosmetic industry is an ever changing business that is constantly feeding innovative makeup products to the masses a means to enhance natural beauty. The interesting thing about makeup products is that it seems as though consumers aren’t willing to purchase any items that are subpar: everyone wants the best of the best. This could, in part, be because many notorious figures in the limelight are constantly showcasing how effective or ineffective up and coming makeup brands are or what they have to offer.

One of the most notorious makeup companies, MAC, revolutionized the cosmetic industry by providing cohesive, high quality products that were marketed in illustration and print toward all races, colors, and genders. Finally, consumers could acquire makeup products that were guaranteed to visibly appear over their skin complexion. Additionally, MAC made a focus on various makeup textures, creating products that varied from matte to moist, glossy to sheen, and so on. Interestingly, there was once a time where you would frequently hear the question, “Where did you get your lipstick,” and you would inevitably hear, “MAC.” However, that isn’t much of a commonality now that other cosmetic companies have come up with their own genius products and strategies. NARS, Chanel, bareMinerals, and many other cosmetic brands are highly prized, worn, and recommended among consumers now.

In today’s 20th century, many makeup lovers have taken efforts into their own hands to invent or mimic their favorite makeup products. Some of these people are celebrities, aestheticians, cosmetologists, or just your plain average makeup appreciator. One successful cosmetic brand known as “Lime Crime” was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. What makes Lime Crime products on so special are her neon and richly pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. Deer, like many makeup appreciators took initiative to create her own makeup brand as a means to provide something different to the cosmetic industry and all that it took was passion. The comparison of how the cosmetic industry operated from then to now is so drastic that you just never know what whimsical modifications will take place in the future, but you can be guaranteed that they will be unprecedented.

Facts About Slyce’s New Acquisition

Slyce is a unique platform that offers customers with the rare opportunity to capture images for visual search and make an instant purchase from the search results. The platform provides a point of interest platform that uniquely allows users to identify an object when they see it by the use of audio, video, and visual recognition. Once the item is scanned, customers can purchase it online using their mobile phones. Another unique thing about the platform is the fact that users can share their discoveries on social media and receive incentives when a friend buys through the link.

Slyce has also acquired Pounce, a Tel-Aviv based company that allows users to get the best deals from retailers and also print catalogs and ads from the smartphone. The acquisition was worth $5 million and was paid in cash, shares as well as earn-out incentives. Slyce’s users were also set to benefit from Pounce’s technology. Founded in the same year as Slyce, Pounce was BuyCode’s main product. Initially, it was used to tackle all hard aspects related to mobile shopping as well as the checkout process.

Instead of going after e-commerce website integrations, Pounce went after retailers and other third parties to link their inventory with photos as well as pricing information. At the end of the day, an app that allowed customers scan and make purchases was born. Since the retailer’s platforms involved in making the sales happen, the experience was not entirely an e-commerce one. According to Slyce, Pounce is a good asset based on the fact that it has an advanced technology that allows customers to checkout from different platforms without having to enter their payment information many times.

In the meantime, the app is considering developing a phenomenal mobile image shopping platform that will allow users from different places in the world to do shopping from any retailer from any part of the world provided their inventory is on the platform. Retailers who have integrated their inventory with the app’s technology have been able to experience better sales because customers make purchases from anywhere provided the item searched is found.

At the end of the day, the company experiences better sales without having to use a lot of resources in labor and marketing. On the other hand, customers experience effortless shopping because they do not have to do shopping the traditional way. There is no more long lines in the shopping malls. At the end of the day, what is imperative is service delivery that goes in tandem with the customer’s budget while at the same time offering convenience. Slyce has and will continue providing shoppers with more phenomenal image recognition technologies that will make it even much easier to shop online conveniently any time. So far so good, the company has not disappointed at the same.

Frans Schoeman On Environmental law to govern the Safeguarding of Natural Resources

Environmental law is a set of statutes, laws and legal treaties with the sole purpose of controlling the impact of human activities. The pursuit of development and the population growth has seen man aggressively harvest the naturally endowed resources to help solve the supply-demand problem. These activities have failed to realize the harm caused on the environment. Nature has been forced to act back which has lead to natural calamities like earthquakes resulting from over extraction of minerals. Other related problems from human impacts on the environment have been global warming from the emission of greenhouse gases and air as well as water quality reduction from dumping of contaminants in water sources. However there have been conscious individuals concerned who have been able to sit down, come up with institutions and law firms to help enact the environmental law that was established some time back globally. Environmental lawyers have practiced in law firms to help make policies that govern the use of resources sustainably.

Frans Schoeman, a South African well-practiced lawyer and attorney on environmental and corporate law, has been at the forefront fighting for the environment. He is affiliated to Phatsima Diamond based in Bellville, South Africa, which is a law firm majoring in presiding over mining activities in the South African countries being a significant economic activity in the region. In addition to mining activities, Schoeman on through Phatsima Diamond has worked with several leading environmentally-based organizations to help solve issues involving environmental pollution. He has also been sure to provide legal environmental advice to firms, individuals, and government agencies to check their impacts on the environment when enacting economic policies. Together with his team members at Phatsima he has been able to influence the South African companies to adopt environmentally safe ways leading to sustainable development. His command of language and law has seen him win several court cases for his clients making him a law figure in the country.

Environmental law has been broken down into several parts to encompass all avenues making the environment susceptible to poisoning by man. Some of these parts include the adoption of the environmental impact assessment test whose work has been to regulate companies both old and starting up ones to use environmentally clean strategies towards development. It is a test carried out to determine the amount of pollutants emitted by the industries and the gravity of their impact on the environment. The air and water quality survey has also been a productive part of the environmental law. Most industrial wastes have been dumped in water bodies creating gross effects in aquatic life. Environmental law in place has been able to make industries and firms clean their refuse before letting them into the water bodies. Exhaust fumes and industrial greenhouse gases have been controlled by the environmental law through providing industries with limited emission rights to reduce the amount of fumes released in the air. Vehicles, both private and public have been forced to adopt environmentally friendly sources of energy to reduce pollution through exhaust fumes.

Environmental law is, therefore, a fundamental part of development which should be embraced wholeheartedly to prolong our stay on earth and preserve resources for coming generations. Perpetrators of the environmental law are therefore needed to remain agile and vibrant to see to it that the rule of the law is followed to the letter to realize the goal of the environmental law.

A Strong U.S. Dollar Is Helping Some Investors And Hurting Others

The U.S. dollar had had a great year. In 2015 so far, the dollar has had an overall gain of 49.73 percent. In September 2015, the dollar gained 9.75 percent, and that has some investors like James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management, wondering what will happen next. According to Mr. Dondero one of the most important dollar gains was against the Brazilian real. The real is at the lowest point it has been in 13 years. The exchange is 3.98 r to 1 dollar, and that means companies that buy goods from Brazil with dollars have a huge advantage at the moment.

James Dondero said the Central Bank is offering about $3 billion in dollar swap contracts to stop the devaluation. Nothing, including the Feds announcement that they would keep interest rates between 0 and 0.25 percent, has helped the foreign exchange in Brazil. This year has been a tough one for Brazil, and the recent downgrade of their credit rating by S&P hasn’t helped foreign investors recoup some of their losses this year. In fact, it made matter worse.

The other issue that has investors worried is the 2016 Brazilian budget deficit. Highland Capital thinks the pending budget will just complicate investments in Brazil. The government will have to raise taxes, cut needed programs and put a lot of people out of work and that means the current recession could get worse before it gets better. Dondero thinks investors that have money in Brazil won’t see a return for 18 months, and that’s if the government can get its act together. The political situation in Brazil will continue, according to the economists that are watching the people of Brazil vs. President Rousseff battle intensify.

But Brazil is not the only trading partner that is experiencing economic and investment issues. China is a major trading partner of the United States, and right now the dollar is making some Chinese products more attractive. Investors that have interests in those companies will do well, but China limits the number of foreign investors that can participate in joint ventures. Most of those investors have been in the Chinese market for some time.

India has some great investment opportunities, according to Mr. Dondero. The only downside to investing in India is identifying products that have mass appeal in the U.S. market and other markets. Most products made in India appeal to the domestic market, and although that could mean nice profits, the real profits come when companies and products have a worldwide appeal. Technology in India is one bright spot, and oil is another.

The trick, as Dondero points out, is to forecast what is going to happen next in these foreign markets. That takes an enormous amount of research and a talent for picking products and services that have a long-term appeal. Highland Capital Management has been doing that for years for their clients. Dondero and Highland have more than $26 billion assets under management and that number continues to grow even when the world is facing another recession.

Best Beauty Products to Have on Campus

It’s your first year in college and you know that all the guys will be at the campus parties and clubs. This is the time when you should look your best at all times and with the numerous beauty products that exist, you can rock those social events in style. Here are some cool products to keep on hand as a student.

Bold Colored Items from Lime Crime

Of course you don’t want to look like a clown with bold colored makeup but thanks to Lime Crime makeup from Doe Deere of ideamensch, you can sport this kind of makeup with sophistication. Doe Deere is the CEO behind this cosmetics company and her motivation is bringing consumers the ability to express themselves in creative ways through makeup. Deere herself is an example of this with her bold colored hair and fun personality.

High Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

These are must haves because weather conditions take a toll on your hair, and because you can’t always get to the hairdresser, you can get the salon style at home with a good shampoo and conditioner. Look for a shampoo that contains a variety of vitamins and natural ingredients because this is the safest for the hair. Leave-in conditioners are better than regular conditioners because they save time and your hair stays soft for hours after you put the conditioner in. Find a shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair texture.

Shaving Cream

Youu don’t want to look hairy when hanging out with friends so it’s a good idea to keep shaving cream, razors and other shaving accessories in the dorm. If you have sensitive skin, buy a shaving cream that is unscented and that does not have a long list of unhealthy ingredients in it.

Hairstyling Accessories

Hairstyling accessories are more than the brushes, combs and heating tools. When you purchase hairstyling accessories you will also need to purchase hair greases, essential oils for the hair, hairspray, rubberbands, serums to control frizz and bows. The good thing is that these accessories can be purchased cheaply at most beauty supply stores and they work well on all types of hair textures.

Things to Keep Skin Healthy

Your skin is related to beauty so why not take good care of it? Although you’re in your 20s, now is the time to create a skincare regime to reduce aging signs when you get older. You can purchase eye cream to put under those puffy eyes from the late night partying or study sessions. If you’re tired of the acne, buy an anti-acne facial cleanser and facial moisturizing cream to eliminate it. Water is the ultimate beauty tool so drink more of it everyday and if you hate the way it tastes, add some fresh fruit to it or a little honey. It’s also never too early to use beauty products that curb aging such as anti-wrinkle cream or products witrh Retinol. In conclusion, as a student you’ll benefit from the above mentioned beauty products.

Handybook: Home Maintenance Just Got Uberized

Home maintenance, if it’s done right can take a considerable amount of time, especially if it’s a large home. Most everybody knows this, but taking the time to clean your home, especially if it’s a large one, might take too much of your valuable time away from other things like your business, work or pleasure. If you are like me then you would rather have someone else do the cleaning. Someone who is more… geared, or outfitted with the right tools and know-how to get the job done right, people who run home maintenance services.

Hassles of Hiring Home Maintenance Professionals

It’s not such an easy task when hiring home cleaning and maintenance services for your home, apartment of office. Why is that? Well, let me tell you. First, you have to take the time to pick up the phone book and search through a very long list of companies, and the only ones who really stand out are the ones with fanciful names or large printed discount specials. And, let me tell you, you can’t believe everything you read or everything that is promised or claimed in advertisement. Believe me, I know from experience. Having invited ‘many’ cleaning companies to my properties, they all vary in prices and are not all available to clean when I need them too.

There lies one of the biggest problems in the cleaning and maintenance service industry for clients – taking the time to sort through/interview potential home maintenance people to discuss pricing, availability and to determine… reliability. It can be incredibly time consuming to say the least, and the worst part is at the end of the week you may end up having to hire another company, because the first one didn’t meet your expectation or were unreliable. Well, now there is a company that has changed ‘all that’, thankfully! That company is Handy.

Home Maintenance Just Got ‘Uber’ized

This is the Uber of home maintenance services, and thankfully, it is taking the nation by storm. Founders of Handy on– Oisin Hanrahan and his partner in grime Umang Dua, understood the problems that property owners like me have had sorting through the myriads of cleaning services. And, they set their sights on providing a real solution, which they have done by creating Handybook. So, how does it work?

Well, it is structured much in the same way as Uber’s transportation platform in that payments, scheduling and selecting local cleaning professionals is done through the Handybook marketplace. It’s simple, easy to use and it works! The company is based in New York, but it operates in 13 cities and is expanding as I speak.

Cities like Chicago and Boston are next to benefit from the companies services, and on the West Coast, soon property owners and managers in San Francisco and Los Angeles can find the cleaning personnel they need, at a price they want without having to go through all the hassles.