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Jim Larkin: Passionate Irish activist

Jim Larkin is a renowned Irish activist and labor organizer. He is the founder of the famous Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. Jim was born in January 1876 in the interiors of Liverpool in England.

He made sure that in his lifetime he has established a union for the Irish workers called Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. This is among the largest unions in the area.

Jim was a leader in making. He grew up in the slums of the Liverpool and later acquire a little formal education. To take care of his humble family, he sought for youth jobs where he headed up being a foreman in the docks of Liverpool. His commitment to the workers became ignited. He became a fervent socialist.

To foster his dedication, he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers where he became a trade union organizer on a full-time basis in 1905. He had always believed that the works in the area were not given their rights especially concerning the right to fair employment.

Due to his vibrant pursuit, Jim was transferred to Dublin by the union in 1907. That is when he found an opportunity to launch his organization. The aim of this bold union was to bring together all Irish workers in the industries who are either skilled or unskilled into an organization. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

After that, he pursued to form another union that he called Irish Labour Part. This was the party responsible for the many series of strikes that were heard then. One of the most vivid is the 1913 incident that lasted for around eight months with more than 100,000 workers in turn out. Read more: James Larkin – Wikipedia and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

They eventually received their cry for fair employment. Around the same time, the World War I broke out with Jim Larkin plotting a massive demonstration in Dublin.

He made efforts to travel to the United States where he would seek support to fight the British in the land. It did not last long without him being accused of criminal anarchy and communism act.

This resulted to him deport into Ireland. In Ireland, he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland and secured a post until he died.

About Peter Briger

Peter Briger is co-principal and co-chairman of the board of directors of the fortress investment firm, a company he joined in 2002. He was elected the co-chairman of the firm in August 2009. Peter studied at the Princeton University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then proceeded to the Wharton school of business at the Pennsylvania university where he acquired masters in the same field. Currently, Peter Briger is at position 962 on the Forbes list. He is a self-made billionaire with a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. He attributes his main source of wealth to the fortress investment group. Peter earns over 100 million dollars in net cash payout since 2005.

After graduating, Briger worked at Goldman, , and co. For 15 years. At Goldman, he perfected his skill in the art of investing in distressed debt. They believed in the principle and strategy of buying when low and selling when high.Peter Briger has been keen on building a reputation as a leader in every organization he has served. At Goldsman sach, Peter served as a co-head of groups, for instance, the Asian real estate private equity business, fixed income principal investment group and the whole loan sales.He now serves as a co-chairman of the board of directors at Fortress investment Limited Liability Company. He is credited for creating and overseeing the Fortress Credit business.Peter Briger was also involved in the leadership of the Princeton university investment company. He also supported the central park conservancy.

Peter has been keen to encourage the journey of self reliance on the Princeton community, the main reason he united with his colleagues to form the Princeton entrepreneurship advisory committee. An optimistic feedback has been shared by the employees working at fortress.they have termed it as a rewarding environment that appreciates hard work. Besides that, the company has been a ground to challenge many and broaden their knowledge base in finances.The firm has provided a learning opportunity and an inspiration to those who value working with smart people. Peter Briger interest In bitcoin began in 2013 in the Canadian Rockies while at a Heliskiing trip. He praised the move by wall street of engaging in the bitcoin business saying that it was a better alternative to sending the money around the world cheaply and instantly. He also encouraged other companies, for instance, Wells Fargo to engage in Bitcoin so as to ensure a better and secure payment network.

Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is a perfect example of a businessman who has not only created a successful empire but also knows how to value his employees.

Born in Jamaica and currently residing in Florida, he is the Co-Founder and a member of the Senior Leadership Team at NICE Global. One of the things that makes him so unique is how he balances his personal and professional life. He always makes sure that he sees his kids when they are off to school and also when they woke up. This gives Paul immense happiness in life while he goes on to say that everything else in between is constantly changing.

Paul Herdsman is extremely supportive in terms of investing in recruiting top talents in the industry. He strongly believes that great companies are built by great people and stresses the need to create an environment where every employee feel safe and works to their fullest potential. Paul Herdsman also mentions how smart businesses provide their employees with all the required tools and services to perform well and also do well for the company as a whole. He ensures that all the new hires to his workplace go through training to not only learn skills but also to understand the company’s culture. It helps them to be a part of the company’s culture and be appreciative of it. See This Page for additional information.

And the training does not stop just there. He has progressed his organization towards supporting employees who wish to pursue higher education and who wants to make a difference in the workplace through their skills. And through his talent, he believes in solving the needs of his clients and find perfect solutions to their issues. He also says how you need to develop the art of problem-solving as it is only going to enhance your career exponentially.


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Roseann Bennett Highly Talented Family And Marriage Therapist

Roseann Bennett has had a long and illustrious career as a family and marriage therapist. She worked for nearly a decade as an in-home therapist before she launched the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Some of the specialties of Roseann Bennett that she is well known for are case management, crisis management, treatment planning, and addressing a wide variety of family therapy and mental health issues for the patients.


Over the years, Roseann Bennett has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of patients and families, and the intensity of these cases ranged from minor to highly complicated. However, no matter how complicated the situation may be, Roseann always did her best to ensure that the patients and their families are united and can address the issues that are causing a rift in their family, relationships, and life in general. Go Here for more information.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment started by Roseann Bennett is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on treating patients and families from the low-income group and is from the marginalized communities. Roseann believes that starting treatment as early as possible can make all the difference in most of the cases of mental health issues, but with the conventional method, most of the patients had to wait for several months before their therapy could start. It can increase the signs and symptoms of the problems, and there are fair chances of the effect of such delay becoming irreversible as well. With little funding of her own, she started Center for Assessment and Treatment, and with time, her work was appreciated and recognized in the community. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students


Roseann Bennett has done her MA and Ed.S from the Seton Hall University on Family and Marriage therapy. After completing her education, she joined the REACH Institute to get a post master’s certification on the cognitive behavior therapy. At Center for Treatment and Assessment, the primary aim has always been to provide care and treatment to the patients first whether they are in a position to give the fees or not.


Roseann Bennett has been able to emerge as one of the most dedicated family and marriage therapists in New Jersey through her dedication and commitment in her field.



Jeunesse NEVO Energy Drink

Jeunesse Global , LLC is a company that mostly manufactures skincare products, which are used by millions of people across the world. However, besides manufacturing skin care top products, the company also manufactures products and supplements that help boost your body’s energy level. One of their top energy boosting products is the Jeunesse NEVO energy drink.

A splash of lemon and ginger makes for an energetic day! Power up with #NEVO 🔋

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Jeunesse NEVO energy drink is made of energy producing ingredients such as Guaran berries, green tea, and Yerba Mate plant’s leaves and twigs. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B-3, B-6, B-12, and B-5.

Jeunesse NEVO comes in four different flavors which include; lemon ginger, peach mango, acai grape, and mixed grape. This gives you a chance to choose whichever flavor you like. The four flavors contain a total of 50 calories. Therefore, this helps to boost your energy. Also the natural caffeinated sources in NEVO do not stimulate your nervous system excessively. This is because they are only absorbed in the bloodstream gradually.

The main purpose of this energy drink is to improve your performance by enhancing your energy. Also, Jeunesse NEVO energy drink helps in mental clarity.

About the Company

Jeunesse Global, LLC is a company that was created in 2009 by Randy Ray who is the CEO and his wife Wendy Lewis, who is the Chief Operating Officer. Jeunesse Global, LLC is led by a team of other executives such as Mr. Ryan Ogden, the Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Kyle Copeland, the President of Europe, and Mr. Kanwar Bhutani, the President of Asia PACIFIV & Middle East. The company is mainly based in Lake Mary, Florida, United States, Southern USA, and East Coast USA. All their Products are manufactured in United States. Jeunesse Global, LLC has a total of 32 offices across the world. The distribution channels spread to more than 100 countries.

The main focus of the company is to encourage people to live a healthy life by manufacturing products that will enhance their youth. This is why its main research focuses on manufacturing products that will boost your energy. In addition, Jeunesse NEVO does not have any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

NGP Van Technology Helps Democrats and Progressives Organize Their Campaigns

Democrats are organizing in record numbers to campaign. Campaigning used to revolve around manpower alone for success. Today manpower powered by technology advancements is the way campaigns are successful. NGP Van campaigning software has allowed democrats to modernize their campaign planning. NGP Van software allows candidates and their campaign crew to identify who their voter base is and what their number of voters will likely be. It’s also a good way to push voters to get out to vote.


Handling a campaign is no easy walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work and struggle on the part of a campaign crew to make their candidate a success. Using campaign software allows for a campaign to be far easier to organize. NGP Van allows for a campaign to organize targeted emails, fundraising efforts for the campaign, online contributions, social network connection, website design, and event management. This type of strategizing allows for candidates, campaign crews, and for voters to stay connected to one another.


Throughout the years using the latest technology to power a campaign has long been something the Democrat party has taken pains to do. FDR used the latest technology to get his campaign messages out there to voters through the use of the radio. At the time radio was a huge advancement in technology to communicate to a wide range of people. When television came along, this became the primary way for candidates to be heard by everyone across the nation through debates or interviews done by news programs. Social media transformed campaign strategy yet again by making people capable of discussing candidates with one another in a far more interactive and sometimes brutal way. Having campaign software -like NGP Van- to connect to voters is invaluable for Democrats and progressives of today.


With the 2018 midterms looming on the horizon, Democrats and other progressives ought to add more campaign software into their strategy. There’s a demo available from the NGP Van company’s website for campaign crews to try out. After testing it out the software is downloadable from the website. Getting elected will be far easier with the help of a strong campaign crew being powered by the NGP Van software to connect to voters.

Upwork: Travel While You Work

Upwork is a freelancing website that connects businesses with independent professionals allowing them to work together remotely. The process that Upwork uses is relatively simple. First, a company simply posts a job they need completed through the website. Second, after the job has been posted, Upwork selects potential freelance workers they believe will be best for the job. Third, the company looking for work browses through the suggest profiles and can then hold an interview before selecting who they want to hire. Fourth, the company and freelancer work are able to communicate and send files back and forth while the freelancer completes the project. The fifth and last step is payment, once a project has been completed, the company pays the freelance worker through the Upwork Website.

Freelancers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; in fact, it is expected that by 2020, 40-50% of the workforce will be made up from freelance workers. There are many benefits to companies who hire freelancers through Upwork, for example, a project that typically would take a month through the traditional methods are completed within roughly one week by hiring a freelancer. Another huge benefit, is that there are no constraints on who you can hire, a company doesn’t have to hire an individual who lives in the same city.

Not only do businesses see the benefits of hiring freelance workers, but the workers also benefit. Freelancers have the ability to work when it is convenient. If they are using it as a part-time gig to supplement their income, then they can choose to only complete work at night or on weekends; however, if someone works full-time as a freelancer they can work at all hours of the day if they choose. Another major benefit is that freelancing is that, as long as a worker has access to a computer and the internet, they can work from anywhere in the world. Many people dream of traveling the world, because of freelance work, this can become a reality because you can easily earn an income while you travel.

It is a common belief that the concept of freelance working is a relatively new phenomenon, however, it has actually been around since the 20th century when individuals would use freelancing to write for newspapers and magazines. The process they had to go through, before the internet, was much more difficult and time consuming than it is today. To help make this process easier in 1999, after the creation of the internet, Elance was created; and in 2013 Elance merged with oDesk; just two years later, in 2015, the combined companies became Upwork Global.

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PSI Pay’s Contactless Payment Technology Sparks Interest in the United Kingdom

PSI Pay has lead a new technological effort that suggests that paper currency could one day be eliminated from use, and perhaps digital and contactless payments will inevitably become the evolution of paper currency. This is becoming more and more possible as technologies are enhanced and efficiency within the financial industry is established. It seems entirely possible that over the course of the next few decades, that a slow, but steady transition to contactless transactions will take place.

Crypto currency could potentially compliment the chances of this happening sooner rather than later, especially since most popular crypto currencies require digital wallets similar to the concepts that PSI Pay already supports and offers to the public. PSI Pay offers alternative ways of handling these types of transactions by eliminating the third party for handling information in regards to the transaction, the process solely includes the money and the account intended to be associated with it.

As this technology is integrated into more platforms, it is likely that the adoption of this format will take place. It’s hard to imagine the day where paper currency is deemed to have zero value in comparison to a digital card or virtual wallet, but the world has adapted in the past, and it wasn’t too long ago where cell phones were a thing of science fiction. In today’s world, a cell phone is pretty much a necessity, and it’s possible that digital transactions and contactless transactions could be apart of that as well at some point.


When this transition happens, it appears that PSI Pay will lead the way, and perhaps even set the pace in which the transition happens. They already have a significantly advanced platform compared to many alternatives, and it’s hard to imagine anyone surpassing them in this particular field at any time in the near future.

Paul Herdsman

The Amazing Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman

Paul herdsman is an entrepreneur person who loves to find solutions to problems in business. He is the founder of the NICE global company that was founded to give business solutions. Paul has managed to build up his business over a long period of time and has given a platform to many people by offering them solutions to their businesses. He also Co-Founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its Chief Operating Officer.


The many years and experience that Paul Herdsman has in online customer acquisition and in consumer software has made it easy for him to run his company easily with the workers that he has managed to employ. Apart from the love for his company in giving business solutions, Paul Herdsman likes fishing.


The idea for coming up the NICE Global Company came up from using outsources in many countries and this was so hectic to Paul and his team as it affected their resources, they decided to discuss the matter and later decided to build their own company that could deliver solutions easily. Although at beginning Paul wasn’t sure of how he could run the company and lead his team, the business grew up so well that Paul decided to offer his services to other clients. The team that Paul works with is so amazing that they put each positive idea that comes up into a discussion first before implementing. Click Here for more information.


Paul Herdsman trusts his workers with each and every task and believes that what makes him a successful entrepreneur is the briefness in everything that he does and likes to save time on what is productive. The business company that Paul had started in Jamaica was handled in good way by his associates and this enabled him to manage all the centers productively.


Finally, Paul Herdsman believes high quality service offered to the customer enables a business to run efficiently.


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Jeff Herman; Protect Your Children against Sexual Abuse Predators

The unpalatable truth is that there is a rise in the number of sexual abuse cases vastly promoted by the increased use of technology advancement. For that reason, parents are urged to worry about the safety of their young ones. However, while they are at it, one prominent lawyer by the name Jeff Herman has decided to take up the role of educating the community about the value of practicing safety in their homes and outside environments. He has also decided to disseminate a few critical tips on how parents can prevent their kids from sexual predators.

For starters, Jeff Herman insists on the value of talking to children about sex and the possibilities of coming across sexual predators as they grow. Given their vulnerability, it is critical for parents to start a straight talk session at home. Since they are not always at home or school with their children, they must consider educating their children about different sex crimes and the possibilities of them rubbing shoulders with perpetrators.

Start the Conversation Early

Children are quick learners. Therefore, no matter their age, as long as they can understand basic communication, they will always grasp a few basic details regarding sex and sexual predators. For that reason, parents should start the sex talk early enough. While at it, parents must use the appropriate language.

Teach Children to Say No

As early as they can, children must be taught to say no. This will prevent them from boarding stranger’s cars or visiting people who can turn out to be a danger to them.

Use Real Life Scenarios

If only parents could use more life scenarios, then perhaps children would not be in danger especially when it comes to being molested by family, friends or close relatives who pose as good people. It is also critical for parents to tell their children that even a teacher can abuse them sexually. With that in mind, children will always be cautious about people who exude the traits of a sexual predator.

Describing Jeff Herman

As a skilled attorney, Jeff Herman understands the importance of protecting children from sexual predators ready to ruin their lives. For more than ten years, he has been a practicing attorney who represents different clients who have survived sexual abuse. He is also a trained forensic interviewer who uses modern techniques to reduce the cases of sexual abuse.