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Fortress Investment Group; The Trend makers And Pacesetter in Investment

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. With financial expertise based on the previous job experience, the three founders grew the firm. In its five years in business, the firm had managed to raise its assets to about $3.9 billion.

The firm quickly expanded from real-estate to debt securities and hedge funds. By 2007, the firm had grown from a simple private equity firm into a multibillion investment group with a 40% growth in equity funds. In 2014, Kauffman stepped down and ventured in car racing with Michael Waltrip Racing, leaving Edens and Nardone running the business.

In 2002, the firm made two new additions to its team. Michael Novogratz joined as fund manager until 2015 when he left the company. Peter Briger came on board as a principal and brought many years of experience along with him. With the two additions and several acquisitions, the Fortress Investment Group continued growing and expanding its portfolio. Then in 2007, the company traded publicly: This made it the first hedge fund to go public in the United States history, which boosted their profile and earned them a prominent name. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

A decade later in 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation purchased the firm, at $3.3 billion. Even with SoftBank as the parent organization, Fortress Investment Group has made remarkable achievements and has been able to venture into new markets. This also goes for the parent organization, which has experienced success from the high-tech platform of the acquired firm. The two organizations have empowered each other in the one year they have worked together, and the acquisition makes much sense.

Fortress Investment Group’s key areas of specialty include financial markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management, and investing in assets. The firm currently operates in buyouts, credit, and Capital Vehicles. Briger leads the Credit division while Eden and Nardone lead the Private Equity division. The remaining division, on the other hand, is managed by five different entities with a critical focus in specific areas such as real estate and transportation infrastructure.

Fortress Investment Group is a trend maker and pacesetter in the investment industry. Ranging from subsidiaries to acquisitions, mergers, and considerable revenues, the firm has a lot to show for its two decades in business. Source:

A call to help people living with mental illnesses by Jeremy Goldstein

On May 21, Jeremy Goldstein hosted an event called “Mental Illness: You are not A Rhone” at Nomad Hotel Roof deck. The event took place from 6 to 10:00 p.m. tickets were sold at $5,000 and in return, receiving heavy meal and drinks. The main agenda of the event was to raise funds which would be used by Fountain House to help those people living with critical mental ailments to live normally.

Fountain House was established in 1944 by a group of people undergoing mental illnesses to help other patients who had the same problem. Although the establishment of the Foundation reduced cases of mental illnesses, the issue remains a big problem in the community until today. Stigmatization of the affected people is increasing every day. This is the main reason the Foundation has grown over the years. The Foundation has grown to a point they built a house they named Fountain House. It provides job opportunities and accommodation to people with a mental health condition.

The central mandate of the Foundation is to ensure that they have helped as many metal patients as they can to get treatment for their situation. They do this by providing housing services and providing a way to make ends meet for their families. Usually, the less fortunate, especially people living with serious illnesses, get left out in the community. The Foundation is trying to minimize this situation, helping the diagnosed patients to live positively, spread its operations in the city, and mental lending programs mainly in New York.

Recently, Fountain moved from concentrating with local cases to global health issues. In 2018, the Foundation held a conference that brought together over 300 mental health professionals from all over the world. They hosted the conference in partnership with the WHO, and this made it clear that the Foundation was ready to serve people globally. Persons with mental ailments are ordinary people only less fortunate, therefore once employed, they can settle to raise their families. Fountain works to ensure that these people have received the required skills and get to improve their confidence.

More information about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree in Law from NY University, School of Law. After his studies, he enrolled in a Law firm in New York City. As he was working, he noticed an opportunity; consultancy companies were terminating their partnerships with major companies, and he thought that Law firms could also do the same. This idea built the need to open his law firm; Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate, LLC. The firm deals mainly with advisory services on matters related to compensation and corporate leadership issues.

The Lawyer has served top leaders in organizations, including CEOs and Managing Directors. Besides, he has been in significant acquisitions such as between Goodrich and United Technologies, Bank of America, Roebuck, and Co and Cingular Wireless and AT&T Wireless Service. Apart from his law pursuit, the attorney also writes and speaks to the public on matters such as collective dominion and administrative reimbursement.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Is A Brazilian Financial Expert Who Is Helping To Improve His Nation’s Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who cares about his country’s future. Brazil has many valuable resources and jungle ecosystems that are very unique, but these are in danger because of industrial progress in the nation. Jens is an infrastructure specialist who understands what it will take to make the necessary changes that Brazil needs. He has been working in the financial sector for most of his career and served as a director at Santo Antônio Energia. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been extremely focused on improving the environment in Brazil for many years. His support of various public works projects has earned him a reputation as being someone who can make a real difference. Large corporations and even governments have worked with Jens because of his talents and his ability to create new financial strategies that move ventures and situations forward. He earned his degree in administration while studying at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He also attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. After this, he got to work and has been making a name for himself ever since.

Felipe Montoro Jens has noticed that over-tourism is becoming a huge problem for Brazil. While the country is able to bring in a lot of money from its tourism industry, it is becoming a real problem for its wildlife and fragile ecosystems. His work to help improve the Santa Catarina area has helped a whole lot as the area was suffering from the strain of over-tourism. He worked with the government in the nation, which spent millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure in the region. Felipe Montoro Jens took part in the project by overseeing it to ensure that the government was doing what was necessary to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


Clément Perette’s Modern Approach to Oceanic Conservation

An August 6th, 2019 story from Chronicle Week highlighted changes to communications, media and technology and how those changes have helped Clement Perrette with ocean conservation efforts.

The story sheds light on how the technological advancements that have emerged with modern media can be put to use with philanthropic efforts. Social media, global internet access and international TV and film access have not just paved the way for more effective philanthropic communications, but it has connected audiences over what used to be just local issues.

The article adds compelling data to the mix. It reports that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. Perrete and others committed to justice causes have learned to channel their efforts to educate and motivate people via social media platforms. It is not just social media though, where philanthropic efforts need to have an online presence. The story points out that approximately 70 percent of American adults have gone online to shop in the last year. Online shopping partnerships has become an increasingly profitable niche for fundraising and action.

Teaming up with Phillip Hamilton and Chris Morgan, Perette was able to join the Uproar Media production team in creating “Ocean Souls.” “Ocean Souls” is a film documenting the lives of dolphins and wales. By capturing their lives, the film team was able to educate viewers about the human aspects of these sea creatures and call to attention horrible oceanic environmental conditions. The film, as well as other efforts, have illustrated Perette’s ongoing commitment to ocean conservation.

When not taking on efforts described above, Clément Perrette can be found promoting his book “Call of the Blue” that promotes sea conservation. He can also be found putting his nearly 30 years of financial sector experience to work as a fixed income fund management specialist.

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OSI Group and the Introduction of the Impossible Burger…

So the Impossible Burger has been around for a little bit. It has already gone public (with an IPO,) and now your local fast-food chains will begin to offer it as an alternative to a meat-based hamburger. Just ten years ago, this sort of thing would have seemed impossible. This is probably because plant-based burgers have always, well, they’ve always tasted like, “veggie burgers.” The Impossible Burger is no veggie burger we’re told though. What exactly does this mean? Let’s take a closer look at it.

A lot of critics note that the texture and taste of the impossible burger are quite similar to beef. This is so true, as a matter-of-fact, that the product has actually grossed out long-time vegetarians. You’ve heard that absolutely correctly! People that are uneasy (or downright disgusted) by the taste of beef were freaked out about it. The similarities were too much for that group. You might be wondering why the OSI Group is so important. The OSI group is the reason that many of your favorite fast-food chains have meat as well as other products.

They are one of the largest suppliers on the North American market and their international reach is very impressive as well. The OSI Group was the original McDonald’s beef supplier when that company began to grow! When OSI gets involved in the production, you know that a product is coming to an eatery near you really soon. This is the case with the impossible burger. How is the OSI Group going to handle such an interesting product you might ask? The goal is to meet the surprisingly high demand and to keep a careful eye on it from there. One has to admit, it is quite strange seeing websites place photos of the Impossible Burger next to a real one. The whole thing is strange because the two become indistinguishable in appearance.

EOS Lip Balm-10 year anniversary

EOS, or the evolution of smooth is celebrating its 10th anniversary! This company will have 35 new products. These products will be launching now through October. EOS is debuting it’s super soft shea lip balm and 100% natural shea lip balm. These items can be found on right now, and will be in Target stores and Kohls Stores.

EOS will have some really unique flavors. The soft shea lip balm is made with extra moisturizing shea butter, coconut, and jojoba oils. Some of the flavors are:

Coconut Milk

Vanilla Mint

Honey Apple

Triple Mint



Toasted Marshmallow


Strawberry Sorbet


Dulche de Leche


The 100% natural shea lip balm is USDA certified organic, and made with natural ingredients. Flavors will include:




Tropical Mango

Sweet Mint

Vanilla Bean

EOS lip balms are known as one of the best lip balms on the market. They are rich, smooth, and they are free from harmful ingredients such as paraben and petrolatum. They are safe for the environment, and these lip balms are known for keeping your lips super soft and super smooth due to the wonderful natural ingredients. These lip balms also make the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Oren Frank Offers Hope and Help

Israeli-born Oren Frank is noted for his work with Talkspace. He is a co-founder of the innovative company that provides mental health services to people where they are whenever they need them.

Frank co-founded Talkspace in 2012 with Roni Frank. The New York-based service provides clients with access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. This allows for users to get the help they need even if they are not conveniently located near a therapist’s office.

The advantages of the service are numerous. Clients do not have to travel to a therapist’s office. They have privacy. The cost can be significantly less than seeing a therapist in person. Plus, there is a pool of more than 5,000 therapists, so there is quite a selection available- and without the wait of a traditional therapist’s office. Learn more about Oren Frank at

The format of accessible and affordable therapy has proven to be a successful one. The service says that it has helped more than a million people feel happier since its founding seven years ago. Its potential for reaching people is even greater than that, though.

Oren Frank’s vision has attracted the support of some well-known names. Among them is champion swimmer Michael Phelps who has credited therapy with saving his own life. The Olympian has teamed up with the company to represent it with the goal of getting more people the help that they need.

Frank maintains a social media presence. He can be found on Twitter under the user name @orenfrank where he shares a variety of tweets- many promoting his vision of therapy for all. With Talkspace, he is working on achieving that. In the process, he is bringing hope and help to people no matter where they are- and without the financial burden that can sometimes limit access to traditional therapy. Source:

How to Begin Using Services of Agera Energy

If you would like to make use of a high-quality energy provider, it is important to consider Agera Energy. Read more about Agera Energy on

The Agera Energy firm has been in business for many years now and they continually work with experts to get exactly what is needed for their customers. You will find them to be incredibly beneficial in what can be done for those interested. It is important that you take a look at what Agera Energy is doing and why the company has been working with so many. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

You can find out more about Agera Energy and what the company does for a living by going to their site and seeing why they have become a trusted option for so many. You will enjoy being able to save money and still get the most out of this particular process. Once you have decided to save money with Agera Energy, it is just a matter of figuring out what type of option and service to go with so that you can save yourself some money. You will love that Agera Energy is offering lots of services to people who want or need to be able to make the most out of the energy they use at home.



American Addiction Centers: The Difference Is In The Care

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is the kind of place that is going to show their clients they care with how they treat them. They are going to also show them they are valued and appreciated by all of the staff.

They stand proudly behind their research-based treatments. Research is an important part in helping to understand addiction, how it works, and what it all means.

So many people with addiction have a lot of questions, but they are left with very few answers. Thanks to the AAC, they are going to get the answers they are looking for, so they can start to heal and recover. That is the end goal of the AAC. They want everyone that enters one of their treatment centers to be healed and recovered.

Now, they know it is going to be a lot harder once they are not under the care of the AAC. After they leave the AAC, they are going to have to keep doing the same things they had been doing while they were at the AAC.

For example, if someone was/is suffering from AUD (alcohol use disorder), they are going to have to be mindful of places that serve alcohol.

They need to be aware that it is around them, and they have to resist that temptation when it is presented to them. There are going to be people that are going to try to get them to drink. With an addict, they can’t drink once they have decided to stop. They need to stay away from it for good.

Because they have AUD, they are not like other drinkers out there. Social drinkers, for example, are able to drink, drive themselves home, and not have any issues. For someone with AUD, any type of alcohol in their system is going to put them right back in the beginning stages of their addiction. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper

They want to be taking a step forward and not falling into their old habits. Like the song/expression says, “Old habits die hard.” It will be a completely new lifestyle, and it will take some getting used to for them. However, in the end, they will be thankful they decided to do it because it’s going to make them a much happier person.

In the end, the AAC is always happy when they see that someone has used their treatment plans and had success. They are also happy that those in recovery are willing to work there and help others that are currently struggling. It’s really all about teamwork at the AAC. When the whole team works as one, they are truly a united front that is impossible to stop.

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Equities First Holdings – Loans Provide Financial Support

Obtaining a loan from a traditional lender can be very tough for many people. Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings strives to make it easy and affordable for people to get access to loans. Its stock-based loan is a great option for those who have to borrow money in a hurry. Equities First Holdings offers a streamlined loan process and is one of the most reliable lending firms out there.

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