Andrey Andreev Continues to Leap to Forefront of Technological Innovation

What does it take to be the best of the best? We all wonder what leads people to the forefront of their particular industries. And we hope that we might be able to do the same one day. But to do that we need to examine the lives of the people who continue to sit at the top of their profession. Andrey Andreev is a prime example of how someone rises to the top of the tech industry (Successstory). 


There’s one thing in particular which comes up again and again in his life. He’s always been able to use his current path as a stepping stone to the next. Andrey Andreev is often on the forefront of cutting edge technology. But it’s important to keep in mind that cutting edge tech is never static. It’s always changing, and one must be ready to do the same in order to stay in the lead. 


How has Andreev been able to accomplish this? To figure that out we can look at his most recent success story and see how he got there. He currently runs Badoo, which has around 360 million registered users according to Forbes´list. His career path to get to this point is fairly easy to see. He’d already succeeded with an earlier company that used social networking. He took the general idea for an online dating service and made it the single biggest example of its kind in Russia. It’s easy to see how one could transition between the two services. Matching people for dating and matching people for general social activities isn’t that different. 


But it might be better to say that what drove Andreev to this point is insight into people. Technology doesn’t evolve on its own. It changes according to what people take to in their day to day lives. When one examines Andreev’s managerial style it’s clear that he understands people. He’s said that he views running a company as an attempt to make people happy. And that more than anything else might be how he’s been able to stay on the cutting edge of his profession. He sees potential in everything. Whether it’s technology or the people who makes use of it. And in paying attention to this potential he’s able to grow alongside it. 

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