American Addiction Centers Talks on Benzodiazepines Harm

Benzodiazepines are commonly known as benzos and are used to treat seizures and anxiety. Its composition is comprised of Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Ambien, and Xanax.

According to American Addiction Centers, the dug is dangerous to human health. Much worse, it causes addiction to the users, and that is utterly harmful. Statistics indicate that between 1996 and 2013, adult usage rates went up by 67%. Doctors were prescribing medicine to many people in the United States.

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The sad news is that benzos contain a chemical known as GABA. It is a peril since it makes the patient drowsy by slowing down brain activity. What’s more, to get calm from anxiety, for instance, a person requires a substantial dosage. It leads to high dependence on the medication in the long run.

Key Information

The organization shares essential details that everyone ought to know to stay safe. For starters, addiction has become rampant to patients who use it.

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, who is part of the company, outlines that 17% of the people misused the drug. By 2018, the prescription had also increased such that 1 in 8 citizens used benzodiazepines. Thus, there are high odds that many people are addicted due to the high consumption rate.

Benzos cause cognitive impairment even in small portions leading to dementia. Patients have trouble recollecting their thoughts or memory. In addition to that, there are adverse effects, such as depression and headaches, as well.

Further, coordination becomes inhibited, and most times, drowsiness is eminent. People who use opioids or alcohol are in more danger since it causes an overdose when mixed with benzos.

Another piece of detail that’s worth mentioning is the withdrawal symptom. Benzos are meant to treat anxiety. On the contrary, it causes more anxiety for the patient after discontinuation. Unknown to many patients, they will think that they ought o continue using the drug to minimize the disorder.

If benzos are the last option in your list, Dr. Weinstein advises everyone to store them safely.

On that account, it is vital to keep it away from any prying eyes. Some use it with opiates to get high and enjoy the effects. With excess usage, benzodiazepines lead to an untimely death.

Signs of Benzodiazepines Abuse

Benzos come with both psychological and physical symptoms that are easy to identify. Patients experience difficulty while breathing, and they feel drowsy too.

Additionally, they have blurred vision, mood swings, slurred speech, and poor decision making. In addition to that, they withdraw socially and from their loved ones.

Their work performance deteriorates, and they steal money to purchase benzos. Some will go to other doctors so that they can prescribe the same medication. This way, they will have a constant supply all through.

How the Center Helps

The organization has the utmost experience in helping patients recover from addiction. First, they commence a medical Detox that clears the system off the drugs.

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Then a therapy follows that entails psychological and emotional support. The sessions will help the patients on stress matters and potential triggers.

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