Aaron Lupuloff Works Towards Education Reform

With the popularity of standardized testing decreasing across the globe, many are acknowledging the need to find more efficient methods to evaluate students, including those with neurodiverse needs, such as ADHD and autism. Educators are taking steps towards providing students with supplemental education programs beyond simply “teaching to the test”. Students deserve education reform that will provide a well rounded curriculum, with programs that encourage curiosity and creativity. These programs need funding from organizations like Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.

According to affiliatedork.com, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation aims to provide resources to maintain and improve Gwinnett County’s high quality education system. The foundation is managed by a board of individuals with diverse career backgrounds, including current presidents and CEOs of various companies. The Senior Executive Director, Aaron Lupuloff, joined the team in 2015, making him the newest managing member. The $455,748 raised by the foundation in 2018, serves as a testament to the board’s success. This money went towards scholarships, school programs, and developing educational opportunities for students.

Aaron Lupuloff served twenty years as senior managing director at Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. The value of his extensive financial management background was recognized by GCPS Foundation. David Seago, GCPS Foundation’s president stated, “Aaron’s energy and skill in the world of creation, investment, and financial management will help us ensure that the solid work of the foundation continues well into the future”. Aaron has demonstrated a long-standing dedication to education reform, having founded the Norcross High School Foundation back in 2001. In the spring of 2019, Aaron Lupuloff was awarded the Changing Communities and Lives 2019 community partner award. Today, he continues working to support education reform. If the 148,250 students and 140 schools supported by GCPS Foundation so far are any indication, then there is a bright future ahead for many. To know Aaron better you can visit his facebook  page.


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