A Shout Out To Securus Video Visitation Technology

I have to tell everybody about this video visitation service provided by a company called Securus. Secures is this technologies company that provides telephone and Internet services to prisons. That means they operate the phone lines that go in and out of prison, but they also develop software and technologies for law enforcement.


I thought I was going to this company like I hated the last company. You see, my brother got transferred to a different prison. His first prison was serviced by a company called Global Tel-Link. They absolutely stunk. Their service was terrible, their customer service was worse, and their prices were even worse.

Securus ended up being a great company to work with. You have to set up an account with them, just like with Global Tel-Link, but it is way easier. You can do it online with just a few clicks of a button. From there, you can make phone calls using your account or you can use their video visitation service. That video visitation service is just the best.


If you do it right, you don’t have to talk to any law enforcement officials. That’s why I don’t visit my brother too often because I do not like being around all those cops. You just use your online account to ask for a video visit session. You even get to pick the date and time. The program goes and schedules it for you, telling me when my brother will be available. Then I just confirm it and start the video session when it is time. In each one of these video sessions only costs a few bucks.


I just read that Securus is trying to get the word out about this video visitation technology. I hope this review helps them because this technology really helps me.


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