A call to help people living with mental illnesses by Jeremy Goldstein

On May 21, Jeremy Goldstein hosted an event called “Mental Illness: You are not A Rhone” at Nomad Hotel Roof deck. The event took place from 6 to 10:00 p.m. tickets were sold at $5,000 and in return, receiving heavy meal and drinks. The main agenda of the event was to raise funds which would be used by Fountain House to help those people living with critical mental ailments to live normally.

Fountain House was established in 1944 by a group of people undergoing mental illnesses to help other patients who had the same problem. Although the establishment of the Foundation reduced cases of mental illnesses, the issue remains a big problem in the community until today. Stigmatization of the affected people is increasing every day. This is the main reason the Foundation has grown over the years. The Foundation has grown to a point they built a house they named Fountain House. It provides job opportunities and accommodation to people with a mental health condition.

The central mandate of the Foundation is to ensure that they have helped as many metal patients as they can to get treatment for their situation. They do this by providing housing services and providing a way to make ends meet for their families. Usually, the less fortunate, especially people living with serious illnesses, get left out in the community. The Foundation is trying to minimize this situation, helping the diagnosed patients to live positively, spread its operations in the city, and mental lending programs mainly in New York.

Recently, Fountain moved from concentrating with local cases to global health issues. In 2018, the Foundation held a conference that brought together over 300 mental health professionals from all over the world. They hosted the conference in partnership with the WHO, and this made it clear that the Foundation was ready to serve people globally. Persons with mental ailments are ordinary people only less fortunate, therefore once employed, they can settle to raise their families. Fountain works to ensure that these people have received the required skills and get to improve their confidence.

More information about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree in Law from NY University, School of Law. After his studies, he enrolled in a Law firm in New York City. As he was working, he noticed an opportunity; consultancy companies were terminating their partnerships with major companies, and he thought that Law firms could also do the same. This idea built the need to open his law firm; Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate, LLC. The firm deals mainly with advisory services on matters related to compensation and corporate leadership issues.

The Lawyer has served top leaders in organizations, including CEOs and Managing Directors. Besides, he has been in significant acquisitions such as between Goodrich and United Technologies, Bank of America, Roebuck, and Co and Cingular Wireless and AT&T Wireless Service. Apart from his law pursuit, the attorney also writes and speaks to the public on matters such as collective dominion and administrative reimbursement.


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