Sergey Petrossov is the Brilliant Mind Behind JetSmarter

Becoming a CEO before the age of 30 is not all that common but 28-year-old Sergey Petrossov has done just that. His company, JetSmarter is valued at over one billion dollars and he is a young and successful CEO and founder. His work with JetSmarter is something that not all CEOs have the ability to do.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to the United States when he was very young and he began to learn about aviation when his family moved to Florida when he was around 10 years old. He found out that the private jet industry was in dire need of an upgrade and a real change. Sergey found that many of the private jets that are out on the tarmac every day are not actually full.

JetSmarter works to help fill those empty seats and get private jets into the air with passengers on board. The company started in 2016 and has grown immensely since its inception. JetSmarter offers a membership for users where they can pay an annual fee to have access to the JetSmarter App and all that it includes.

It was the goal of Petrossov that the app would allow users to have access to flights that they needed, to flights that might not be listed, or flights that might not be easy to access. They offer the chance to charter your flight and to choose the flight that is going to work for your needs and work what you have access to. You can charter fully private flights, you can charter flights with other people that are flying to the same place, or to get jet shuttles that take you to the plane.

Private jets are a great thing but they can take a great deal of trouble to set up if you are not fully aware of how to charter your own private jet. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter are making strides.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Leading Business Startups on a Straight Path to Success

 A Business Consultant Who Is Changing the World

Changing the world does not always mean the world as a whole, at least not right away. Changing the world in most of our lives works first from within and slowly moves outward into our environment and those closest to us; later, it will be applied to those further and open to the services and products we bring to them to help them in their life.

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While there is no guaranteed timeline to accomplish this, it necessarily requires preparation and execution to be effective. Development often comes about specific training, which teaches us the principles of what these services do and serve, while the implementation requires the methods of translating them into useful means for the use of others.

Luke Lazarus, a successful business leader of more than two decades, went through his training and years of executing the things he learned and successfully brought many services and products to others. Luke Lazarus now applies that same knowledge to benefiting startup businesses prepare their businesses for a successful launch as a consultant.

Beginning Again

Not every business that begins a company to be successful attains it the first time, but those with determination and commitment go through different transformations to arrive at what they first imagined had passed by without their grasping it successfully.

However, with the proper help and problem solving offered by Luke Lazarus Consultancy was able to accomplish they’re long sought after goals. Luke Lazarus launched Luke Lazarus consultancy in 2013 for the sole purpose of making a positive contribution to business in Australia, especially working closely with companies in the stage called startups.

A startup could be one in a million small or large companies that are seeking to bring any product or service to consumers that have yet to be discovered or delivered to the market. Some products and service are patented while others are re-packaging of well-known technology presented in a new way.

Straight Path to Success

Just as Luke Lazarus never wavered from his career during his days of preparation in the time of building his organization so he now is sharing those same winning principles with the startups he works with thru his rigorous program of examination and integrating their business plan, mission and story points to those that will win over investors and consumers.

Luke Lazarus believes having a solid foundation in these principles is forms a sure foundation for their future success.

Finding Business Success

Luke Lazarus began his business success over twenty years ago when he launched four successful businesses after leaving Melbourne Business School. All four firms were successful and profitable. Luke Lazarus sold those four businesses and launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy in 2013.

Luke Lazarus now travels across Australia, working closely with startups who require his wealth of knowledge, insights, and experience to solve problems they face.

Luke Lazarus has experienced hundreds of success stories coming from his startups he worked within the recent years ranging from successful relaunches, receiving investment from an angel or Venture capitalist, or the launching of a successful IPO.

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Teach to One Is Transforming Education, One Student At A Time

With the overcrowding of schools and classroom, it can be difficult for educators to provide one on one instruction, or hone in on the needs of each individual student. However, studies show that this type of individualized approach has a tremendous impact on each student’s success.

As we evolve, the way we learn does as well. Our society, as a whole, has gotten better at understanding this process, but, are we addressing it? While technology has made major contributions to the evolution of education, it often fails to address the lack of personalized learning paths. In order to be effective, curriculums and learning paths should be based on data. When we better understand how a student learns, we can provide more opportunities for learning, and better support their learning styles.

Teach to one, introduces a new and innovative way of teaching mathematics in middle school and high school. The program enables teachers to provide a more personalized learning experience, based on the needs of each individual student. Through a combination of different assessments, and technology-based tools and instruction, Teach to One aims to develop strategies and learning plans that support the learning styles of each individual student, and do away with the one fits all model of education we commonly see in schools today.

A recent study showed that their unique approach was paying off in the most rewarding way. Over a three year period, students who were consistently enrolled in Teach to One program showed an increase of roughly 23% in MAP testing scores, while students who were not enrolled consistently saw an increase of roughly 12%.

While their primary focus is mathematics, the organization has plans to expand and help support the needs of all students, across a variety of different subjects.

ClassDojo , Helping Families Communicate

ClassDojo now has a mobile app that can be used in various ways to help students, teachers, and parents. Many people are excited about the app because it has many uses and it improves the overall flow of communication between teachers and parents. Many people were not aware that ClassDojo has an app. The ClassDojo app is available to everyone who is involved with the student’s learning environment. Teachers use the app during class in order to teach students about vigorous skills during the day. The app can also be used to communicate with each student’s parents before, during, and after a typical school day.

The app is extremely convenient because teachers no longer have to locate each parent’s phone number each time they need to communicate with them. Instead, the teacher can simply reach out to the parent through the app which already has the parent’s contact information stored. In addition to the app being an easier way to communicate with parents, the app also allows teachers to communicate better with parents.

ClassDojo understands that every parent does not speak English as a first language. Because of this, sometimes it can be hard for teachers to communicate with parents. It is not fair for parents not to be involved with their child’s educational life because of a language barrier. ClassDojo has fixed this dilemma. ClassDojo offers more than 30 languages for teachers to translate from English. ClassDojo has changed the way of educational communication.

Gustavo Martinez Is An Advertising Consultant Who Uses His Many Talents To Benefit His Clients

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing consultant who comes up with many of his ideas by relying on his team. He is known for his ability to create diverse marketing teams who rely on innovative techniques and feels like his role is to simply inspire them to reach greater heights. Martinez believes that marketers need to be recognized for their talent and for what they have contributed to any campaign they are working on. He focuses on giving each marketer in his team tasks that they are most suited for, and this has helped him to continue to thrive in the sector for many years.


Gustavo Martinez has been serving clients in his industry for many decades. He created many popular marketing campaigns in the past and continues to do everything he can to propel his clients’ companies towards success. Martinez has commented that he is a workaholic and that he spends at least 10 hours every day serving his clients’ needs. He knows it is important to create the kind of environment in the workplace where marketers feel comfortable collaborating with one another. He believes that a free exchange of ideas is always important in his sector, and he also feels that passion is one of the most important ingredients in the success of any marketer.


Gustavo Martinez learns a lot from people because he is an excellent listener. He knows that every person on Earth has something to offer that makes them worth paying attention to. Martinez makes workers and people feel valuable because of his ability to bring the best out in them. He also engages in philanthropy, but you most people don’t know this because of how he approaches helping people. He wishes more people would take part in philanthropy simply because they want to help make the world a better place. He has noticed that many businessmen use philanthropy as a way of making themselves look good. He feels this is more like marketing rather than philanthropy, which he takes part in out of the goodness of his heart.


Gustavo Martinez is now working with UV Business Acceleration where he uses his gifts to help startups succeed. The majority of startups fall short during their first few years of being in business, and he wants to change this statistic. Martinez sees the products that company’s offer and their advertising campaigns as one and the same. Through professional design and analytics, he is helping startups to find their footing in today’s crowded business world.


Gustavo Martinez continues to share his many talents with the world by working with companies who need him most. In the past, he has worked with many well-known marketing companies including J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Ogilvy and Mather, McCann World Group, and Price Waterhouse. He is now serving as a consultant in the advertising industry, which allows him to be more independent. He also feels his current position allows him to give his clients a more personalized approach. He is expecting the Internet of Things to change the way that marketers help their clients reach their customers in the future.


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Seymour Segnit Reveals Opinions About Marketing


Failure shouldn’t be anything more than a learning experience that includes a minor setback. Seymour Segnit didn’t succeed with his first crowdfunding-based business. Things started out well, and then the company ran out of money. His second endeavor, MAGFAST, turned out to be a hit. The company raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on its first day of fundraising. Segnit revealed the company is doing well. Currently, there are six chargers available in the wireless MAGFAST Family.

What is Seymour Segnit working on right now? He handles many tasks associated with running MAGFAST since he is the Chief Executive Officer. Marketing, however, remains at the top of his priority list virtually every day. He suggests that a savvy entrepreneur should spend roughly 80% of his or her time on marketing. Go Here to learn more.

Segnit is currently researching processes for micro-geolocation. Seymour Segnit wants market research that provides any and all details possible about potential clients. Segnit even takes information regarding the specific buildings clients may be located thoughtfully.

Seymour Segnit’s rationale for marketing isn’t too complicated to comprehend. He feels that raising awareness about a product makes sales more likely. A customer won’t purchase something he/she never heard of. Not everyone is skilled at marketing, but a lack of skill should not become an excuse to hide behind. Seymour Segnit suggests outsourcing marketing work if you aren’t good at it.

The products available under the MAGFAST Family banner do provide much of value. The wireless chargers cut out the need for cables and their subsequent tangles — the magnets in the chargers open doors for creative-looking connections. View More Information Here.

The key to marketing is getting information about the value to the customers. Solely stressing information about the product isn’t always the way to go. Marketing that focuses on a products ability to make people feel good can resonate. Seymour Segnit appreciates the “feel good” approach.


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Jason Hope Is A Serious Entrepreneur And Investor

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and angel investor. He is definitely motivated by technology and the many things it can do. He often gives people ideas about what future technology will look like. His advice is often beneficial for people who are wanting to stay ahead of technological trends.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and received a degree in finance. He also received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Based on his interests he actually has a five hundred dollar grant program for inspiring youth interested in technology. He looks through the entries of creative ideas from young people and then chooses one.

The entrepreneur is sure to take some personal time for himself each day. He starts with a healthy breakfast and doing some form of exercise. He wants to be sure he is prepared for his day. Then he checks his emails and social media accounts. He is sure to take necessary rests throughout the day away from his computer. This helps him to stay grounded and better focused on tasks. Jason Hope understands it is important to take time to get feedback on various ideas. Different people’s perspectives can be quite different, so it is important to get their ideas on topics as well. This can possibly help to avoid some mistakes. He takes every project one step at a time, so he will not feel overwhelmed about all the things he has to get accomplished. He encourages people to look at the bigger picture and not to stress over the minuscule details. He thinks this caused him to feel burnt out on certain projects in his past.

Jason Hope believes networking is a huge part of what he does and how he has been able to become successful. Knowing the right people has been a tremendous help to him. Jason Hope is also someone who enjoys giving back. He often helps philanthropic organizations.

Cocktails to Mocktails with Prevagen

 Prevagen is a company that manufactures brain health supplements clinically shown to help an individual with memory loss associated with aging. Aside from the production of brain health supplements, Prevagen is devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles, diets, and recipes.

Due to September being Self-Improvement Month, Prevagen provides us with a tasty, first step to healthier lifestyle choices. They offer two tasty alternatives to our favorite alcoholic drinks, such as red wines and cocktails.

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Although the previously mentioned beverages have substantial health benefits, overindulging can lead to serious health risks and possible detriment to one’s overall health.

In addition to the possible risks, alcoholic drinks add a lot of calories to your diet. Due to this, Prevagen provides two non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative.

First, is the non-alcoholic, Healthy Bloody Mary. This non-alcoholic, Healthy Blood Mary is the perfect brunch beverage and healthy alternative to an alcoholic Bloody Mary drink. In order to make this drink you will need the following ingredients:

  • Favorite bloody Mary mix
  • Black pepper
  • Celery
  • Blue cheese olives
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Garlic powder
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Tabasco

To make this, you must first provide a salty rim for your glass. Next, combine the Bloody Mary mix, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a bit of Tabasco, a pinch of black pepper, and a pinch of garlic powder into a shaker.

Then, shake up the mixture, pour the drink over ice, and garnish with olives, celery, and rosemary.

The second drink Prevagen suggests is the Kombucha Cranberry Mocktail. This beverage is a great source of vitamin B, which is great for regulating your metabolism and energy. In order to make this beverage you will need the following:

  • One sprig of fresh rosemary, additional rosemary to use for garnish
  • Two 12-ounce bottles of Kombucha (ginger or original)
  • 1-inch slice of ginger, fresh, and thinly sliced
  • Fresh cranberries for garnishing
  • ½ cup of unsweetened, 100% cranberry juice

To make this, you must first muddle rosemary and sliced ginger in a large pitcher. Next, combine the kombucha and cranberry juice. After, stir the mixture until fully mixed. Lastly, pour the mixture over ice and garnish with cranberries, fresh ginger, and a dash of rosemary.

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Although these aren’t the only mocktail recipes available to try, Prevagen provides these two alternatives to alcoholic beverages that provide more for than a replacement for our favorite alcoholic drinks. But, instead, offer drinks that have amazing health benefits that taste just as great.

Learn more about Prevagen:

Igor Cornelsen Holds Steady With His Investments While Brazil Undergoes A Recession

Igor Cornelsen is an investment professional who has accomplished a lot during his career. He was born in Brazil, and while many investors are bailing out on their investments in his home country, he was able to continue to earn a profit during its recent recession. When he was younger, he planned on becoming an engineer, and he studied at the Federal University of Parana where he first majored in engineering. After doing so for a couple of years, he made the decision to switch his field of study to economics. He later earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the school.

Igor Cornelsen then went to work with a bank in Brazil where he was able to use the skills he learned in college. He was eventually promoted to serve on the board of directors at the bank but moved on to new challenges after it was bought out by Bank of America. Cornelsen served with Unibanco after this and then went to work with London Merchant Bank during the mid 1980s. He later served on Unibanco’s board of directors before deciding to go into business on his own.

During the mid 1990s, Igor Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investments Inc. Today, he continues to work with his investment company as its proprietor and also helps new investors to become better at making money. Instead of always investing in companies that are doing well, he has been able to turn a profit by investing in damaged stocks. He feels these are often undervalued and that they can be held onto until these kinds of companies are doing well again. Igor Cornelsen now spends most of his days in Florida or Sao Paulo. He enjoys playing golf and continues to keep up with his blog where he helps aspiring investors to become better at what they do.

Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings is located in the United Kingdom and the community that lives there has nothing but positive statements they can make about this company. They are full of empathy and compassion for each customer they approve for their stock-based loan and you need shares or stocks to be used as collateral reasons. The establishment located in the United Kingdom was built back in 2012.