Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Shout Out To Securus Video Visitation Technology

I have to tell everybody about this video visitation service provided by a company called Securus. Secures is this technologies company that provides telephone and Internet services to prisons. That means they operate the phone lines that go in and out of prison, but they also develop software and technologies for law enforcement.   I…

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OSI Group And The Food Products

One thing that is a constant need in society is food. However, the days when people farmed their own food are all gone. Instead, people go to grocery stores to pick up products that have been packaged for them. However, not all products are equal. Also, a lot of the foods have gone through a…

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The Magnises Card Gives Customers Bountiful Perks

Magnises is a black card for all of those young professionals that are interested in getting some of the extra perks that they would otherwise miss out on. There is no secret that the young professions are going to get good jobs after they graduate. What they do not have, however, is access to black…

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