Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Strong Survive: Handy Thrives

When it comes to owning a business, many people have tried and failed to make their dreams come true. One company, Handy, a cleaning company that is taking the industry by storm, has proven that those who are strong and think smart in the world of business can not only thrive, they can totally knock…

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Sweetgreen, an Unexpected Business Success Story

Most business advisors and finance experts would never predict that a restaurant that served only salads would ever survive in the nation’s top business markets like Washington DC and New York City. However, the Sweetgreen franchise has successfully proved them wrong several times over. Not only has the business survived, it has enjoyed immeasurable success…

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Healthy Food Can Taste Good As Well

Just because people are eating healthy does not mean that they have to sacrifice great taste. As a matter of fact, this was what Nathaniel Ru has been trying to prove with Sweetgreen. However, this is one of the myths of healthy eating that is slowly being proved wrong. One of the reasons that people…

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