Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Lip Balm For All By Evolution of Smooth

When the lips are feeling dry and chapped, everyone needs a good lpi balm to help put moisture back into them before they get cracked and painful. Evolution of Smooth has the perfect product for anyone’s needs in lip balms. They have lip balms with an assortment of different scents and flavors that thoroughly nourish…

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The Evolution of Smooth

Lip balms are a wax like substance that is used on the lips to moisturize chapped/dry lips. The chose of the type of lip balm you use is highly important. A great lip balm to use is Evolution of Smooth. Craig Dubitsky founded the company that is based in New York City. This lip balm…

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The 2020 Lovaganza Announcement

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo. Lovaganza has announced that they will be launching their new non-profit organization, Lovaganza Foundation, as early as 2018. This is a major step for the company and something that they have been working toward for many years. It will give the company an opportunity to participate in charitable causes and…

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