Monthly Archives: February 2016

Slycing Through The Competition

Recently LiveMint released a clever report covering the recent emergence of image recognition start-up company, and it’s overall effect on a new generation of tech savvy young people. As of late, new start-ups have emerged to help online retailers find make the intended connection with the audience they are trying to market to. Companies like…

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New York Real Estate Is Expected To Change In 2016

On January 20th 2016, NY Daily News reported eight predictions for the New York real estate market this year. According to experts, the New York City real estate is expected to be dynamic in 2016.   One of the predictions is that interest rates will slowly rise, which may dissuade buyers from purchasing real estate.…

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Dick DeVos: Life & Business

Dick DeVos is currently getting into the liquor business. His Grand Rapids-based holding company, Windquest Group, has begun the process of purchasing Coppercraft Distillery. While Windquest hasn’t confirmed its ownership of the entity, it is the primary party to accept mail and documents on behalf of the entity. On January 20, the LLC approved the…

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