The Tornado Savior- Perry Mandera

In 2013 when Illinois suffered damages due to tornadoes, the man who heeded the call to action was none other than Perry Mandera. Mandera is the entrepreneur behind trucking company The Custom Companies, Inc. During this time of need Mandera arranged for his company, The Custom Companies to deliver food and other supplies to families in need. This was a reoccurrence during the hardships endured as a result of the wake of Hurricane Katrina where The Custom Companies delivered 40 truckloads of supplies to both the residents in Mississippi and Louisiana. Another charitable venture of Mandera’s can be seen in his relief to those affected by the California wildfires. His impact can be further observed in looking at his companies’ charitable organization, Custom Cares and its donations in food and supplies throughout various times of the year.

But who truly is Perry Mandera? In looking at various aspects of Mandera’s claim to fame in entrepreneurship, as well as his life post that it seems as though Perry Mandera is a true self-built philanthropist. In the time building up to the creation of Perry Mandera’s main company, The Custom Cares, Inc he was a part of the U.S. Marine Corp Reserves, where he was assigned to the motor pool. Here was where he picked up truck driving, which he was later able to apply in his civilian life working for a trucking company, and beyond this in 1980 to create his own company which he later sold in 1985. After this came the inception of The Custom Companies Inc in 1986. From its inception The Custom Companies grew to one of the largest and most renowned trucking companies. Its clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. The Custom Companies created by Perry Mandera in 1986 grew to over 300 employees and experienced sales exceeding 200 million. It later went on to offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while having 33 major distribution hubs offering access to over 5,000 various trucking partners. Due to this in 2000 Perry Mandera received acclaim from the Illinois Transportation Association as one of the top 100 transportation executives of a millennium.

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Why PSI Pay Matters in The World of Finance

PSI Pay is a digital wallet that can be used to carry all manner of transactions without any problems such as having to make contact and so on. The main advantage that comes with the use of mobile wallet services such as PSI Pay is that one doesn’t have to carry cash with them, which will definitely improve their security.


Surprisingly, fraud hasn’t really affected the world of contactless payment contrary to its initial speculation. And this explains why most Europeans are turning to PSI Pay and its ilk for their services.


Services Offered by PSI Pay

PSI Pay has one goal – to make sure that both individuals and companies have the smoothest, fastest and safest transactions from just about any place in the world. To date, they boast of their services covering up to 44 different currencies and in well over 170 countries.


And judging by how things are looking up, this number is bound to increase with the coming financial years. Some of the services esteemed customers enjoy from PSI Pay include card issuing i.e. virtual cards, MasterCard and so on. The card issuing process was officially kick-started back in 2014 and to date, it has been a major success!


Other specialized PSI Pay services may include reporting, approvals, audits, AML mandates as well as all FCA required activities. Therefore, if you or your company are in need of any of their above services, the best move would be contacting PSI Pay as soon as possible because they’ll definitely have you covered!


The PSI Pay and Kerv Merger

In recent news, PSI Pay and Kerv, a plausible giant in the world of alternative payment, hinted at a possible merger which came out to be true. This incredible merger would enable the global market to enjoy the very first contactless payment ring, which would indeed make the world a better, convenient place if its advantages are anything to go by.


This merger would enable a number of things including auto top-up services, bank transfers, debit or credit transactions as well as PayPal or manual loading – depending on whatever floats the client’s boat.

OSI Group Owns a New Food Processing Plant

A former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois was recently purchased by OSI Group. OSI Group is a private company and they are one of the largest food processing companies in the food industry. They have food plants in Illinois, California, Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin. The company purchased the former Tyson Foods plant because they intend the plant to help them continue to grow. The new plant is located near another OSI Group food plant in Geneva, Illinois. OSI Group has their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

When the Tyson Food plant that OSI Group just acquired closed, a lot of people lost their jobs. OSI Group, after acquiring the plant, hired many of those people to work at their company. OSI Group is a company that strives to make a work environment that their employees can find challenging as well as rewarding. The company tries to hire employees who have an interest in working in the food industry. They also try to hire employees who are hard-working people. The company knows that hard-working employees could help them continue to be a successful food processing company. People who are interested in working with OSI Group may be able to find employment information on their website.

OSI Group has a reputation for delivering high-quality food processing services to their customers. They process many different types of food products. The company processes pork products, beef products, turkey products, snack products, fruit products, vegetable products, and poultry products. Some of the food products that they process include bacon, which includes bacon bits and bacon strips. They process beefsteak, beef burgers, cooked sausage links, cooked sausage patties, meatloaf, meatballs, and hot dogs. They process pizza, crusts, breads, pepperoni, fresh dough, cookies, poultry strips, breaded poultry, nuggets, and patties. The company processes chili, soups, beans, as well as different types of breakfasts and lunches. Some of the vegetables that they process for their customers include corn, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes.

OSI Group has been successful in a very competitive food industry. The company intends to use their new food processing facility and food storage warehouse to help them continue to grow and expand. In addition to trying to grow and expand their company, OSI Group continues to strive to deliver high-quality food processing services to their customers.

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Jeremy Goldstein discusses importance of well-designed executive compensation

Recently, Jeremy Goldstein, one of the most famous mergers-and-acquisitions attorneys in the United States today, sat down to discuss the importance of properly designing executive compensation packages for small businesses.

After a long career with world-renowned law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Goldstein participated in some of the largest and most important acquisition deals in the history of corporate America. This has giving him extensive insight into the importance of properly designing corporate bylaws so that they will hold up against all eventualities. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Goldstein recently made the move to found his own private practice. After having worked for more than 15 years with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, he finally decided that he wanted to strike out on his own, focusing on helping the small business people meet the same difficult challenges that faced his most well-heeled corporate clients.

One of the first moves that Goldstein made was to add his list to the Lawyer Referral and Information System, a system established by the New York State Bar Association that helps all New York state residents find the legal counsel most appropriate for their needs and their location. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

By adding his name to this prestigious list of New York attorneys, Goldstein has made the first step in the right direction towards ensuring that his firm will thrive.

With a Juris Doctor in law from New York University, Goldstein has also participated as a member of various legal professional groups. He currently sits on the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association, one of the most prestigious positions in that organization.

But Goldstein’s real passion is helping small business owners to figure out the best way is to face the difficult challenges of ensuring that they are contractually protected from hostile outside suitors.

In particular, Goldstein says that one of the most severe threats that confront modern business owners is that of the shareholder activist. Goldstein says that many small business owners underestimate the threat that shareholder activists pose to their businesses.

Even though a business may have total outstanding capital of less than $10 million, many shareholder activists have sharpened their claws in the world of big corporate finance. These activists are more than willing to ply their trade with smaller companies, potentially imperiling everything that small business owners have worked for.

Jose Hawilla, one of the globe’s most successful entrepreneurs

Research indicates that the United States records the highest index of entrepreneurship. Several other nations are also included in the findings with impressive indexes. This goes to show how much entrepreneurship is taking over. However, there are very many entrepreneurs in existence, but few are successful. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than just having a business idea.


Qualities of successful business moguls


Successful entrepreneurs are always asking questions. For anyone to come up with an invention or a business idea, the very first step is always asking questions, curiosity is a trait that should be held throughout the life of an individual.



Ability to embrace failure

Every successful individual has a story of how they failed in the past. Failure is a part of the learning process. Fear of failure may cause one not to endeavor in any opportunity.



For one to succeed in any endeavor, the element of commitment is as vital as passion.



It is wise always to admit when you are wrong and ask for help when the need arises. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be proud as every day is supposed to bring forth a new learning experience.





Know when to and also when not to say yes or no. Entrepreneurs should always be firm and stand by their decisions.


Create a balance between work and social life

To succeed, you must know where the line is between work and social life. To much focus on one side is a recipe for failure. For more info you can checkout



One individual with all these qualities and more is Brazilian Mogul Jose Hawilla.


Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is the founder and owner of Traffic Group. Traffic Group is a multinational sports marketing firm based in Brazil.


Jose was born in Sao Paolo in 1943. He started out as a sports journalist. During his time as a journalist, he acquired so much knowledge on the market, and this was when the idea of Traffic Group came to him. Traffic Group has grown to become one of the most significant sports marketing companies in Brazil. He is affiliated with major football clubs in Brazil and beyond. What Jose Hawilla has done with Traffic Group coming from a mere idea is the definition of entrepreneurship. Checkout for more details.


OSI Food Solutions & OSI Group – Global Food Distributors & Global Employers

OSI Group is a leading global provider of food and food related products. They are partnered with many companies in the food distribution and food service industries to unite customers with the goods they desire. OSI Group has the infrastructure and resources needed to bring resources to companies all over the world.

One of the companies under the OSI Group banner, OSI Food Solutions UK received the Globe of Honour in 2016. They were given the award by the British Safety Council for managing the environmental risks associated with business. The award ceremony was held at Drapers’ Hall in London, England in November of 2016.

Lynda Armstrong, the Chair of the British Safety Council congratulated OSI Group on the award. “On behalf of the trustees and staff of the British Safety Council,” she began. “I sincerely congratulate OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd on winning a Globe of Honour for 2016.” She went on to explain what the Globe of Honour means and why it was awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK.

OSI Food Solution Spain has been just as successful. The branch of OSI Group out of Spain has recently opened a brand new high capacity production facility in addition to its active facilities. The production of chicken in Spain by OSI Group has doubled, increasing from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons per year. This brings to total amount of meat production in Toledo, Spain for OSI Group to 45,000 tons. This number includes not only chicken but also pork and beef.

In the Summer of 2017, OSI Group also announced it had purchased two smaller companies: Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Baho Foods operated out of the Netherlands and Germany, but now OSI Group controls all of their assets. Flagship Europe’s purchase brings with it brand names such as Oliver James Foods, Tabasco, and Oasis Foods.

OSI Group doesn’t only bring good food to the world, they also offer rewarding career opportunities. OSI Group provides employment in countries all over the world. The United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Spain, China, and Germany all benefit from having OSI Group stationed within their borders.

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Dr. Jonathan Rand Offers Effective, Innovative Treatments For Older Patients

Treating patients with age related medical issues is the specialty of Healthy Aging Medical Center’s president Dr. Jonathan Rand. Using targeted biomedical hormone replacement therapy this integrated medicine specialist has been able to improve the healthy of countless older patients at the West Orange, New Jersey based facility. Dr. Rand is certified in anti-aging medicine through the Anti-Aging Medical Board in addition to graduating from Albert Einstein College of Medicine with his medical degree. He has combined that training to create groundbreaking treatments for his growing number of older patients.

The comprehensive, effective health care Dr. Jonathan Rand has been able to provide for many patients addresses many age-related conditions like high blood pressure, low libido, mental fogginess, poor memory, fatigue, mood swings, depression, anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, menopause symptoms, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, andropause symptoms and muscle atrophy. The key has been Dr. Rand’s use of biomedical hormone replacement. By eschewing the use of dangerous synthetic hormones, he’s been able to help patients while protecting them from side-effects.

The work being done by Dr. Jonathan Rand on patients with age-related medical conditions is based on the research he has done on biomedical hormone imbalances caused by aging. Using the results of his research Dr. Rand has been able to create more effective individualized therapies to improve the health and vitality of his patients. In many cases he has been able to prevent diseases from striking his elderly patients by showing them how to use better nutrition and increased exercise as well as improvement in hormone levels. It’s all part of Dr. Jonathan Rand’s integrative, regenerative approach to medical care for older people (

All people’s bloodstreams contain good and bad hormones. The presence of bad hormones in the bloodstream increases as people age. Those hormones include cortisol and insulin. What Dr. Rand has been able to do is increase the amount of good hormones like progesterone, DHEA, human growth hormone, thyroid, estrogen and testosterone to improve his patients’ health. The strength, stamina and energy of Dr. Jonathan’s patients show significant increases as a result of his innovative work.


Aloha Construction Working Management

It is the Aloha spirit that drives the remarkable employees at Aloha Construction every day. Warm and friendly to both customers and employees, this construction company has earned many accolades from prestigious organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Aloha Construction employees know that being friendly to customers is only part of the overall service. Honesty and integrity are the key elements that make or break relationships. Dishonest dealings don’t belong with Aloha Construction.

Every Aloha Construction employee does have a vested interest in the company’s success. The CEO, Dave Farbaky provides a strong example of being open and honest with his employees. His expectations for his employees to do their best in all their dealings are high. He encourages his employees to grow and develop in their chosen positions. He also encourages them to learn new methods and technologies in construction management.

It is, however, his commitment to the community at large that has endeared him to his employees. Employees are encouraged to serve their community through various programs. One of the most recent charitable works was with the Omni Youth Services. The charitable arm of the company, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, helped one family’s dream come true with a $7,000 shopping spree.

Aloha Construction does take pride in helping children who have cancer and other illnesses enjoy life. Recently employees have contributed to helping a 12-year-old boy with a congenital heart failure enjoy a Chicago Bulls game with his friends. Employees also contributed $5 for every basketball assist at Illinois State University games.

The prestigious BBB Torch award is Aloha Construction’s most recent accolade. The award goes to the company that shows leadership and social responsibility towards their employees and customers. Winners of this award also show any prospective customers that they are committed to very high standards in their work.

The Aloha spirit of family in this family-owned business is what makes its customers keep coming back. It is the employees’ commitment to the community that really tells potential customers that they are the roofers and construction specialists they want to work on their homes and businesses.

The Academy of Art University Is Defining The Future Of The Fashion Industry Through Their Students

Fashion is one of those highly unique and creative outlets that takes a great deal of dedication and practice to be good at. The Academy of Art University has been successfully teaching students throughout California what it takes to be successful in not only Fashion and Art, but design, acting, advertising, marketing, and many more fields of study. The Academy has been providing their students with a positive and supportive community that allows them to flourish and explore their creativity, which has produced some of the most highly decorated individuals in the industry, thanks to their academic training.

For more than a decade now, students have been able to show off their own work at events like New York Fashion Week, giving them a chance to appeal to the public and various industry experts with their very own work. In 2017, 10 students were chosen to have their personal work showcased on the runway for New York’s Annual Fashion show. Diversity has been one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of students at this Academy. Positive feedback has been given aplenty for the high diversity maintained at the university throughout the years. With more than 18 thousands students studying at the Academy every year, it is quite impressive that the backgrounds of their students come from more than 100 different countries.

Students are able to thrive at the Academy of Art University thanks to the principles put into place by the Academy’s original founder, Richard Stephens. During the time, the Academy was focused on advertising and changed to incorporate art and fashion as well as various other subjects of study later on. Today, the Academy of Art University is being run by Richards very own kin, Elisa Stephens, which acts as the institute’s president for the time being. Through her leadership, the Academy continues to challenge their students and successfully build their creative capabilities to create future industry innovators.


Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and A look at His Career

Jorge Moll Career History & Background

Out of all the working industries in the world today, the medical industry is definitely one of the most demanding and challenging fields to work in. When we take into consideration things such as time, commitment, and overall sacrifice that is needed for professionals to just get into the field, it is easy to see why not too many professionals become ultra-successful in the medical field. However, with that said, there are some exceptions to that fact. As for who that expectation is, Neuroscientist Jorge Moll has been more than prominent in his career. As one of the most significant figureheads in his field, describing the career of Jorge Moll as illustrious is an understatement. When we reflect on everything Jorge Moll has accomplished in his career as a medical professional, it understandable to know why he is one of the most highly-regarded and sought-after medical professionals in the entire medical field. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about Jorge Moll and the type of work ethic he has. Also, it goes to show how effective he is as a neuroscientist. Impressively enough, there is still so much more to his successful ways.

In an article by ( on Jorge Moll, it is made clear that Jorge Moll has always wanted to help people in need. This has been a big motivational factor for his impressive work. In addition to that, the article also describes what a profound history Jorge Moll has in the medical field. Perhaps more than any other professional, Jorge Moll is as dedicated as it gets. Furthermore, the article explains that these factors have played into day-to-day routines, ideas, and interests as a professional. Also, they have played into his necessity to spread his vast knowledge to other young professionals in his field. Again, showing what it takes to be a true professional, Jorge Moll will stop at nothing to reach and spread his success (Releasefact). All in all, there is no denying his overall greatness as a professional. With the way things are going and have gone for him, Jorge Moll will surely continue to succeed well into the future.


Must. Eat. Food.