Equities First Holdings Is In The News

Equities First Holdings is in the news, and they have been making news in Europe because they have the best loans and the right kind of collateral for everyone. This company makes it very easy for people to get the loans that they require, and they can get the money that they need. The people who want to have the few things that they need and the cash that is required, and it would be so easy for someone to get the loans because Equities First Holdings takes very easy applications. The application can be filled out in the office, and they can talk to someone who works for this company in their office if they want. This company offers all the money that they need, and they can give people loans that are much easier to pay off because they were chosen to make life easier for everyone involved in the loan.

Contact Equities First Holdings: www.crunchbase.com/organization/equities-first-usa

Susan McGalla Helping Women Understand the Path To Success in Corporate World

Gone are the days when men were more progressive or dominant than women as in the twenty-first century, everyone is equal and have the opportunities available to fulfill their dreams without prejudice. The corporate world has been one of the areas where the differences between men and women have been most criticized in the past few decades, mainly due to the lack of equal and fair opportunities to women as men. Susan McGalla, however, has come out with flying colors in a male-dominated corporate sector to hold some of the most critical positions in the leading companies in the fashion and retail industries. She has served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc in the past and has helped the company achieve their business goals with precision. Susan McGalla has also been with the American Eagle Outfitters for a long time and served as its President as well for many years.

Susan McGalla feels that the industry has evolved and matured at a massive pace in the past few years, and the women leadership and employment support groups and programs have helped tremendously in balancing the position of the women in the industry. Susan McGalla says that while the glass ceiling problem hasn’t completely gone, and men in most of the companies mostly fill the executive level positions, there are many women too that are leading top Fortune listed firms. Susan McGalla says that women need to plan out their career to ensure they can achieve their goals without any significant hindrances.

Susan McGalla says that if women focus on their studies, complete their education, manage their finance well to support their education, and get good grades, it would open doors to multiple opportunities in the real world. It is because school is what would unlock possibilities of landing a dream job in the corporate world. Susan McGalla says that the companies should also be open to welcoming women in their businesses, and they must offer sponsorship to women who deeply invested in their job and career. It would only help the business to grow and achieve better results and also help the company represent diversity in its recruiting policies.

Eli Gershkovitch Gives Steamworks a New Look

Eli Gershkovitch has contributed positively towards Steamworks craft breweries since he joined it. The pub is currently holding around 754 seats and clients can see the brewing process as they enjoy their drinks. Steamworks was opened in 1995 in Gastown and focused on changing the methods used in town for brewing.The new methods attracted customers from different regions. Steamworks has several restaurants and bar services in Vancouver to reach a wider market with their crafted beers, check this out. The number of stock at the pub has also increased to satisfy the consumer demands. Expansion of the firm has developed the craft beer domain in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch used the plant to demonstrate his innovativeness. He has managed to control it through harsh market times. Gershkovitch runs the club alone and does not sell shares to potential investors.


Educational and Professional Background

Eli Gershkovitch has a degree in law and art. After acquiring his law degree, the future entrepreneur decided to take art classes at université de ski Grenoble. He also took French classes at French Alps, refer also here on thebrotalk.com. His exposure to Belgian beer led to Gershkovitch starting a microbrewery plant in Germany. The entrepreneur is also conversant with legal principles affecting brewing industry. It is easy for him to apply for the necessary operating permits and licenses to trade with liquor. Eli Gershkovitch makes sure that he meets the local and federal requirements to run a pub. He is confident with the activities that take place at the plant and assures consumers that the drinks are fit for human consumption.



Gershkovitch renovated the Steamworks building to create room for Ralph Lauren and nautical stores, learn more. He further introduced brewing equipment at the bar, something the local authorities and people did not understand at first. The multi-skilled individual managed to pursue the law enforcers about his production process, read more. He partnered with Soren Rasmussen for a retrofit. Eli Gershkovitch managed to launch first bottled beer for his pub. The drink matched the customer preference and was well received in the market. Steamworks Pilsner took the title for British Columbia Beer Awards and the Northwest Brewing News recognized it. The beer was an indicator of Gershkovitch ability to invent something new.


Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Giving A Hands-On Surgical Technique Demonstration

In recent news, it was announced that Dr. Rod Rohrich, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon will be attending the Baker Gordon Education Symposium in February of this year. The conference is scheduled to take place between February 8th through the 10th and will be located in Miami. The symposium is related to the latest breakthroughs and technology regarding cosmetic surgery. The event is going to include live demonstrations of the latest surgical techniques which will be viewed by top plastic surgeons from all over the country. In addition, there will be lectures held by several top international surgeons, of which, Dr. Rohrich will be taking part in along with the panel discussions. He will also perform a live surgery demonstration addressing Primary Open Rhinoplasty. After the symposium in Miami, he will also attend the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Metting which are scheduled to take place between February 28th and March 3rd, 2018.

A variety of topics will be addressed at the Cosmetic Medicine Meeting. Some of the topics that are scheduled to be addressed include patient safety, IPL, lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, fat removal, dermal fillers, ethical social marketing, and skin tightening. The conference also will address the most up to date surgical techniques for body contouring, breasts, and face. As a part of the hands-on portion of the conference, attendees will have the options to participate in a live cadaver lab where they can learn these techniques.

Dr. Rohrich is the founding Chairman, as well a professor for the Department of Plastic Surgery for The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He is al Uso practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He has earned several distinguished awards and is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. He attended Baylor University College of Medicine where he received his medical degree. Previously he attended the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. He is originally from North Dakota where he grew up on a ranch.

Learn More: mdsource.com/about-dr- rod-rohrich

Dr. David Samadi Writes About Prominent Politicians Who Have Had Prostate Cancer

In a Huffpost article world-renowned urologist Dr. David Samadi contributed an article about prostate cancer. He started out by writing about Mitt Romney recently revealing he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said that he had surgery in California UC Irvine Hospital. It’s expected that he revealed this information because he will be running for the open United States Senate seat in his home state of Utah.

Prostate cancer affects a lot of men. There were a bit over 160,000 men who were diagnosed to have this type of cancer in 2017. It mostly affects older men (past age 65) and relatively few men under the age of 40. Dr. David Samadi writes that other well-known politicians have also been diagnosed with this. One of these men is former Secretary of State Colin Powell who had surgery for this disease in 2003. John Kerry, a former U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate for President, was treated for prostate cancer in 2002.

There are two ways to treat prostate cancer, he says. You can either have surgery or be treated with radiation. While there are pros and cons to both methods, Dr. David Samadi says that if the cancer is still localized he thinks that surgery is the way to go. The reason for this is that someone who receives radiation as their treatment is twice as likely to die from cancer than those who elect for surgery. He also says that when choosing the urologist that will perform the surgery you definitely need to find out how many times they’ve performed prostate surgery and what their success rate is.

Dr. David Samadi earned his MD in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2002. It was while attending that school that he became a member of the American Urologist Association Society of Urologic Oncology. His first stop in his professional career was at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City. He was the director of laparoscopic surgery there for almost five years. He then joined Mount Sinai Medical Center as their chief of robotic surgery. Later on he was also given the role of vice chair of urology at this hospital.

In June 2013, he joined Lenox Hill Hospital. He is the chairman of urology and the chief of robotic surgery. He has now performed almost 7000 prostate surgeries while being assisted by robotics. He has built a core surgical team, as well, to assist him.

To know more visit the channel www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology

Building Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. He started Talk Fusion after he had a problem sending a video email through AOL. He was about to purchase a house but wanted his family’s opinion of the house. He recorded the video but when he tried to send it didn’t go through. He contacted AOL and they told him sending video emails was impossible. Bob Reina decided to market the idea of video communication. He met up with his tech-savvy friend and the began working on video emailing. In 2007 Bob Reina launched the creation of the century video communication. His company is now one of the best video communication companies in the world.

Talk Fusion continues to evolve by creating a new way to communicate through video. His last creation was an upgrade to live meetings. The program can host meetings. The new application features an upgraded surface, and it uses the WebRTC system to communicate. 15 people are allowed to host while 500 people are allowed to participate. Tablets, phones, and computers can use the feature.

Talk Fusions products are created to enhance video communication on a personal and business level. They don’t want to limit themselves to just businesses. They have worked hard to give their customers a communication option that looks real. The products don’t appear weak quality they appear with precise presentation.

The video program does not require you to use all of your space up on your device. The program does not have to be downloaded separately the program is all-inclusive. The amount of time it takes to install a program is cut out. There is no need to worry about people missing the meeting waiting for slow downloads. They can open the program in a window in their web browser and arrive on time for the meeting.

Bob uses the platform that he has to give back to the community. His goal is to lead by example. He hopes that if someone sees him bettering the community or donating to a charity that they will do the same. Reina’s most significant donation is the $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also adopts dogs that no one else would want to show his love for all of creation.

Talk Fusion has had much success since its start in 2007. They have beat competition continuously by modernizing their products as needed. No one believed it was possible to create a video messaging feature. They defied the odds and created a brand that has flourish and contributed to social development all around the world. Talk Fusion video communication is an innovative company. Learn more: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xn0r8i_invite-them-to-the-webinars-talk-fusion-bob-reina_news


Fabletics, Feel and Look Your Absolute Best with Athleisure

If you happen to be looking for athletic gear that’s a bit more exciting than the boring grey or black with a dash of neon, check out Fabletics. This new generation of workout clothes is referred to athleisure. This means that not only is the clothing functional in the gym, but it’s also great for shopping, lounging, lunch, or whatever happens to be on your agenda. Kate Hudson is the brains behind the name. She not only offers her fashion input with her own line of gear, she also gives her top picks and other advice to women and men who want to be fit and fabulous.


Although the athleisure spotlight now has many different designers in the mix, Fabletics leads the pack. Demi Lovato has even debuted her own line with the company. The company has gone from a small operation, to now over 250 million dollars a year. Competing against Amazon, this is a rather large accomplishment. Kate Hudson is also involved in the operations of the business and has been credited with much of its success. While she admits that much of the success is due to trial and error, her advice is highly sought after by executives at Fabletics.


The company’s strategy has also been different than many other clothing manufacturers. Fabletics uses the “reverse showroom” technique to showcase its products. This method, used by a few other businesses, such as Apple, showcases the majority of its products online, with a more specialized retail component. With the retail factor, those who might not have purchased online can visit the retail store to check out the product line in person. This method has proven to be incredibly successful, as the retail stores are converting shoppers into customers at an incredibly high rate, far greater than most other conventional retailers. Customers can also purchase select items and bestsellers from the retail store, plus handle any customer service concerns.


Fabletics is an all-encompassing brand. Not only is there athleisure for fit women but those looking to get into shape, those who love their curves, kids and even a men’s line. Customers are able to get online and see which looks suit them best. From there the process is explained and readers can decide what works best for them. To get started and take the athleisure lifestyle quiz, head over to https://www.fabletics.com/get-started and get on the road to looking and feeling great!

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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This Education App Is Wowing Teachers, Parents, and Students

The education industry is booming, and many people are coming up with new products and technological innovations that are designed to help educators educate their children. However, if you are thinking of creating a product, you need to follow in the footsteps of other successful products, such as ClassDojo.

The first thing you need to focus on is being practical. Your product has to be able to help teachers get things done. Something like a math video game will not do the trick, as you need something that fulfills a need that others are not fulfilling. One way to do that is by asking teachers and educators what they need. ClassDojo made sure to do that. They went around asking teachers what they would want in a new education product, and they discovered that the lack of communication was one of their main concerns.

That is why they created an app that is a high quality communication platform for teachers and educators. It allows teachers and students to connect with parents at all times of the day. This empowers students and teachers, as well as parents. Parents can be kept up to date about how their kids are doing in class. Not only that, but students are motivated to do more and accomplish more in the classroom so that they can take pictures and videos of their accomplishments and send them to their parents.

There are other things that go into a great education product. It has to be something that has been proven to bring success. After all, teachers are inundated with so many products, that they often do not know which ones to try out. A product like ClassDojo, where you can clearly see the benefits right from the beginning, is something worth investing in.

It also has to be easy to use. Teachers do not have the time to spend on figuring out how to use a new app. ClassDojo is incredibly powerful but incredibly simple at the same time. It is easy to use and enjoy.

Businessman Shiraz Boghani

Having grown his businesses successfully throughout many years in the field, Shiraz Boghani is continuing to prevail in his work with no signs of slowing down. With many business ventures to his name, Shiraz Boghani has made it big in the hotel business by owning and serving in several hotel businessee.

Most notably, Shiraz Boghani company Sojourn Hotels has earned him a respectable reputation in his field of work. He has easily lead this business into having a distinguished portfolio and, he has managed to do so while building many well trusted relationships along the way. So, to further understand what it has taken this man to achieve what he has so far, here is more on the prestigious Shiraz Boghani.

To start off, the United Kingdom born business guru began his illustrious carrer as an accountant in the 1960’s in London. Since that time, Shiraz Boghani has built a reputation as a sought after Businessman in the hotel niche. As a class expert in this area, Shiraz Boghani quickly build a following that has stood the test of time. In fact, he has been recognized on numerous occasions for his efforts as a hotelier and is continuing to be awarded. In a career that has spared over two decades with constant success, one can see how easy it must have been for Shiraz to be recognized. In other areas, Shiraz has also been widely respected for his efforts in the healthcare industry. His role as a chairman for the company Sussex Healthcare has continued to be the pinnacle of what it takes to produce in the healthcare industry.

As a leading voice in the healthcare scene, Boghani is more respected and recognized in these efforts of his than perhaps any other of his efforts. Shiraz has always been quick to show his desire in helping those in need and, his role at Sussex Healthcare has allowed him to do so. In fact, he has been able to help in the healthcare scene in his own community of Ismaili people which must have been more than joyous for him. Seeing how easy it is for Shiraz to aid those in need, it comes as no surprise that his efforts in philanthropy are also extensive and aknowledged. During his long career so far, Shiraz Boghani has given more than he has received and with no hesitation. This goes to show how admired and respected Shiraz Boghani is with all of the people he encounters. Also, this goes to show how not only will Shiraz Boghani find success as he has in the near future but, he will be sure to find it for many years to come.

Find more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.thediscdirectory.co.uk/se/gu/horsham/healthcare/careorganisations/dr-shafik-sachedina-and-shiraz-boghani-8977372.html

Adam Milstein: A Leader in Philanthropic Efforts

Adam Milstein is an American citizen originally born in Israel, since moving to the United States, he has dedicated his life and career to that of acting as a philanthropist and community leader for those in Israel who are still struggling for their freedom of Islam advancements in control. As a philanthropist, he is active in many different organizations such as Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, and the Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which pushes for provided free books, in Hebrew, to many Israeli-Jewish-American families in the United States. It is due to his efforts, and those efforts of his wife Gila Milstein, that many aspects of his culture are staying alive today. Adam Milstein has a clear passion for what he believes in right, and his dedication to his cause is unmatched.

On top of his philanthropist work, he is also a real estate investor. Adam Milstein clearly has a head for business, but unlike other men who let their work control their lives and community decisions, Adam Milstein uses his business as a rock from which he call follow through with his ethical standings. His strong head for business and his ultimate success did not change who he was, or where his values lie, as he is still pushing for the humanitarian efforts of his people.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are a powerful couple in community and change, their mission is more than just raising money and awareness. Time, resources, and constant advancement in their political involvement shows just how dedicated Adam Milstein is to his flight, and how valuable his purpose is. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is affiliated with many other philanthropic and humanitarian effort groups, with shows his intersectionality and understanding of the general needs in the world. His efforts do not go unrecognized, as Adam Milstein is an inspiration to others who want to help, yet do not always know how to get involved and more

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