David Giertz Say Retirees Losing Money

If you are approaching retirement age, you should find out everything you need to know about social security. According to a recent study, a number of seniors have a complete understanding about social security and how it works. Making mistakes can cost you a great deal of money and even more taxes. Pensions were very popular when our parents and grandparents retired. Now that they are evaporating in record numbers, it is important to have a proper social security plan to maximize your benefits.

A 2015 study by the Nationwide Retirement Institute showed that upwards of 30 percent of retirees are receiving benefits less than what they thought. The study consisted of 900 participants and was broken into 3 groups. Of the group of future employees, 86 percent were clueless about social security, said David Giertz president of Nationwide Financial Distributors.

One of the most unfortunate misconceptions about social security is that people who believe that just because you can receive social security at age 62, you should. “It’s like a land grab mentality,” said Robert Seiler of ASC Financial Group. Although a person can retire at age 62, they could be missing out on a great deal of money, according to Giertz. Full retirement age begins between the ages of 63 to 65. The longer you wait, the more benefits you will receive.

For example, let’s say your retirement age is 66 and you are due $1,000 in monthly benefits. If you decide to take your benefits at age 62, you would only receive $750 or 25% less benefits. A full 25% of your benefits down the tubes can be quite a financial hit for some. One the other hand, an individual who works beyond their retirement age will receive 8% more per year.

David Giertz has over 30 years of experience in finance. Under his guidance, Nationwide Financial has grown from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in a few short years.

The Legendary Qualities of James Larkin

James Larkin was an active activist who was born on September 21, 1876, in Liverpool, England and died on January 30, 1947, in Dublin, Ireland.

James grew up in the slums of Liverpool with little formal education. To support his family, he worked more than one job in his youth days and eventually became a foreman at Liverpool docks. Mr. Larkin was a committed socialist who believed in fair treatment of workers.

James joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) and became a trade union organizer in 1905. After years of protecting workers, he was transferred to Dublin.

He established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) with the aim of bringing together all Irish industrial workers both skilled and unskilled to interact in one organization.

He then founded Irish Labour Party on May 11, 1999 to support workers on issues such as strikes with the most significant strike they led being the 1913 Dublin Lockout which involved over 100,000 workers going on strike for about eight months.

With the strikes being expensive, Larkin stated that ITGWU headquarters would be moved to Liberty Hall to save money. However, ITGWU fell apart in 1914 after the Dublin Lockout and James moved to the United States where he wanted to begin a freelancing career because of his great public speaking ability.

During the First World War outbreak, James supported the most extensive anti-war demonstrations in Dublin. He also moved to the United States to support in raising funds to fight against war. However, Mr. Larkin was arrested in 1920 for criminal anarchy and communism but was pardoned after three years and moved to Ireland. James Larkin has been linked to many productive steps done by workers in Ireland including bringing together Workers’ Union of Ireland.

James Larkin was recognized as the most active individual from Communist International in 1924. James Larkin was always positive about having employees receive a fair treatment, a realistic pay and work under stable conditions.

He will be remembered as a legend because of his unwavering faith of helping workers and many workers benefited from his strength as their needs were considered.

Dr. David Samadi is the man you should think about when the word “successful” is brought up

Dr. David Samadi is a world-renowned surgeon who takes great fame in minimally invasive surgeries in order to speed up the recovery time and to cause less pain. In this interview by IdeaMensch, Dr. David Samadi is asked questions relating to his work day, work load, schedule and patient interaction.

The article starts out with an introduction about Dr. David Samadi and what he does and then goes in depth on his education. Dr. David Samadi studied biochemistry at Stony Brook University and then went to study medicine at Stony Brook School of Medicine, to then finish in the mid 1990’s. As all doctors do, he went and completed his fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in proctology. He then went to France to complete another fellowship in Prostatectomy. His main field is Urology but he really specializes in prostate cancer and researching ways to treat the disease. Dr. David Samadi also created a technique known as “Samadi modified advanced robotic technique in order to find another way of removing prostate. This technique is focused on separating the prostate from nearby nerves in order to not harm them. In the traditional ways of removing prostate, it is very common to have nerve damage afterwards, often causing men from scheduling surgery. The thing that caught my eye was that he has a photogenic memory and to keep that running, he draws when an idea comes to his mind. So most of his practices and techniques came from his photogenic memory and drawing of those ideas to make them come to life. With his memory and SMART technique, he really strives for results and improvement upon his patients. When reading this interview, there was a question on how he was able to remain productive and his answers were pretty interesting. He explained that he keeps family around him as well as trusted people and a fair share of deep breathing. In all of his answers, Dr. David Samadi seemed really confident and didn’t really regret a lot of his past in regards to if he would’ve changed anything.

Currently, Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman Urology and chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also a contributor for fox news health and fox news medical consultant. Some of his past work includes: Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at the Columbia Presbyterian in New York and a he was a volunteer at Stony Brook Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi Info: inspirery.com/dr-david-samadi/

How Jose Auriemo Neto is Redefining the Property Industry in Brazil

Real estate business is among the leading sectors in Brazil. Local and foreign investors are flooding this market due to the many created opportunities. JHSF is a property developer in the area. The entity started as a construction firm in 1972. Over this period, it has reported tremendous growth, and customers recognize it for offering world-class investment developments all over the nation.

Under Jose Auriemo leadership, the company has distinguished itself from the other players, and it focuses on operations sustainability. JHSF has founded several commercial buildings, hotels, and malls in Brazil. In 2016 it built an executive airport in Sao Paolo. The first shopping mall was launched in 2001 and has continued to open more malls in Sao Roque, Salvador, Sao Paolo, and Manaus. They include Shopping Cidade Jardim, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Bela Vista, and Shopping Ponta Negra. The JHSF makes sure that these outlets meet the set standards and uses incorporating features and latest designs such as gardens and natural lighting.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer and president of JHSF. He inherited the firm from Fabio Auriemo, his father. His ability to note investment opportunities and go for them has benefited JHSF to retain its top position in the competitive industry. Jose has outstanding leadership and managerial skills. He advocates for innovation and values his employees.

Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto manages the commercial properties and malls. He has been in the entity for more than two decades making him conversant with the property sector inside out. Jose makes sure he is aware of what is taking place in the field and keeps JHSF updated.


JHSF has shown positive reports since it continues to develop in bounds and leaps. The projects JHSF has completed impact not only the clients but also the surrounding environment. It participates in corporate social responsibility like donating towards education.

Getting to understand the critical Aspects around Talkspace

You shouldn’t be worried if you are working to manage your mental health or if you are going through an acute crisis because therapy is always a great tool to help you get through your troubles. The most unfortunate thing is that there are a lot of barriers that make it difficult for people to opt for in-person therapy. However, with Talkspace a text-based treatment you can easily bypass the complexity that comes with in-person therapy.

If you are a regular user of Talkspace, you should hear more from them soon after they signed a deal with Magellan health. This now means that you are going to receive Magellan health psychotherapy services thanks to Talkspace assistance program. One of the benefits of choosing online therapy is that you are going to have an asynchronous and on-demand relationship with your therapist. In fact, those who find it difficult to walk long hours for a therapy session can significantly benefit from Talkspace.

Talk space also comes with a cheaper plan compared to the real world sessions where you might end up being at loggerheads with your insurance provider. With as low as $32 a week, you chat with a therapist once in a day. Also, for thirty-nine dollars a week you are eligible for two check-ins a day with an additional hour of “live session with a therapist.”

Talk space has changed the way therapist who once owned independent practice approach their clients. With talk space, clients are more open, and this is unlike face- to- face therapy where the therapist would sometime need to read a person’s nonverbal cues to understand what they are saying. Although there are distinct differences between Talkspace and real-world therapy, there are those who don’t think there is a significant difference since everyone has their life circumstance, but most people share the same internal struggle.

Lime Crime Releases Rebelliously Bold Fall Colors for Your Unicorn Needs

With the summer trend of pastel Unicorn Hair, brunettes seemed to be left out of the loop. This fall Lime Crime has remedied brunette woes by releasing dark and bold colors in their Unicorn Hair Collection. A cult favorite on social media, LimeCrime has taken the internet by storm releasing trend setting products just like these new colors.

If you’re looking for a maroon brown color to match the changing leaves, pick the new color Chestnut. Like the trending shades of grey hair on Pinterest, Charcoal resembles a smoky grey. Similar to a light ink purple, the new color Squid reminds us of a ripe plum. Finally, Sea Witch is a fantastically rich teal like the reflection seen off of seashells.

Match these bold colors with Lime Crime’s Venus eye shadow palettes and their Matte Velvetines lipstick for a sultry look. Paired with the jewel tones of the Lime new hair dyes, you will be looking vibrant and adventurous.

For those not into commitment, these dyes are semi-permanent. After a few weeks, they will eventually fade depending on how well you care for your hair. Because of their dark nature, however, these dyes are low maintenance, and with proper care, these colors can last more than 5 weeks. And don’t worry about coverage! These full coverage dyes are engineered to specifically give vibrant hues that are strong enough to last but won’t damage your hair.

As added bonus these products are cruelty free and vegan friendly! Not only does Lime Crime avoid all animal products it also makes sure our furry friends stay away from any of its research facilities.

Crime Prevention in Prison with Securus Technologies

The hardest part of my job at the local prison is being in the position to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. My staff of corrections officer is the same for the last three years, yet in that same time we have seen the inmate population almost double. Twice the trouble means we have to work even harder to anticipate what may be coming and try to maintain a certain degree of order so the entire prison population is safe. This can be a challenge when we are at a crossroads where inmates want to take out their hatred for authority on us.


In order to try and level the playing field and give our facility some degree of order, we reached out to Securus Technologies to inquire how their inmate call monitoring system could help us to get control of the rise in violence without sacrificing our staff to do so. In order to utilize the monitoring system we have now, officers must sit in a small call center and listen to each word of every call the inmates are making, so it is definitely stretching our team thin. Securus Technologies has their main headquarters based in Texas and currently has 1,000 dedicated employees ready to help.


Securus Technologies already has this monitoring system in 2,500 jails and the officers there not only tell us it runs hands-free, they have seen a drop in violence across the board. Now that we have the system in our facility, my team is back to dealing with our day-to-day activities as the LBS software scans calls and alerts us if inmates are up to no good. If chatter has been detected on drugs, weapons, or any sort of contraband, we now have the unique opportunity to take proactive action and reduce incidents where anyone is put in harm’s way.


Overview of Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegal- CEO, Chairman, President, and Co-Founder

Seattle Genetics, founded in 1998, has been working on human antibodies by revising, engineering and hence advancing it into drugs. With more advancement of these human antibodies, the company connected it into therapy and at a broader perspective into a drug that can destroy cancer. With these, the company expects to propel into another level of a pharmaceutical company from the past experiences.

Seattle Genetics ranks the biggest in Washington expanding the market value of about $90 million with 900 employees while increasing of employees and researchers is underway this year. Hodgkin lymphoma, cancerous cells of the lymph cured by Adcetris, a drug from the company which when proved, it may result in lots of profit to the company.

Clay Siegal declared that the company is one of largest and proved with a list of drugs the company has produced. On marketing, CEO Siegal Company opened an office in Switzerland and in the early years, it sold foreign ownership to Takeda Oncology as a way of expanding its global market and gaining capital for Adcetris.

The company is growing steadily, and with different opinions of its progressive profit yearly, their successes get predicted in the future. Seattle Genetics has focused on Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) which targets an antigen protein which cures Hodgkin lymphoma. Clay says that four drugs have more profit when sold. Adcetris and Number 33A for curing acute myeloid leukemia, 22E cure bladder cancer and LIV1 for breast cancer. Clay Siegal said that making a drug is not easy and as such if making any, one as to expect ups and downs to achieve the access of Genentech.

Clay Siegal is the co-founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Seattle Genetics. He became president in 2000 and as CEO in November 2002 and has over 20 years’ experience in cancer research and therapeutic drug manufacturing. He studied Bachelors of Science in Zoology at the University of Maryland and did his Ph.D. at The George Washington University on Genetics.

Also, Siegal works with Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc., Mirna Therapeutics Inc., and Alder Biopharmaceutical Inc. as a member of the board of directors in all these companies. Before joining Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegal worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1997. And in 1988 to 1991; he worked with the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health. Dr. Siegal says he got encouraged by his mentor in a laboratory who said that everything is possible. He imitated and liked Art Levinson who founded Genentech who is now the chairman of Apple Inc.


Dr. Mark McKenna a Visionary Leader who is Steering the Medical Aesthetic Industry to Greater Heights

Dr. Mark McKenna is a serial entrepreneur and an elective healthcare expert. McKenna is known in the business world as the founder and CEO of OVME and ShapeMed. The two companies that McKenna founded are all aesthetic based medical practice that has incorporated the use of technology and are reinventing elective healthcare.

McKenna having worked in the medical aesthetics industry for over ten years grew his practice, and that’s when the idea of establishing his own company was born. Making realized if he disrupted the industry then that will create an opportunity for a new business. McKenna went ahead to form first ShapeMed which grew to be one of the largest aesthetic company that was ultimately sold to a public traded company.

McKenna typical day starts at 6 am in the morning where he wakes up, wakes his daughter and together they take breakfast while his wife is still in bed. McKenna then takes a shower and by 8 am he is seated in his office where he works until around 6 pm. McKenna after work goes back home and together with his wife and daughter have dinner. After dinner, McKenna spend a few hours training then goes back home do a bit of work and then retires to bed.

McKenna being an entrepreneur brings ideas to life through a combination of three things and that is goal setting, meditation and  practicing visualization. McKenna is a voracious reader something that has made him more productive in life. According to McKenna one thing that he would have done differently having been given a chance is taking more time in realizing his passion at a young age as this would give him direction on the path he should take in life   leading to better choices. One strategy that has helped him grow his business is surrounding himself with people that are smarter    than him. Dr. McKenna passion for medicine developed at a very   tender age as his father was also a doctor. McKenna went to Tulane University Medical School to study medicine. McKenna holds a medical degree and an MBA. To Know More Click Here

McKenna started his entrepreneurship journey in the state of New Orleans however in 2005 things took a dramatic turn. New Orleans state experienced Hurricane Katrina which damaged everything including McKenna Business Empire. After the catastrophic event, McKenna actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans but later relocated to begin a new practice in Atlanta Georgia. It is in Atlanta that he Founded ShapeMed.

Felipe Montero’s Financial Standing Report Takeaway

It is at the end of 30th June that the first projects of Porto Alegre who is the first mayor of Porto Alegre (RS), Nelson Marchezan Junior (PPPs) and concessiosions were discussed by the management council of the municipal program of partnerships (Propar). Felipe Montero who is an expert on infrastructure projects reports that at the occasion subjects like Public Market, sanitation projects, and public lighting as well as the construction of a new headquarter for the Hospital of Materno Infitil Presidente Vargas were brought up.

According to the mayor of Rio Grande do Sul the main goal meeting was to define the priorities and the areas that the government intends to seek partnerships with the private initiative.

As a result of the moment of financial crisis that the country is undergoing, participation in the CGP is not a remunerated activity considered as a relevant public service. Felipe Montoro Jens also explains that the members of the management board of the partnership program are not allowed to take part in a discussion or vote in matters where there is conflicting personal interest.

The mayor, Nelson Marchezan Junior states that public power must have the right size and fulfil its obligations. He further affirms that they are moving towards the same. The Capp is an organ of governance and active transparency for projects which will be structured in the modalities of PPS and Concessions.

Felipe Montoro Jens went to Gertulio Vergas Foundation and Thunderbird school of Global Management. Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao which was incorporated in 1996. Energipar Captacao issues securities in the form of subordinated debentures for both private and public distribution. Felipe Montero is the chairman of Concessionaria do Centro. As of April 30th 2010 to 27th August 2013, he has been the Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos.

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